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Singtel launched enhanced version of its popular data roaming service – ReadyRoam

Singtel launched enhanced version of its popular data roaming service – ReadyRoam. This would provide all travel wanderlusts reliable uninterrupted mobile connectivity to customers, especially those looking to travel overseas this June school holidays as travel restrictions ease in Singapore and across the world.

Singtel has Singapore’s widest roaming network with 544 roaming networks in over 250 countries. This would allow  customers to enjoy seamless connectivity even as they travel aboard. Travelling overseas has never been more convenient with ReadyRoam, as additional blocks of data will be automatically added if data allocation is fully utilised. A default network lock is also in place once a roaming data plan is activated to prevent unintended pay-per-use data charges, thus preventing bill shock.

With Singtel’s ReadyRoam service, not only customers can enjoy Singtel’s ReadyRoam services with their mobile numbers, they can stay connected with family and friends and not miss out on important SMS alerts, just like how they are used to in Singapore. The service is also handy for travellers navigating unfamiliar streets, seeking out places of interest or updating their social media feeds.

Updated Singtel ReadyRoam Plans

Catering to any traveller’s needs, ReadyRoam plans cover single or multiple destinations and start from just S$5 for 1GB with a 30-day validity period.

Here are the updated Singtel ReadyRoam plans:

  • ReadyRoam Neighbour for travellers to Malaysia, Indonesia or Thailand – $5 for 1 GB per destination, now valid for 30 days – up from 7 days previously
  • ReadyRoam Asia covers 18 destinations such as Australia, South Korea and Japan – at a reduced price of S$15 from S$20 for 2GB for 30 days
  • ReadyRoam WorldWide offers the widest coverage of 81 destinations such as USA, UK, France and Spain – at a reduced price of S$30 from S$40 for 3GB for 30 days

If you are already on Singtel 5G plans (e.g XO Plan), you will enjoy 5G roaming at supported partner destinations through the ReadyRoam service, seamlessly providing them with high-speed connectivity even as they travel.

For more information on Singtel’s ReadyRoam, please visit www.singtel.com/readyroam.

* Information and picture courtesy of Singtel *

Continue to Keep Calm and Carry On

The official announcement has finally been made, the current COVID-19 virus situation is now a global pandemic by World Health Organization on 12th March 2020. Depending on which part of the world that you are living in, this COVID-19 virus situation might have just entered into your country, for us in Singapore, we were one of the first few countries to report, handle and control the virus situation. During the initial weeks, there were a lot more unknown, as time goes by, it got a bit better. I just want to share, “Continue to Keep Calm and Carry On”.

Self-quarantine, Social Distancing, closures, lock-down

Different countries around the world have adopted different measures to combat the COVID-19 virus situation. Some cities or countries have chosen lock-down, some implemented travel advisory and restrictions.

Self-quarantine, work from home, no mass gatherings, social distancing are some of the measures taking place in societies, keeping this virus away and from spreading fast. If you read, “flattening the curve”, this is the strategy. This article “How canceled events and self-quarantines save lives, in one chart” by Vox would be a good read.

Another article titled, “Coronavirus: Why You Must Act Now” by Tomas Pueyo, is another good read too!

Sports events cancelled, suspended, postponed

As the global pandemic was being announced, major sports events around the world had made the decision to either cancel, suspend or postpone them. More developments are coming up from the sports sector, 2020 Australia GP was cancelled on Friday 13th March morning, NBA suspend their season, football leagues are playing behind closed doors with no supporters, would the major European UEFA Champions League and Europa League football competitions be cancelled? It remains to be seen. In England, the Premier League, FA, EFL and WSL agreed to suspend the competition and they intend to return on 4th April 2020, subject to medical advice and conditions at that point in time.

The sports industry and supporting industries are affected by the cancellations, suspension and postponement of their respective sports competitions. That would be a significant impact to current downturn that the world is facing.

As we speak when my article is published, 2020 is Tokyo Olympics, what would the outcome be?

World economy

Mr Neo, from the Neo Dimension, shared some spot on views of the current world economy situation and a looming recession over our heads, you can read it here! There are a number of articles and discussions on whether this COVID-19 virus would be the trigger to a global recession, it might have already plunged some countries earlier than the other parts of the world.

