The testing of the SONY VAIO W had been going smoothly for a few days, I did a leisure mobile lifestyle and it was documented inside my photoblog post – Mobile Leisure Lifestyle with SONY VAIO W. From my photojournalistic write up, the SONY VAIO W makes a light weight notebook, ideal for traveling, business, studies and leisure usage ! To recap, do drop by my Review of SONY VAIO W – Part 1.

Testing the software side of the SONY VIO W, it was quite good, considering it is running in the Intel Atom chip and packaged in a small size notebook, the performance was quite fast with the number of programs installed inside this test set notebook. Running on Windows XP, I believed it was a good choice for the operating system to be installed inside this notebook. Moving forward, I am looking at the possibility of having Windows 7 installed inside future SONY VAIO W models or future SONY notebook models.

The SONY VAIO W is a notebook worth considering, it would come in very handy and for some users, a direct replacement for their laptops and desktops or for work and business use due to its light weight and portability. The world today is so much more mobile and fast paced, with connectivity and social media networking an integral part of our life, a notebook, such as the SONY VAIO W, fits in perfectly !

Do drop by SONY showrooms and have a feel of the SONY VAIO W !

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