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1st September 2022 Updates (Not a Q3 2022 Review yet!)

Thursday 1st September 2022 marks the start of a new month, sharing some updates (not a Q3 2022 review yet!). In my own lost world bogged down by many things and stuff going on for the past few months from June to August, I thought that end of August was going to be end of Q3 2022, I happily talked about this until I was reminded that Q3 2022 starts in the month of October, Q3 2022 ends in September.

Business, Networking and Opportunities

Business, networking and opportunities, they present themselves to us, they can come and go in the blink of an eye. Sometimes, we get them, we can also lose them. It can disappointing, such things happen, I just have to readjust and steady the ship again to navigate in another new area.

Without going too much into details due to privacy and confidentiality, I lost some opportunities and other business areas of work, I got a little bit side tracked and derailed this year 2022 till date.

When one door closes, another door opens, new business, networking and opportunities present themselves. Let’s see how things will work out for me, moving on from here.


Pay-It-Forward and Pass-It-On

Recently, I have been giving things away, some used, some as new (kept in cupboard) and some new items that I bought, to family and friends. From soft toys, to camera bags, lifestyle bags, it’s a blessing, heartwarming and fulfilling to Pay-It-Forward and Pass-It-On, when my situation isn’t at its best.

Do a good deed, it returns back to you, when it comes from your heart, and this good deed cycle repeats.

Return back to #UQAlumni action

On Wednesday 31st August 2022, I had an afternoon coffee chat and catch up with my #UQAlumni senior Suyin. We had a number of interesting discussions on various topics.

One of them would be a return back to #UQ alumni action, I would share more when the time is ripe.

2nd photography zine update

Finally, I managed to push it through after some delays, procrastination, juggling between business and content creation. My 2nd photography zine has a final 2nd draft, printed and ready for a final check, edits and amendments before going to the international and local printing house.

More information can be read here on my TGH Photography and Travel Portal/Blog!

It’s exhausting

It’s exhausting, physically, mentally and emotionally, juggling a 1 person photography business, content creation, digital marketing/social media marketing and also as a technology (consumer and enterprise) writer.

Not many of you can see or understand the work behind the scenes, why I am doing all these together or concurrently. I might have touched on my business and content creator/digital agency model some years back, I won’t go deep into them again for now, maybe at a later time when new networks, businesses and opportunities come onboard.

To all my PR agencies networks, the recent exhaustion from juggling a business and content creation/media news coverage had taken a toll on me, the articles coverage is not like before. If you like to work with me more closely together (something I would prefer as well), please reach out to me directly via WhatsApp or Telegram.

Those agencies that I worked with very closely (only a small handful) would understand my situation better.

Last but not least

Last but not least, yes it’s 1st September 2022, just some quick updates today, it’s not a Q3 2022 review yet! I have so many things going inside my mind, things to do and clear over the past few months that I got my timeline all wrong.

Maybe this is a sign that I really need a real holiday break.

Reflecting 2019 and Last Decade

Today is 31st December 2019, last day of the year 2019, this is also the last day of this decade (2010 to 2019). Taking time today, reflecting 2019 and last decade, to take stock of my personal, technology and other business interests.

Year 2019

On the subject of my sole proprietorship photography business, I published and shared a dedicated article reflecting on year 2019 and the last decade on my photography journeys, I would like to invite you over to read my article!


As for my other aspects, technology writing and coverage on this portal/website has increased with more connections and relationships built up in the areas of B2B/Enterprise technology topics. This is still a work in progress and I hope to expand more in B2B/Enterprise technology in year 2020. On B2C technology, I am also thankful and grateful for the new networks built up with some brands and agencies.

Building up my other business interests is still taking time, the dynamics of doing business has changed pretty fast in the past decade. The changes are fast and furious, new technology adoption, changes in tastes, working style, we have to change, adopt and adapt as fast as we can. I am still working on a hybrid digital agency + photography + videography, to complement my technology writing coverage. How would this turn out in 2020 and beyond, this is still a work in progress.

Year 2019 was no doubt very challenging and turbulent due to market conditions, with its fair share of trolls, doubters and judgemental people as well.

Last Decade (2010 to 2019)

I have written and published a number of reflection and update articles over the past decade, sharing a lot of my inner most thoughts, feelings, emotions through my words. Many things happened during this last decade, sometimes I just can’t put all of them down here. That’s why my archives are going to come in handy and useful!

Year 2015 had a peak and proud moment, a Straits Times (almost) full page interview and featuring some of my photographs that I shot of Marina Bay over the years that I had been taking photographs, part of the DBS Marina Regatta coverage.

The next key moments would be 2016 when I hit rock bottom (you can find my stories in my archives and read them if you have the time!). In between 2016 and 2017, over a one year period, I lost six people close to me, they were huge setbacks and sadness, affecting my sole proprietorship photography business in 2017 starting off on a shaky start. To some people, I am using it as an excuse,

Years 2018 and 2019 were more of stabilisation and steadying the ship in choppy turbulent waters of running a photography business and other business interests.

What lies ahead in 2020?

I would leave this segment for another article post, I might not share too much specifics into it, nevertheless, keep a lookout for my next article!

