Finally, for some of you technology fans out here in Singapore, since you heard about the Dell Streak some months ago, you might be wondering, when is Dell Streak coming to Singapore ?

Folks, look no further ! Dell Streak would be commercially available on 11th December 2010 with Starhub, when they announced it to the media of their highly and eagerly awaited Dell Streak for the Singapore market. At the media launch event for Dell Streak, we were given an opportunity to test out the Dell Streak smartphone and tablet, have a feel, touch and experience with the 5 inch Dell Streak, the size of my palm. I would like to thank Dell, Starhub and XPR for the invitation to the media launch event on 1st December and allowing me to have a first hand experience of the Dell Streak !

I would write down my limited time experiences with the 5 inch Dell Streak in another post, a short review of my short time frame experiencing with the Dell Streak, that I feel it is a pretty cool smartphone with its handy small size and capabilities. Overall, I quite like the size and functions of the 5 inch Dell Streak, it might just compliments my current social media and business networking lifestyle.

Meanwhile, visit the Dell Streak preview showcase at Suntec City Convention Center Level 1 on 4 – 5 December. Check out more details on Starhub – Dell Streak promotion !

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