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Taking Action on Eaters in Trains ~ YES !

Do you feel irritated when there is a NO EATING/DRINKING poster and there are still people blatantly opening and eating in front of everybody in the train ? Have you traveled to Japan before and experienced their busy train rides and the huge crowds in the trains ? Such situations won’t happen.

Yes, this had been the situation for quite sometime, that I observed for a while, there was an increasing trend in more people eating and drinking on the trains, without remorse and respect for the rules and regulations in place, possibly dirtying the trains and other fellow train passengers too. The local news reported on staff going around in trains and giving out summons to passengers caught eating and drinking in the train and hopefully, this would deter them from eating and drinking without any consideration and manners.

Such inconsiderate actions are a poor reflection on ourselves too, how society had changed so much over the past few years, had we became more

– rude

– inconsiderate

– easily angered

– Taking things for Granted

– ignorant

– insensitive of the people around us

In local lingo, we “heck care” or “bo chup” ? Maybe that’s why our Courtesy Lion is making  a comeback ?

However, there was an incident, in the papers and blogsphere on a staff giving out the summons to a lady who was caught taking sweet due to her being giddy and there were a few people writing into the local papers forums, praising on the new actions taken, yet with a concern for certain groups of people in society that might need a little bit of leniency. We understand that this is a thin line to thread on and it’s not going to be easy for the staff catching people eating and drinking in action.

Well, for those babies or people who are on medication, maybe a bit of leeway could be allowed ?

One thought on “Taking Action on Eaters in Trains ~ YES !

  • I couldn’t agree with you more on thisx post..
    BUT to fine people for popping sweets in their mouth is seriously ridiculous.. Or even taking a sip from bottled drinks kept in your bag. Insanely ridiculous..

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