An article that I planned to write before my Hokkaido travel photography trip, somehow, my busy workload and preparation for the Hokkaido travel photography trip stalled me writing up my article. It was kind of a good delay because I was having more thoughts, emotions and feelings after I came back from the beautiful and gorgeous travel photography trip in Hokkaido.

First and foremost, when I knew about this opportunity a few months back, I was very excited and honoured by the nomination and opportunity to visit Hokkaido for a travel photography adventure – Photographers Invitation Program, a familiarisation trip to the Central / Eastern Hokkaido. Before I continue further, I must thank the people/organisations from the bottom of my heart that has nominated me for this Photographers Invitation Program. At times, I do get a loss of words on how to thank people!

While there was excitement and euphoria building up, there was a bit of stress too. The nomination had to be vetted and approved by relevant authorities before we were officially into the Photographers Invitation Program for the familiarisation trip to the Central / Eastern Hokkaido. During this period, I was so busy with overseas work travel for 17 days in the month of October and I just prepared the necessary paperwork as much as I could.

I personally placed extra stress on myself when it comes to photography, the expectations that I expect from myself, the standards that I HAVE to deliver, that I WANT to deliver and I MUST deliver. I have a duty to answer not just to myself and my photography, it’s also to the organisations/people who trusted me, nominated me and selected me for the Photographers Invitation Program to Hokkaido.

Add in the elements of excitement, happiness and euphoria into this stress element, it became a potent mix to my advantage. Upon arriving in Hokkaido and when I started photographing away, it was one of the most beautiful travel photography adventures that I had. Hokkaido is so beautiful and gorgeous! Hokkaido is a great destination for photography, all 4 seasons. That’s always something to photograph!

In Hokkaido, we met Japanese professional photographers who brought us around, showing us locations that they visit. As a photographer myself, I truly appreciate this! The Japanese professional photographers are truly masters in their respective photography fields; their humility and willingness to share are priceless. The Sensei is the best examples of how I must learn and model upon, they are the Masters in photography. It was very humbling experience and a great honour to meet the Sensei and they are the ones that I must learn from on how to achieve and become a Sensei myself to my friends/followers/disciples under my small photography mentorship.

This great band of photographers, a total of 5 of us, that I went with, they were absolutely great folks, fun and spontaneous. Every one of us had own unique strengths, ideas, views and compositions that allowed us to bring the best out of Central / Eastern Hokkaido. We had lots of fun and many group photographs, also a number of me the photographer in action by fellow photographers. It’s not often that I get photographed in action (can be rare to catch me in action!). I will share my fellow photographers links and stories once they are up! There were lots of sharing and helping each other!

I am currently in the process of curating my travel photographs before uploading them and writing up my travel articles. Tentatively, they should be up in the next 2-3 weeks at the following sites for my Hokkaido Travel articles for my Hokkaido Travel Photographs

I think I need to start making travel photography plans to photograph all four seasons in Hokkaido!

Last but not least, once again, I must say a Big THANK YOU to the people/organisations who nominated me and the authorities that selected me for the Photographers Invitation Program to Central / Eastern Hokkaido. Oh yes, I must also not forget to thank the organization/friends who loaned me camera equipment for this trip!

For those who faithfully read till the last line here, THANK YOU too!

 Domo arigatogozaimashita

One thought on “My Hokkaido Travel Photography Innermost Thoughts”
  1. Greetings Geng Hui

    I’m overjoyed to learn that you’ve a more than fruitful week in beautiful Hokkaido and will certainly be looking forward to your photographs.

    While, it’s unlikely that I’ll be heading there for a photography trip, the knowledge I’ll hope to gather (in photographs) will be useful should I go to the less explored Eastern region should I take my family there for a holiday.

    I wish you all the very best!!!!!!!!

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