This would be an ongoing development, it’s going to affect many of us and our livelihood for some time, hang on tight as we enter into rougher and more turbulent ocean. In a downturn, there would also be opportunities to invest, consolidate and add on more assets to your portfolio at a discounted price. Proceed with caution and do consult your respective financial adviser representative, business consultant, banker etc. 

On the domestic front in Singapore, the impacts can be seen and felt, tourism, hospitality, food and beverage, retail industries are some of the industries here that have took a big hit. As a small photography business owner, it got me to think and plan out of my photography business. Working from my home office during the initial COVID-19 situation gave me some time to strategise some other approaches.

Travel advisory and restrictions

For the travel wanderlust like me, this COVID-19 virus situation basically throw our travel plans out  of the window. Various countries have implemented different travel advisory and restrictions on various nationalities or whether they transit or departed from which countries.

While I am not in a position to tell you not to travel or when to travel, do check on the respective countries immigration authority travel advisory and restrictions.

Personally, the COVID-19 virus situation, along with travel advisory and restrictions, have put a halt to my travel photography expansion plans. Let’s be rational and sensible, when the virus situation is under control, the travel wanderlust would be back traveling again.

Meanwhile, back home in Singapore

Prime Minister Lee of Singapore addressed the nation on Thursday 12th March evening, giving Singaporeans an update on the COVID-19 situation and status in Singapore. This was assuring to know that it’s under control but we must not be complacent and there might be a potential spike in cases due to the global pandemic situation.

More preventive measures have taken place, ticketed events with 250 participants or more to be cancelled or deferred under COVID-19 social distancing measures.

Last but not least

To everyone around the world, we are in this together, united against this COVID-19 virus situation. I really hope a vaccine would be available soon, our daily life, interactions, business, trade and tourism around the world can be back to normal.

This is going to be a tough time for all, the bad and fake news is going to continue coming in for a while and you would most likely be bombarded by them from all platforms. Spend time with family and loved ones, do meaningful activities together, return back to your hobbies if you have neglected them, learn a new skill, gain new knowledge. Stay away from the bad news and fake news. Please also don’t forget to continue good personal hygiene practice, take care of yourself, keep fit and healthy.

Meanwhile, let’s all continue to keep calm and carry on.

Lufthansa Innovation Hub Opens Singapore  Office

The world start up ecosystem has been innovating, changing and transforming traditional businesses and industries across the world. Changes and impacts to how the economy and society can be reflected in many different fields, from both B2B and B2C segments.

The travel and tourism industries have gradually seen new innovations and disruptions to the travel ecosystem in the areas of Urban Mobility, Travel Mobility, Travel Technology and Mobility Technology. All these changes, innovations and transformations are taking place all over the world.

Lufthansa Innovation Hub(LIH) is at the forefront of travel and mobility technology ecosystem, searching, identifying and analysing opportunities quickly in the current and future global travel market. This unit was established in 2014, from the expansion of the Lufthansa Group’s digitalisation and innovation unit.

Lufthansa Innovation Hub officially opened the Singapore Office on 28th January 2019, their first foreign office. For this Singapore office, their focus will initially be on in-depth exploration of specific market developments in the travel technology and travel mobility sectors. They are also establishing an extensive network of relevant technology companies and strategic partners on site in Singapore. The start up scene and ecosystem has attracted a number of different companies from different industries and disciplines having a presence in Singapore, this makes Singapore a great proposition for Lufthansa, who is also the first Western airline to start the first initiative, making Singapore their first stop in the Asian continent, tapping on the future travel and mobility growth setors in Asia continent.

During the entire day media event on 28thJanuary 2019, I had the privilege and honour to travel with the visiting Lufthansa Innovation Hub staff from Germany to visit different destinations that were involved in Urban Mobility, Travel Mobility, Travel Technology and Mobility Technology.


First Stop – ETH Centre Singapore

  • Presentation | Urban Design in the implementation of Autonomous Vehicles by Tanvi Maheshwari, PhD researcher of the Engaging Mobility project, Future Cities Laboratory
  • Demonstration | Bike to the Future: Virtual Reality in the study of cycling Infrastructure by Dr Michael van Eggermond, project coordinator of the Engaging Mobility project, Future Cities Laboratory
  • Demonstration | A time-space model of disaggregated urban mobility from aggregated mobile phone data by Cuauhtémoc Anda, PhD researcher of the Engaging Mobility project, Future Cities Laboratory

Second Stop – TravelStop

A start up in the field of business travel, one of the fastest growing start-ups. If you are a business traveler, check them out!

