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LG Lunar New Year Gift Guide 2023

Lunar New Year 2023 is just round the corner, it’s starting on Sunday 22nd January 2023. As we are preparing to usher in the Year of the Rabbit, it’s time to hop straight into the festivities and start your Chinese New Year 2023 on the right foot. From home technology to home appliances for spring cleaning to get ready for Lunar New Year reunion gatherings, getting gifts for your loved ones this Lunar New Year celebrations or furnishing your home with fun home entertainment devices. LG Lunar New Year Gift Guide 2023 is here for you to make your Chinese New Year festive celebrations fun and memorable.

Spring Cleaning Your Home In Time For Visiting

LG CordZero™ A9 Kompressor™ Cordless Handstick with All-in-One Tower™: Efficient Cleaning with an Array of Cleaning Accessories

The LG CordZero™ A9 Kompressor™ with All-in-One Tower™ is the ultimate duo for you to do spring cleaning for your home in time for visiting. Its chic, modern design elevates any home interior and can be tucked away neatly in your communal area.

LG CordZero™ A9 Kompressor™ with All-in-One Tower™ (A9T-Ultra) – S$1,614**

The All-in-One Tower™ serves as a charging station and accessory stand that stores up to six cleaning accessories. With its automated dust removal system, the All-in-One Tower™ eliminates contact with dust by emptying the dustbin’s contents into a 2.5L dust bag. A UVC LED light source is also fitted inside the All-in-One Tower™ to prevent bacteria growth in the dust bag for further convenience and hygiene.


From now to 31 January 2023, receive grocery vouchers worth S$50, a free Total Care kit, dust bags (6pcs), and an automatic wine opener (worth S$50) with the purchase of any LG CordZero™ A9 Kompressor™ with All-in-One Tower™. T&Cs apply.

*To be redeemed at Letrain Redemption Centre

LG Objet WashTower: Designed to be Compact and User-Friendly

Ideal for homeowners with an eye for elegance, the LG Objet AI DD™ Front Load WashTower™ is an entirely integrated system that combines a washer and dryer into a sleek single unit. With the help of LG’s Artificial Intelligence Direct Drive™ (AI DD™), the WashTower™ elevates any user experience by determining the best method of washing a load of laundry, minimising fabric damage and extending the life of clothing.

LG Objet AI DD™ Front Load WashTower™ (WT2116NHEG) – 21kg Washer and 16kg Dryer – S$5,449**

It also has reduced laundry time features, such as its Smart Pairing™, which synchronises the dryer and washer and selects the best drying cycle based on the wash cycle. Paired with TurboWash™ 360 which cleans clothes in just 39 minutes, the WashTower™ is perfect for busy individuals. Fit with a centre control panel, cutting-edge artificial intelligence and a striking unibody design in green and beige, the WashTower™ is sure to impress even the fussiest of people who want their brand-new clothes to be perfect this new year.


From now to 31 January 2023, receive Fiji Power Laundry Detergent Sheets (5 boxes) and Fabric Softener Sheets (4 boxes) with the purchase of the LG Objet AI DD™ Front Load WashTower™ (WT2116NHEG). T&Cs apply.

*To be redeemed at Letrain Redemption Centre

Re-Invent the Kitchen for a Prosperous New Year 

LG Objet Collection Refrigerators: Timeless Design for the Modern Kitchen

An essential kitchen appliance in all households, LG’s latest refrigerators – the Top Freezer (GT-B3952BN) and Bottom Freezer (GB-B3442BE) – are exquisitely designed with features that blend fashion and utility to fit a variety of lifestyles.

Top Freezer (GT-B3952BN) – S$1,150**

Designed with LG’s tried-and-true LINEARCooling™ refrigeration system, the fridges guarantee exceptional cooling performance through precisely controlled internal temperature with only minimal fluctuations (±0.5 degrees Celsius).

Bottom Freezer (GB-B3442BE) – S$1,715**

Additionally, for quicker cooling, DoorCooling+™ system directs cold air from the air vents towards items that are placed in the door shelves. These functions all work to keep food and beverages cool and fresh for up to seven days.


From now to 31 January 2023, receive grocery vouchers worth S$50 with the purchase of the Top Freezer (GT-B3952BN) or Bottom Freezer (GB-B3442BE). T&Cs apply.

*To be redeemed at Letrain Redemption Centre

Have a HUAT-Warming Reunion!

LG Soundbar S95QR: Experience Full Immersion In The Comfort Of Your Home

Ring in good fortune and start the new year in a clean, organised home. Declutter your entertainment system with LG’s sleek and powerful S95QR soundbar. The LG S95QR features upgraded wireless rear speakers sporting six channels, an 810W output, 9.1.5 channels and center up-firing speakers.

