On the 24th May 2009, in the morning at 0730 hours, I would be passionately running my Passion Run for my 3rd Passion Run and my 1st major run of 2009 ….. 15km at East Coast Park ! For further information on the Passion Run, do drop by official site and take a look ! 


This would be a key lead up to my Sundown Marathon on the night of 30th May, starting at the stroke of midnight and running into the dawn of 31st May. I am setting myself a target of 1 hr 15 mins to complete 15km tomorrow and I want to achieve it ! 

Looking forward to the runs with my colleagues, University of Queensland Alumni friends and old friends that I had not met for a while ! Stay tuned and I would be writing up on the Passion Run 2009 !

4 thoughts on “Passion Run , Here I Come !!”
  1. will u be lugging a camera while running or r u a serious marathoner? i ask because i run for running sake, not keeping time sometimes even bring dslr to take fotos of other runners. i blog abt it too.. 🙂

  2. I will look at your post run article to see how you did. I hope you met or broke your time limit. I used to run and it was good but I have put on many years now and I have a hard time forcing myself to walk for health. lol

    Friends 4 Life!

  3. Hi wanderlass

    The only camera I am lugging while running is my 3G iPhone as I am a serious marathoner.

    Maybe next time I should run & bring my DSLR & shoot fellow runners too !

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