Media Lunch and Press Conference

At the media lunch and press conference, the following distinguished speakers presented on the following topics:

  • Lufthansa Group | Perspective on the relevance of the APAC markets and Singapore by Alain Chisari, Vice President Sales Asia & Pacific Lufthansa Group
  • Lufthansa Group: Perspective on the importance of digital by Dr Christian Langer, Chief Digital Officer Lufthansa Group Lufthansa Innovation Hub | Perspective on Travel & Mobility Tech in Asia and our branch in Singapore by Gleb Tritus, Managing Director Lufthansa Innovation Hub
  • SIN Economic Development Board | Perspective on the mobility innovation hub Singapore by Mr. Tan Kong Hwee, Executive Director, Mobility of Economic Board Singapore

Here are some of the key notes in the speakers presentations

  • An alliance with WeWork to research the future of business travel, as well as concrete pilot projects planned at WeWork locations, airports, and online touch points of the Lufthansa Group
  • A research alliance LIH had formed with INSEAD that explores the topic of “The Future of Work” and its influence on business travel. Results will be published in a whitepaper and implemented into test projects
  • Potential partnerships with Changi Airport and Munich Airport. They are currently in discussion with both airports to validate the research findings from WeWork and INSEAD in real world conditions.
  • Additionally, LIH also unveiled plans to open another office in Shanghai within the year. To expand their efforts and network into China, which possesses a large share of the travel and mobility market.

* Information courtesy of Lufthansa Innovation Hub and PRecious PR Agency *


Third Stop – Visit to Changi Airport

A visit to Changi Airport, going for a tour of Changi Airport’s latest Terminal 4. I am familiar with Changi Airport Terminal 4 since I went for 2 tours previously and flew twice from Changi T4 in 2018. This particular visit was special for me because this was my first to Changi Airport as media, thanks to Lufthansa Innovation Hub staff from Germany visiting Changi Airport Terminal 4.


Launch party and networking

At the launch party in the evening, Alain Chisari, Vice President Sales Asia & Pacific Lufthansa Group and Dr Christian Langer, Chief Digital Officer Lufthansa Group Lufthansa Innovation Hub, presented again to the guests who were not able to attend the afternoon session press conference.

After the presentations, it was a night of drinks and networking, I had the opportunities to meet some of the people from the various organisations that I met during the whole day media tour, had a good time chatting and networking with them.

Having covered some of the startups scene and ecosystem in Singapore over the years, the role, significance and directions of Lufthansa Innovation Hub is refreshing, huge and an eye opener. Travel technology startups are not as many compared to the ones in the traditional sciences, engineering, technology sectors, they don’t get as much limelight at times.

Lufthansa Innovation Hub focus will initially be on in-depth exploration of specific market developments in the travel technology and travel mobility sectors. They are also establishing an extensive network of relevant technology companies and strategic partners on site in Singapore. This move, in my personal humble opinion, is going to grow and unite the travel technology and travel mobility industries together, leveraging, working and expanding together in the booming Asia continent.

Having a background in hospitality, tourism and travel studies, coupled with my other industry experiences in business development and financial advisory, complementing my technology and travel writing, I hope that Lufthansa Innovation Hub in Singapore would be able to expand the travel tech, urban mobility and travel mobility sectors, not just here in Singapore and around the world.

I hope there would be more opportunities for me to cover and write on travel technology, urban mobility and travel mobility sectors in the near future.

** I would like to thank Lufthansa Innovation Hub and PRecious PR Agency for the invitation to Lufthansa Innovation Hub official launch event in Singapore.  **

Travel memories from Vietnam, thoughts and continue moving forward

A short holiday nearby from 7th to 11th March 2018, visiting Hoi An and Da Nang in Vietnam, with friends Jude and Keith. My travel photography adventure became more of a food and coffee adventure, than a travel reportage adventure. This was something different from my previous travel adventures, there were learning and enriching experiences, away from my personal travel styles and standards. Travel delays, technical hiccups, adapting to changes, all part of the unique travel experiences that makes traveling so special for us travel wanderlusts.