LG Soundbar S95QR – S$2,018**

With Dolby Atmos™, DTS:X and IMAX Enhanced support, the soundbar heightens your home entertainment experience while delivering a new level of audio three-dimensionality – perfect for a group movie night. Additionally, enjoy lossless multi-channel audio (up to 7.1.4 channels) without the mess of a cable connection between the soundbar and TV with the LG WOWCAST (1) .


From now to 31 January 2023, receive S$100 off with the purchase of any soundbar (excluding SP2) with any TVs. T&Cs apply.

LG G2 OLED evo Gallery Edition: Taking Entertainment To New Heights

The LG G2 OLED TV elevates your home entertainment experience, making it perfect for celebrations with family and friends. Featuring LG’s acclaimed self-lit OLED technology, the G2 delivers unrivalled picture quality.

LG G2 OLED evo Gallery Edition – 55” – S$4,238** / 65” – S$6,055** / 77” – S$ 12,111** /
83” – S$18,168** / 97” – S$34,999** (Coming soon)

With the new and improved LG ?9 Gen 5 intelligent processor, immerse in lifelike and vivid images thanks to the Dynamic Tone-mapping Pro Algorithm, which individually processes over 5,000 areas on the screen. Paired with its Gallery Design, it allows you to mount the TVs flushed to the wall for seamless integration into your space. The highly anticipated 97-inch model will be launched later this month.


From now to 31 January 2023, receive grocery e-vouchers worth S$100 with the purchase of the LG G2 OLED TV (65”, 77”, 83”, 97”), and LG TONE Free FN6 Earbuds worth S$268 (77”, 83” and 97”). Customers will also receive a free wall mount installation (worth S$200) and a 3 months Apple TV+ with the purchase of the LG G2 OLED TV in all sizes. Additionally, receive grocery e-vouchers worth S$100 with the purchase of a LG StanbyME in a single receipt. T&Cs apply.

*Grocery e-vouchers to be redeemed online, and LG TONE Free FN6 Earbuds to be redeemed at Letrain Redemption Centre

LG DualUp Ergo Monitor (28MQ780): Award-Winning Screen Offering Improved Productivity

Boost productivity in the first month of the year with the innovative design of LG DualUp Ergo Monitor. With a unique 16:18 aspect ratio, the monitor offers a generous vertical screen size to maximise productivity and facilitate screen management intuitively. It provides an area of two 21.5-inch monitors without taking up more room thanks to its Square Double QHD (2,560 x 2,880) resolution.

LG DualUp Ergo Monitor (28MQ780) – S$999**

The Nano IPS display also has exceptional detail accuracy and brilliant colour reproduction, guaranteed to amaze courtesy of its 98% DCI-P3 colour support. Additionally, the monitor comes with the ergonomic arm, which provides more comfort due to its flexibility, allowing the user to position the display to their liking.


From now to 31 January 2023, receive a Logitech MX Master 3 Wireless Mouse* (worth S$169) with the purchase of the LG DualUp Ergo Monitor (28MQ780). T&Cs apply.

*To be redeemed at Letrain Redemption Centre

LG gram 16Z90Q: The Ultimate Portable Work Companion

What better way is there to kick-start the new year than to make working on-the-go a breeze! Perfect for travellers or hustling professionals who work wherever they can, the LG gram 16-inch (16Z90Q series) is an ultra-lightweight laptop with an astounding display. Its powerful performance is boosted by the integrated 12th Gen Intel® Core™ processor and Gen4 NVMe™ SSD, bringing users the ultimate level of productivity, in a convenient package.

LG gram (16Z90Q series) – i5 – From S$2,422** / i7 – From S$2,624**

Users may work for long hours without running out of power thanks to a battery life of up to 20.5 hours (2). Moreover, the enhanced anti-glare coating on the advanced IPS displays help to lower reflections regardless of the lighting situation, making any area a pleasant place to work.


From now to 31 January 2023, receive a LG gram Wireless Mouse (worth S$59) and Surprise Box B (worth up to S$500) with the purchase of the 16” LG gram (16Z90Q series). T&Cs apply.

*To be redeemed at Letrain Redemption Centre

A Cooling Environment for Relaxing Reunions 

LG ARTCOOL Air Conditioners: Keep Cool Through the Year

Combating the humid local weather, the LG ARTCOOL Multi Split Air Conditioner will bring a new level of fresh and cooling air into the home. With the Plasmaster™ Ionizer+, the ARTCOOL air conditioners are designed to protect the interior from unpleasant odours and infectious particles by sanitising the space by dispersing over 3 million ions into the air on nearby surfaces.

