Team Dynamics Symbols Personality Test

In my years of experiential learning through different organisations, from community/schools to military and corporate world today, I had been in teams for many parts of my life, socially or formally. Understanding teamwork, cooperating and helping one another is of great importance, yet  when I thought learning about team dynamics, it brought upon a new light and perspective into my training and personal development, mentoring and leadership training and development. 

Before I share with you , there are 4 symbols below, choose the image that is closet to your heart.





Alright, what is the symbol that you chose ?

Well, I choose the symbol Circle and let me share with you on some of the components of people choosing the symbol Circle – the characteristics and behaviours in handling and dealing with people.


– Team Player, Good Listener, Sensitive, Generous, Understanding, Helpful, Non-confronting 


– Enjoys Listening, Volunteers for Everything, Seeks Advice from Others, Avoids drawing Attention, Communicates in a Reserved Manner, Has a Soothing Effect on Others

Moving forward, I am still searching for greater details on the aspects and dynamics of team dynamics, still searching for it online and seeking greater knowledge into it, thus allowing myself to learn more and become a better team player, trainer, leader and mentor to my juniors and peers.

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