After returning from this trip, I know what I would need to do and plan for my future trips to Hoi An and Da Nang again, in the near future I hope. Hoi An gave me the aura, environment and ambience that might help in my history, heritage and creative artworks segments that might have an influence in my photography. Da Nang, on the other hand, gave me another totally different perspectives, views and style of photography that I would/am able to do. I will be back again to Hoi An and Da Nang, along with Hue and Hai Van Pass. I would write and share more on my travel photography adventures, destinations, food and locations at a later time when my other priorities are cleared away.

Whenever I have my personal time during my travel adventures, whether traveling betweeen destinations, I would take this time to read, think and plan, what I would like/need to do, seeking inspiration and ideas. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn’t, regardless of the situations and outcome, I will always make the best of everything.

I brought a book along for my trip, “The Little Book of IKIGAI” by Ken Mogi, I reckon it was just perfect for this particular travel adventure. During the short time that I had for my reading, I read Chapter 5 “Flow and creativity” and Chapter 6 “Ikigai and sustainability”. Some of the key phrases and lessons were “starting small”, “releasing oneself”, “harmony and sustainability”, “the joy of little things”, “being in the here and now”

The teachings from those Chapters 5 and 6, left an impact inside me, reinforcing some thoughts and ideas that I had been pondering deeply – wanting to return back to my roots on photography content that comes from my heart, mind and soul, what I really wanted to shoot, document, write and share. All the inner joys and satisfaction, I seem to have let it slip behind somewhere, now I want them to return to me again.

Borrowing a phrase from the book to paraphrase my own quote, “So make photographs, even when nobody is viewing and understanding. Write a short story from my photography and coverage that no one will read.”

The time is now for me to be my own master of “being in the here and now”.

Some of you may be able to understand, some of you may not be able to understand.

Moving forward, what I have written might come to light, through the fruits of labour that I reap and sow with my words, flow, creativity, thoughts, ideas. The puzzles and pieces, follow my flow and journeys, might produce something special and unique.

However, back to the harsh and cruel reality of the capitalist world, I am back to the grind, continue to build up my photography business. There is a commercial and revenue aspect that I need to fulfill, to earn a living and survive. Maybe an addition of another business or multiple jobs makes perfect sense in this highly disruptive world of ours today in the 21st century and beyond.

Moving forward, get the jobs done, do it well, earn the revenue to survive, grow and expand. Concurrently, I am returning back to my roots, creating quality content that my heart, mind and soul that truly tells me from inside me.

A Blessed Gift of Wish and Achivements

In the year 2004, I traveled to Tokyo, Japan for a solo backpacking trip with my camera, it was probably the start of my travel photography adventures. I had so much fun during my trip and one of the key highlights was visiting the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. I remembered buying an amulet from Sensoji Temple for my old buddy Nicholas, it’s a drive safely amulet. I do not know why I didn’t get one for myself during that time.

My nieces Charmaine and Charlene recently went to Japan along with their auntie Wee Keng (my cousin) for a short holiday, I asked them to help me get an amulet from Sensoji Temple on my behalf since they would be visiting Asakusa area. For this time I decided on an amulet and I chose the Wish Achievements amulet – ???? .


I am very grateful and thankful to my two nieces and cousin who went to Sensoji Temple and purchase the amulet from the Sensoji Temple on my behalf. The year 2015 had been a very interesting and also a roller coaster year for me. I had managed to push through breakthroughs and achievements in my business/work and photography. Some of the breakthroughs were small; some were big, yet all of them were significant and important to me in the year 2015.

The achievements and breakthroughs that I achieved in 2015 till date were very proud and happy moments for me. Yet, for those who knew the in-depth stories, stress and pressure that I shared, knew about the intense stress and pressure that I had to go through before and currently.

Receiving this amulet from Sensoji Temple, I received a blessed gift for my wish and achievements. I hope that my personal wishes (of and from the heart) can come true and attain more achievements in my business and photography. I will carry it with me, in my work bag, in my leisure bag, in my photography bag.

Not many people know about the difficulties, stress and pressure, whether it is related to work, photography or my personal life. Let this amulet gift be a charm and blessing for my future endeavours, for my work, my photography and my personal wishes.

My Hokkaido Travel Photography Innermost Thoughts

An article that I planned to write before my Hokkaido travel photography trip, somehow, my busy workload and preparation for the Hokkaido travel photography trip stalled me writing up my article. It was kind of a good delay because I was having more thoughts, emotions and feelings after I came back from the beautiful and gorgeous travel photography trip in Hokkaido.