Last but not least, I would like to say a big Thank You from the bottom of my heart, to all those who believe, support and trust in my technology writing, digital marketing and also my photography business, skills and journeys over the past decade, especially in the past three years from 2017 to 2019 when I was building up my sole proprietorship photography business.

Interim Updates – 17th October 2019

A short article post, interim updates – 17th October 2019. If you have been faithfully following and reading my articles, there had been a time gap in between the last published article and today’s updates.

I was thinking to publish a mix of personal and business updates today, instead of the core technology (consumer and enterprise) articles. Things had been busy behind the scenes, that I don’t usually say too much in details or sometimes I don’t even talk much about them due to privacy and strategic reasons.

There would be a few areas that I am sharing and discussing about in this interim updates, in the paragraphs below.

Technology and business portal/blog

I have quite a list of backlogged articles to clear and publish. First and foremost, I would have to prioritise the articles in the areas of gadget reviews and media events that I attended. That would followed by key interest topics such as cybersecurity, blockchain etc etc. 

Photography business

My core business segment, sometimes, it’s about showmanship for this industry, an inevitable aspect that we all have to face and accept. If I don’t show many things, doesn’t mean I am doing nothing.

Chasing 1 payment, following up on discussions with clients and also a prospect. Building up new accounts on platforms. Always working on biz development and admin work behind the scenes that nobody sees.

Most recently, I am working with new platforms to expand my networks, connections and photography business opportunities. Humbling yet happy at the same time, I still have to work hard on the new platforms and expand my networks.

It’s also time for curation on my photography websites, changes and additions, long overdue, coming soon.

A hybrid approach: photography + videography/filmmaking + agency

A business approach that has very slowly evolved over since starting in 2017, change is the only constant, it’s one of the few guarantees in life. I will not go into details for strategic reasons, it’s more than enough for you to read and decipher.

Communications and discussions

PR folks, if you have my mobile number, you know where to get me, whereby we can discuss further and faster than my email replies.

For brands and agencies that I have yet to work with, I am open to the following industry segments

Photography and travel sectors

Portfolio: https://www.tghphotography.com

Blog: http://blog.photojournalist-tgh.tv/

Technology and business sectors

Blog: https://www.tangenghui.com

Friends who have my mobile number, kindly use WhatsApp or Telegram, no FB messenger, no Instagram DM, no Twitter DM.

On a side note

It’s getting harder to communicate with human beings! Internet and social media are turning human communication into zero communication! This is a reminder to myself too, I must not turn into a non-communicator.

Just like this favourite cat in my neighbourhood, affectionately known as “Giant” to me, her sleeping pose sums it up. There are times whereby I am exhausted, from running my own business and dealing with people, they can be very draining physically, mentally and emotionally.

Normal programming on my technology and business portal/blog would be back soon! Thank you for reading and supporting my websites!

Happy 54th Birthday Singapore!

9th August 2019, this is Singapore’s National Day. First and foremost, wishing Happy 54th Birthday Singapore!

It had been a year of mixed emotions and feelings, Singapore had its own internal issues to handle and external matters to manage and overcome, with all the trade spats around the world today, well published and publicised all over the news and social media.

The year 2019 is also Singapore’s Bicentennial year, this was something special for me to learn more in-depth about Singapore before the milestone year 1819 when Sir Stamford Raffles first landed on Singapore. The history of Singapore goes way back further before 1819, we are just opening up to learn and embrace this part of history that we don’t know much about. Personally, I am still learning more about the earlier history before Singapore’s Bicentennial.

Coming back in time, to the current Singapore today. The transformation had been a huge eye opener, the changes at times, had been fast and furious, sometimes good, sometimes bad. The relentless pace, had been a strain on the mental and physical well-being. While it can be and had been tiring and sometimes painful, changes are necessary to evolve, adapt and adopt, in a new age world today, marked by technological disruptions, internet and social media growth.

Different parts of the world today are having quite a bit of quarrelling and bickering, putting a strain to world/countries relationships and partnerships. Singapore is also both directly and indirectly affected by all these world economic matters and delicate situations. We are not perfect either, having our own house matters to sort out.

No place in the world is perfect, every place has their own good and bad points. Singapore, a place I call home, has its own domestic and international challenges to overcome. On the 54th birthday of Singapore, I just hope that Singaporeans can rise up to the challenges ahead, we cannot and must not be complacent, we need to learn, improve our skills and knowledge, be more caring and tolerant in a world flooded by social media.

Oh yes, visit my photography and travel portal/blog and check out my NDP 2019 rehearsals coverage!

This is home truly, Singapore! Wishing Singapore a Happy 54th Birthday! Have a great celebration and to all Singaporeans, have a good long weekend holiday!

Inaugural Esports Festival Asia at COMEX 2019

Esports and gaming fans alert! The inaugural Esports Festival Asia (EFA) at COMEX 2019 is taking place from 5th to 8th September 2019. Sphere Exhibits, the events arm of Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) is entering into the the eports arena with the hosting of the inaugural EFA.

