Interim Updates – 17th October 2019

A short article post, interim updates – 17th October 2019. If you have been faithfully following and reading my articles, there had been a time gap in between the last published article and today’s updates.

I was thinking to publish a mix of personal and business updates today, instead of the core technology (consumer and enterprise) articles. Things had been busy behind the scenes, that I don’t usually say too much in details or sometimes I don’t even talk much about them due to privacy and strategic reasons.

There would be a few areas that I am sharing and discussing about in this interim updates, in the paragraphs below.

Technology and business portal/blog

I have quite a list of backlogged articles to clear and publish. First and foremost, I would have to prioritise the articles in the areas of gadget reviews and media events that I attended. That would followed by key interest topics such as cybersecurity, blockchain etc etc. 

Photography business

My core business segment, sometimes, it’s about showmanship for this industry, an inevitable aspect that we all have to face and accept. If I don’t show many things, doesn’t mean I am doing nothing.

Chasing 1 payment, following up on discussions with clients and also a prospect. Building up new accounts on platforms. Always working on biz development and admin work behind the scenes that nobody sees.

Most recently, I am working with new platforms to expand my networks, connections and photography business opportunities. Humbling yet happy at the same time, I still have to work hard on the new platforms and expand my networks.

It’s also time for curation on my photography websites, changes and additions, long overdue, coming soon.

A hybrid approach: photography + videography/filmmaking + agency

A business approach that has very slowly evolved over since starting in 2017, change is the only constant, it’s one of the few guarantees in life. I will not go into details for strategic reasons, it’s more than enough for you to read and decipher.

Communications and discussions

PR folks, if you have my mobile number, you know where to get me, whereby we can discuss further and faster than my email replies.

For brands and agencies that I have yet to work with, I am open to the following industry segments

Photography and travel sectors



Technology and business sectors


Friends who have my mobile number, kindly use WhatsApp or Telegram, no FB messenger, no Instagram DM, no Twitter DM.

On a side note

It’s getting harder to communicate with human beings! Internet and social media are turning human communication into zero communication! This is a reminder to myself too, I must not turn into a non-communicator.

Just like this favourite cat in my neighbourhood, affectionately known as “Giant” to me, her sleeping pose sums it up. There are times whereby I am exhausted, from running my own business and dealing with people, they can be very draining physically, mentally and emotionally.

Normal programming on my technology and business portal/blog would be back soon! Thank you for reading and supporting my websites!

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