Sony recently announced thew new CP-V3 portable charger, an essential device in our social media/internet connected world today with their vibrance of different colours to choose from. Smartphones are now part of our lifestyle and we do face many a times when we need to have the extra portable battery juice for our smartphone!

Weighing at just 84g, it is small, compact and easy-to-carry, yet still powerful enough to charge a smartphone quickly. The CP-V3 USB Portable Charger has a capacity of 2,800 mAh and high output of 1.5A that ensures for a fast recharge of smartphones on-the-go, ideal for urban go-getters who require emergency power when needed. Based on Lithium-ion polymer technology by Sony, the new charger retains more than 90 per cent of its capacity at 1,000 charges. Users can conveniently charge the CP-V3 USB Portable Charger via the USB port on a computer or an AC adaptor.

The CP-V3 USB Portable Charger is ready-to-use straight out of its packaging, so even if you find yourself outside with a dying device, emergency power is immediately available upon purchase with the help of a micro-USB cable that comes with the Portable Charger. Available in black, white, vivid pink and sky blue, the new CP-V3 USBPortable Charger from Sony will retail for a recommended price of S$39.90 at all Sony stores and authorised dealers from September 2013 onwards.

Specifications Sheet




DC 5V, 0.5A ~ 1.0A



1.5A (Max)

Size (W x H x D mm)

38.8 x 99.0 x 19.0


Approx. 84g

Supply Time*

Approx. 60 min
(Max 1.5A)

Battery Capacity

2,800 mAh

Charging Time AC adaptor

Approx. 3.5 hours

USB port

Approx. 6 hours

Operating Temperature

0°C ~ 35°C

* Supply time varies depending on battery condition, storage condition and portable device

* Information and photographs courtesy of Sony Singapore and Waggener Edstrom Worldwide *



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