First and foremost, when I knew about this opportunity a few months back, I was very excited and honoured by the nomination and opportunity to visit Hokkaido for a travel photography adventure – Photographers Invitation Program, a familiarisation trip to the Central / Eastern Hokkaido. Before I continue further, I must thank the people/organisations from the bottom of my heart that has nominated me for this Photographers Invitation Program. At times, I do get a loss of words on how to thank people!

While there was excitement and euphoria building up, there was a bit of stress too. The nomination had to be vetted and approved by relevant authorities before we were officially into the Photographers Invitation Program for the familiarisation trip to the Central / Eastern Hokkaido. During this period, I was so busy with overseas work travel for 17 days in the month of October and I just prepared the necessary paperwork as much as I could.

I personally placed extra stress on myself when it comes to photography, the expectations that I expect from myself, the standards that I HAVE to deliver, that I WANT to deliver and I MUST deliver. I have a duty to answer not just to myself and my photography, it’s also to the organisations/people who trusted me, nominated me and selected me for the Photographers Invitation Program to Hokkaido.

Add in the elements of excitement, happiness and euphoria into this stress element, it became a potent mix to my advantage. Upon arriving in Hokkaido and when I started photographing away, it was one of the most beautiful travel photography adventures that I had. Hokkaido is so beautiful and gorgeous! Hokkaido is a great destination for photography, all 4 seasons. That’s always something to photograph!

In Hokkaido, we met Japanese professional photographers who brought us around, showing us locations that they visit. As a photographer myself, I truly appreciate this! The Japanese professional photographers are truly masters in their respective photography fields; their humility and willingness to share are priceless. The Sensei is the best examples of how I must learn and model upon, they are the Masters in photography. It was very humbling experience and a great honour to meet the Sensei and they are the ones that I must learn from on how to achieve and become a Sensei myself to my friends/followers/disciples under my small photography mentorship.

This great band of photographers, a total of 5 of us, that I went with, they were absolutely great folks, fun and spontaneous. Every one of us had own unique strengths, ideas, views and compositions that allowed us to bring the best out of Central / Eastern Hokkaido. We had lots of fun and many group photographs, also a number of me the photographer in action by fellow photographers. It’s not often that I get photographed in action (can be rare to catch me in action!). I will share my fellow photographers links and stories once they are up! There were lots of sharing and helping each other!

I am currently in the process of curating my travel photographs before uploading them and writing up my travel articles. Tentatively, they should be up in the next 2-3 weeks at the following sites

http://www.photojournalist-tgh.tv for my Hokkaido Travel articles

https://www.flickr.com/photos/tangenghui for my Hokkaido Travel Photographs

I think I need to start making travel photography plans to photograph all four seasons in Hokkaido!

Last but not least, once again, I must say a Big THANK YOU to the people/organisations who nominated me and the authorities that selected me for the Photographers Invitation Program to Central / Eastern Hokkaido. Oh yes, I must also not forget to thank the organization/friends who loaned me camera equipment for this trip!

For those who faithfully read till the last line here, THANK YOU too!

 Domo arigatogozaimashita

Smartphones – Must Have Holiday Companions for Today’s Travellers

Do you remember the time when you travel overseas for a holiday, a travel guide book such as Lonely Planet is your must have travel companion? Just around a period of maybe 10 years, travel patterns and habits have changed tremendously with the emergence of social media and information technology gadgets such as our smartphones and tablets. How has smartphones changed our modern traveling patterns, planning and usage? Let me share with you a finding by InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG) and IHG Rewards Club on the impact and influence of smartphones in today’s travellers!

According to the research by IHG® Rewards Club, nearly 40% of travellers agree that their smartphone is the most important item to take onholiday – and 67% agree that they will use it every single day. As a result, 1 in 10 travellers clock an impressive average of 70 hours online while on holiday – almost 20% of the actual time spent on a two week holiday.IHG Rewards Club is the first and largest hotel loyalty programme in the world, with over 80 million members worldwide. IHG is one of the world’s leading hotel companies, with over 4,700 hotels around the world and a family of nine trusted hotel brands.

