In my previous post, I posted a schedule of my planned running dates and distances. This set the targets that I wanted to achieve and I confessed that I wasn’t able to keep to the schedule.

My current revised completed training runs were as follow till date

4th May – 7km – Completetd @ West Coast Park

6th May – 10km – Completed @ West Coast Park

10th May – 7.4km – Completed @ West Coast Park

16th May – 11km ~ 5km Trail Run & 6km Trail Hike – Completed @ Macrichtie Reservoir Park

18th May – 10km – Completed @ West Coast Park

I would be squeezing in 2 more runs before this Sunday’s Passion Run, with at least 1 of them being a 21km distance and in preparation for my 42.195km Sundown Marathon on the night of 30th May.

Now proceeding to my other updates, last week was very hectic, unable to drop entrecards regularly for about 5 days, my mum had to go for an operation to remove cysts and everything went smoothly and she’s at home resting. During that time, my dad was away on a business trip, therefore, I had to take care of my princess Japanese Spitz and take care of the household.

On top of that, I had my business and clients appointments along with my networking functions and business seminar to attend.

Would be back writing here again and getting more readers in, have a team dynamics training to share too….. stay tuned !

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    Would write quality postings for readers like you !

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