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Happy 58th Birthday Singapore! - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Today is 9th August 2023, it’s Singapore’s National Day, our 58th birthday! Happy 58th Birthday Singapore! As we celebrate Singapore’s National Day Parade (NDP) 2023 today, there are a number of thoughts and feelings going through my mind, heart and soul. Here are my thoughts, feelings and well wishes as Singapore celebrates her 58th birthday today.

Before I start sharing about my thoughts, feelings and well wishes, I have been taking photos of NDP 2023 rehearsals, starting from Combined Rehearsal 1 in June 2023 to Preview 2 in July 2023, with my Canon EOS R6 Mark II that came into my photography setup in May 2023, you can enjoy my visual stories in this article, “Happy SG58 Birthday to Singapore!” on my TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog.

It’s been a volatile journey till date in 2023

Just as we exited from the global pandemic crisis in 2022, filled with optimism and excitement as we reopen up again. Yet, we soon found ourselves facing another set of economic challenges and difficulties. It’s been a volatile journey till date in 2023, economy is slowing down and costs of living are rising.

With uncertainties still looming and potentially getting worse for the world economy, Singapore might still be affected and dragged down by the world economy situation. We are probably going to face more challenging and difficult times looming ahead in the very near future. The road to recovery is still uneven, some industries have fare better than others. We have to be more resilient in many aspects as we navigate the world of economic and political uncertainties.

The recent sagas of key figures in Singapore that were well documented on mainstream news and social media, wasn’t what we really needed right now. Although decisions had been made, actions had been taken, let’s hope we can put them aside and move forward since we had more challenges and difficulties that we had to face together as a country, as a society.


Onward As One

Although it hasn’t been easy for many of us, we must not give up hope, we must continue to strive forward, adapt, change, learn and improve ourselves, in a new era of technological changes, along with world economic and political uncertainties.

As we unite, regroup and re-consolidate, to celebrate Singapore’s 58th birthday today, we must also take stock of our current and future situations, the challenges and difficulties ahead. Let us also not forget our blessings that we have and take things for granted.

Let us strive forward together “Onward As One”, as one united people to build our shared future, as we face a new different set of challenges and difficulties looming ahead.

Wishing Singapore a Happy 58th Birthday!

* A TGH Photography x Canon EOS R6 Mark II Explorer Series Production *

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