IHG Rewards Club members are IHG’s most valued guests. In line with its aim of rewarding them for their loyalty, it surveyed more than 10,000 of its members worldwide in order to gain further insight into their relationships with their loyalty programme and to learn more about their travel needs. The survey found that the smartphone is fast replacing the traditional postcard with 64% of respondents saying they use it to text friends and another 32% to Skype friends and family back home, while on holiday. However, recounting holiday experiences with friends and family still remains one of the most enjoyable ways of sharing a holiday, with one in ten travellers saying this is as enjoyable as the holiday itself.

Planning a holiday is, nearly, half the fun – (45%) of all travellers say it is the best part of a holiday and more than half (57%) use their smartphones to book vacations.

 Susanna Freer-Epstein, Senior Vice President Customer Loyalty Marketing, IHG said:

? “IHG is a brand and consumer driven company. We use insight to anticipate consumer trends and behaviour. This research shows how mobile technology is revolutionising the holiday experience – from enabling travellers to dream about and plan their holidays, to helping enjoy the trip itself and share their experiences with their friends and family.” 

The survey also uncovered that 42% of travellers check social media every day while on holiday, with 25% of them even saying they always check Facebook before going to sleep. While taking in the sights and attractions, more than half (51%) of travellers also prefer to use their smartphones to take pictures instead of digital cameras.

As part of the global survey, IHG Rewards Club has launched a digital hub at www.ihg.com/rewardingexperiences.  It showcases the experiences available to over 80 million members worldwide – from a cultural experience at some of the world’s most famous museums, to a special family celebration or a once in-a-lifetime relaxing spa experience. It includes reviews from members and global travellers from all around the world. IHG Rewards Club offers advantages that no other hotel company can match including; free guest Internet for all IHG Rewards Club members worldwide, across the IHG brand family and no blackout dates on Reward Nights – a loyalty programme purposefully designed to see the customer win. Additionally, as of July 1st 2014, members will also earn more IHG Rewards Club points when they stay at any of the 178 InterContinental Hotels & Resorts worldwide. For every $1USD spent  on qualifying revenue during stays, such as food and beverage, these members will now earn ten IHG Rewards Club points.

Visit www.ihg.com/rewardingexperiences to learn more about IHG Rewards Club rewards and experiences and to reveal your traveller type.

* Information and details courtesy of InterContinental Hotels Group and Ogilvy Public Relations *

Café Fest Singapore on 6 – 7 Sep 2014

Coffee lovers in Singapore, I have something about coffee to share with you, a coffee event coming to you on the 6th and 7th September 2014 at The Waterfront Promenade. It is the world’s first cafe hopping event and it is happening right here in Singapore! The world’s first café hopping street, was conceived by two public relations professionals and part-time cafe hobbyists, Gabriel Tan, 29 and Sarah Lek, 26, who share a passion for cafe culture, coffee and the café community. For coffee lovers, this is something interesting and fun to look forward to!


Visitors to Cafe Fest Singapore 2014 can catch a whiff of the exquisite scent of freshly roasted coffee beans and fresh-­out-­of-­the-­oven pastries from 12 homegrown cafes at the world’s first-­ever café-­centric event, Café Fest, happening on 6 – 7 September by The Waterfront Promenade. The two-­day event is slated to provide over 4,000 café-­hopping lovers with a unique lifestyle experience by the bay that they’ll not soon forget. Along with Instagram-­?worthy coffee latte art and delectable sweet treats from specially selected Singaporean cafés like OZ Specialty Cafe, Jimmy Monkey, I am, Maison Ikkoku, Cake Love, and Toby’s Estate, Café Fest is also brewing up a whole host of exciting activities to accompany your cuppa joe.

From 10am-­8pm on Saturday and 10am-­7pm on Sunday, weekend warriors and cafe-­hoppers alike can look forward to lively performances from musical acts from bands such as 53A, Marc X Hashy, The Sessionists and many more. That’s not all, friends and families will also have a chance to pit their hopping skills against one another in an old-­fashioned coffee sack race along with many other fun games and activities.

Café Fest Infographic Final

While admission is free-­of-­charge, festival visitors have to purchase café-­hopping passes from the Café Fest website (www.cafefest.sg) and selected participating cafes to enjoy the wide variety of drinks and treats at the event. Passes are priced at $20 (early bird) and $30 (VIP Experience). For more details on the festival, please visit www.cafefest.sg or follow us on Facebook (Café Fest SG) and Instagram (@cafefestsg).

