Start of Q4 2018

5th October 2018, 5 days have passed since we entered into the fourth quarter of this year 2018. Time flies in the blink of an eye, fast and furious. Looking back at my past three quarters of year 2018, this had been more stable than my past two years 2016 and 2017 whereby I faced many personal and sole proprietorship challenges as well as dealing with the loss of six people from my life (from loved ones, mentor, friend) within a one year period from 2016 to 2017, an area that I might not have handled well during that period of time and affected me quite badly.

Life is never smooth going, without bumps and obstacles, there are so many ups and downs of different magnitude and sizes. Everyone of them is a learning experience that teaches me something in life and society. As people aged, they would probably want to deal with less people around them, they don’t want the dramas that comes along with some people. I have slowly distanced myself away from some people because their only purpose in life is to complain, judge and criticise anything and everything.

There are a few topics that have been ongoing in my heart and mind for quite some time. We are not exactly in a good shape even though we look good on the outside, with all these technological changes and advancements that can be pretty fast and furious, are we preparing, adapting and changing ourselves for a potentially very different future? Are we too sheltered and protected from the outside world?

Personally, I will always keep telling and reminding myself to learn new skills and knowledge, improve on my current skills and knowledge, keep on striving forward.

My goals and objectives for year 2018 may not be totally achieved yet, now is the time for me to pick up from where I am, continue pushing forward to complete and achieve my remaining goals and objectives.

On the area of running my sole proprietorship photography business, I would leave it for another article post that would be published on my photography website/blog. On finding new and other business opportunities, partnerships or collaborations, I am always on the lookout for suitable ones when then the opportunity arises. I would say there are more disappointments than anything else.

Good luck and all the best to everyone striving forward and ahead for their final sprint in the fourth quarter of 2018!

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