The time has come, it’s drawing very near, to another long distance running, my number 6 full marathon, 42.195km distance, the Singapore Marathon on the 6th December 2009.

My training runs were affected and I wasn’t able to train progressively, caught a flu and was down due to the erratic weather in Singapore last week, heavy rain, chilly weather and cold air-conditioning in office, resulted in me catching a flu and out of action for about 1 week ++. This badly put off my training runs schedule and my mileage accumulated wasn’t that ideal leading up to the full marathon.

Nevertheless, my experiences would help me tide through and I would be putting in the 20km and 30km distance before my Singapore Marathon 2009. At least 1 x 20km and 1 x 30km before the full marathon next sunday. Just completed my 10km night run after some time of in-action, feeling great and charged up, clearing my mind and thoughts too.

For those running their first marathon next sunday, good luck to all of you ! Some pointers leading up to full marathon next sunday-

(1) Drink water with salt mixed inside , this would train your body to absorb isotonic drinks better and fully utilise their isotonic features.

(2) Diet – avoid your favourite deep fried chicken, char kway teow etc etc ….. You can have them after finishing the marathon

(3) Start piling up your carbohydrates closer to the marathon – storing up your energy to burn during the marathon run

(4) Last but not least, tell yourself everyday …..

” I Run My Own Race and I Will Finish It ! “

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