Esports has been making headways into Singapore, gaining more importance and recognition over the years. Esports is also making its first appearance as a medal event at the upcoming Southeast Asian Games 2019. At the upcoming COMEX 2019, Sphere Exhibits plans to introduce esports to casual gamers and consumers by bringing gaming tournaments to the mass public at COMX 2019. They are investing S$1 million into this venture, demonstrating the huge interest in gaming and esports and its future potential.

At the recent media and official launch event held at Funan Centre, I got to know more about the upcoming EFA and I feel that it’s a great idea to combine them together to be held during the upcoming COMEX 2019 in September. I used to be a gamer many years back, thus I am glad to see more of such gaming and esports making a stronger and bigger presence today. COMEX 2019 and EFA can help to bring the geeks, techies, gamers and esports community together for their common interest, gaming and technology.

Mr Chua Wee Phong, Chairman of Sphere Exhibits said: “COMEX is Singapore’s largest consumer tech show that has continuously reinvented itself over the years to introduce new concepts to consumers such as trade-ins, booth babe contests, and tech showcases. Today, we are proud to welcome the latest concept of esports to COMEX 2019 – while there have been several esports tournaments in the past, they have been largely focused on the professional and semi-professional gaming community. With EFA, Sphere aims to bring esports to the masses at COMEX 2019, where over 500,000 consumers will gather over the four days.”

For those who love gaming and thinking about esports in Singapore, the inaugural Esports Festival Asia would be a good place to start off and look at. Let me share more information below:

Female Esports League (FSL)

FSL is Southeast Asia’s premier female gaming circuit which provides a platform for female gamers to engage, empower and elevate each other in order to create a path towards female representation in the top tier of esports.

FSL will be holding regional tournaments for two games – Arena of Valor and League of Legends – from now till August 2019, after which the four winners for each game will fly down to Singapore, the last stop in the FSL circuit, to play at EFA for a total prize pool of $2,500 per title.

Official Facebook Page (Mobile): https://www.facebook.com/FSLMobileGames

Official Facebook Page (LoL): https://www.facebook.com/FSLLoL/

Registration for the regional tournaments are now open – visit https://www.facebook.com/FSLMobileGames for Arena of Valor and https://www.facebook.com/FSLLoL/ for League of Legends.


eXTREMESLAND CS:GO Asia Open returns for the fourth year running. The regional qualifier will be held at EFA, where the winning team will move on to compete in the finals in Shanghai, China.

Official Website: http://www.extremesland.com/en

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/extremesland/

Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/eXTREMESLAND

Registrations begin from end July – visit https://esportsfestival.asia/ for further updates.

China Mobile Esports League (CMEL) – League of Legends (LoL)

Hosted by Datang Network, the CMEL was officially launched on 6 August 2018. Its inaugural Singapore qualifier for the LoL game will be held at EFA. Subsequently, the winning team will move on to represent Singapore and compete in the CMEL finals held in Chong Qing, China.

Registrations begin from end July – visit https://esportsfestival.asia/ for further updates.

Asia Champions Esports (ACE) League

With a combined prize pool of over S$20,000, the inaugural ACE League – comprising popular games Mobile Legends, PUBG Mobile and DOTA Underlords – is set to make waves in the local scene. The Grand Finals of the ACE League will be held at EFA, and offline and online qualifiers leading to the Grand Finals will be held in the coming months.

Official Website: https://aceleague.asia/

Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/aceleague/

Registrations are now open – visit https://aceleague.asia/championships/ace-league/.

Dates & Times

COMEX 2019

Dates: 5th – 8th September 2019

Time: Level 3, 11am to 9pm, Level 4 & 6, 12pm to 9pm

Location: Suntec Convention Centre Singapore, Level 3, 4 & 6

Esports Festival Asia

Dates: 5th – 8th September 2019

Time: 12pm to 9pm

Location: Hall 605, Suntec Convention Centre Singapore

Tournaments @ Suntec Convention Centre, Level 6, Hall 605

5th September 2019

Female Esports League (FSL) Arena of Valor Elite

eXTREMESLAND CS:GO Regional Qualifier

China Mobile Esports League (CMEL) League of Legends (LoL) Singapore Qualifier

6th September 2019

Female Esports League (FSL) Arena of Valor Elite

eXTREMESLAND CS:GO Regional Qualifier

China Mobile Esports League (CMEL) League of Legends (LoL) Singapore Qualifier

7th September 2019

Female Esports League (FSL) League of Legends Elite

eXTREMESLAND CS:GO Regional Qualifier

China Mobile Esports League (CMEL) League of Legends (LoL) Singapore Qualifier

Asia Champions Esports (ACE) League

8th September 2019

Female Esports League (FSL) League of Legends Elite

eXTREMESLAND CS:GO Regional Qualifier

China Mobile Esports League (CMEL) League of Legends (LoL) Singapore Qualifier

Asia Champions Esports (ACE) League

For all the gamers and esports fans/players out there, do check them out and mark down the dates in your calendar. Remember to Pay-It-Forward and Pass-It-On, the information on the EFA at the upcoming COMEX 2019 with your fellow gamers and esports friends!

* Information courtesy of Sphere Exhibits and Gloo PR *