Date: 6 – 7 September 2014
Time: 10am – 8pm (Sat), 10am – 7pm (Sun)
Location: The Waterfront Promenade
Admission: Free

Do drop by and check out Cafe Fest Singapore on 6th and 7th September 2014!

* Information and Pictures Courtesy of Cafe Fest Singapore *

Featured on Canon EOS World Singapore

A personal journey that started off when I was a young kid during my primary school days, all in the name of fun and play. As I started upon my journey till today, I can imagine how much it had changed and impacted me over all these years (and still counting). A photography adventure that surpassed my imagination and expectations, definitely lots of sweat, tears, pride, joy and happiness. Made many new friends from both local and international arenas through the love of the art – Photography.

From a humble beginning by making spoilt my Dad’s SLR camera, to my current (almost quiet professional) setup of Canon DSLR and lenses, it had been an adventure that I never regretted that I started upon on Day One. As I slowly learned from my experiences and mistakes over the years of active photography adventure, photojournalism opened up a new realm for me, away from the hustle and bustle, the stress and pressure of the current hectic cut throat society. Exploring, documenting, writing, photographing and sharing, making a difference and paying it forward with my own personal photojournalism adventures. Moving beyond the travel and tourism genres, the areas of photography that I originally started off in (I have to thank National Geographic Magazine for the huge influence).

The adventure took a greater leap when I started to mentor and share my experiences, a skill that dawned upon me that for me to improve my photography (and any other skills in work or life), is to be to mentor, teach, share and impart my skills and knowledge that I currently possess to my friends, followers and disciples/students/juniors. In recent years, I embarked on this new photography journey that helps me to improve my photography skills and knowledge to the next level. This also enlightened me that learning is always and definitely life long and ongoing and there is always something new to learn in photography!

Unlocking small achievements in my photography journey in recent years, sometimes words just can’t describe, maybe through my photographs and stories that I produced. When I was invited to be featured in Canon EOS World Singapore for Photojournalism in March, it was a great honour and a  very humbling experience for me. This is definitely not the highest peak, this will spur me on to go for my next peak, even higher!

Here I am, featured on Canon EOS World Singapore – Member Spotlight! I would love to network, share and learn from fellow photographers, do drop me a note and connect with me over my photography sites!

Photography website – Aspiring Photojournalist! 

Facebook Page – TanGengHui Photography

500px – http://500px.com/tangenghui

Flickr – http://www.flickr.com/photos/tangenghui

Instagram – http://instagram.com/tangenghui

I would like to say a Big THANK YOU to all my family members, close friends, alumnus, photographers, supporters and followers for everything that they do to help in my photography, no matter how big or small. There is a group of senior photographers who mentored and shared lots of small tips/things in photography with me that shaped my photography today! Thank You for walking with my in my photojournalism journeys with me, through my eyes, heart, soul, words and photographs that I shared with everyone of you!

Now to strive for my next peak in my photojournalism journey, will you continue to walk with me?

You’ll Never Walk Alone

AsiaRooms.com ends 2012 with mega sale!

Everybody loves a holiday and the opportunity to travel overseas. We all love to plan our flights, travel schedule, places to visit, eating and accommodation. For all the travel fanatics out there, here’s a great sharing for all of you!

AsiaRooms.com is offering deals from 120 of the most sought-after hotels in Asia in its inaugural Year End Sale (YES). The annual sale offers significant savings (up to 65 per cent) on hotels in popular destinations across Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, Korea as well as Singapore and Hong Kong. From 24 October 2012 to 27 November 2012, AsiaRooms.com will feature popular hotel accommodations in key Asian cities and regional beach holiday destinations in a series of six 24 and 48-hour sales, where customers can expect red-hot time limited offers.

The Year End Sale and its specific details will be communicated via newspapers and on several websites in Singapore. Customers who wish to stay ahead of the competition in securing the Year End Sale offerings before they are fully booked, can do so by staying connected to AsiaRooms.com.

To receive notifications when the Year End Sale offerings go ‘live’ during 24 October to 27 November 2012, customers can stay connected with AsiaRooms.com through Facebook, Google+, Twitter and via its mailing list:

If you are researching and looking into travel experiences, stories, tips and sharing, AsiaRooms has a online Community Driven travel page and you can check them out! Have a great time planning for your next travel holidays!