LG ARTCOOL Plus Air Conditioners – Price varies (3)

Additionally, the self-cleaning feature stops the growth of bacteria and mould on the health exchanger through consistent airflow. If relatives want to stop by but you are still out visiting, cool the rooms before getting home with the LG ThinQ™ app, with its smart connectivity.

LG PuriCare™ AeroTower Air Purifying Fan: Powerful Air Purification with Revitalising Airflow

The LG PuriCare™ AeroTower combines an air purifier and fan in one, providing hygienic comfort in every room at home with clean, customisable airflow that simulates a cool breeze. With the 3-step Filtration System, which includes the Pre-Filter, 360-degree HEPA filter, and Deodorization Filter, the AeroTower traps 99.97% of dust particles as small as 0.3 microns to ensure excellent air quality for a clean, pollutant-free environment.

LG PuriCare™ AeroTower – S$1,099**

The fan blades are even equipped with UVnano™ technology to reduce bacteria up to 99.9% for extra cleanliness measures. As for customisation, the AeroTower offers 3-Way Airflow and specialised modes suitable for any circumstance.

Health is Wealth

LG TONE Free Fit TF8: Your Truly Wireless Companion

Usher in the New Year filled with good health and your best self. Equipped with the latest audio technology and ergonomic precision, the LG TONE Free Fit TF8 delivers optimal sound quality without compromising comfort.

LG TONE Free Fit TF8 True Wireless Earbuds – S$302**

The earbuds offer Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and clear spatial sound with its built-in Meridian HSP technology, perfect for getting in the zone during your workouts before the feasting begins. With Plug & Wireless, the charging case also acts as a Bluetooth transmitter and provides complete wireless freedom. The LG TONE Free TF8 also has an extended battery life of 10 hours, up to 30 hours, when used with the UVnano charging case.


From now to 31 January 2023, receive grocery vouchers worth S$50 with the purchase of the LG TONE Free True Wireless Earbuds. T&Cs apply.

*Only applicable for the LG TONE Free Fit TF8/ T60/ T90/ FP9 models. To be redeemed at Letrain Redemption Centre


(1) LG WOWCAST sold separately. Models supporting LG WOWCAST: S95QR, S90QY, S80QY

(2) Actual battery life will vary from specifications depending on model, setup configuration, applications used, features utilized and power management settings.

(3) Price varies across different authorised retailers

** All prices mentioned are in-store prices

<Information and pictures courtesy of LG Electronics Singapore and APRW>

LG Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022

Being a mother is no easy task at all, just take a look at the modern mom that needs to wear multiple hats and supports her family in more ways than one. Therefore, this Mother’s Day 2022, show mom that you appreciate her tireless and dedicated hard work this Mother’s Day by surprising her with an innovative gadget gift to choose from a wide and diverse selections to choose by LG Electronics. Let me share with you LG Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2022!

Start the Morning Right

LG styler™ with Mirrored Finish: Keep Clothes, Toys and Masks Refreshed Effortlessly

Moms start their day early and bright as they need to prepare their children for school before getting themselves ready for work. On top of having to prepare breakfast for the children, they need to ensure the school uniforms need to be crisp and neat – all be fore the sun rises and the children wakes up. That’s where the LG styler™ comes in handy. Moms can simply place the uniforms into the LG styler™ and turn on the refresh mode – the uniforms will be ready in a jiffy, free of wrinkles, germs and odour in just 20 minutes.

LG styler™ with Mirrored Finish (S3MFC) – S$2,449

Powered by TrueSteam™ technology, the LG styler™ eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria (1) while the Moving Hanger gently shakes to reduce wrinkles on clothes and keeps them looking crisp. Not only is the styler™ designed for clothes, but hard-to-wash items like toys, masks and bags can also be placed inside for a thorough cleanse. With LG ThinQ™ app compatibility, moms can also monitor the status of the cycle on the go.

LG NeoChef™ Microwave Oven: Prepare Delicious Meals with Fast and Even Heating

Mom will ensure that the family is well-fed at breakfast since it’s important to start the day right. For those hectic mornings, the LG 39L NeoChef™ Smart Inverter Microwave Oven helps save time with detailed cooking power that distributes heat 1.5 times faster than conventional microwaves.

LG 39L NeoChef™ Smart Inverter Microwave Oven (MJ3965BGS) – S$799

The microwave also comes with Smart Inverter™ and Infrared Heating™ to deliver precise temperature for an array of cooking functions like Healthy Roasting, Fry, Steaming, Grilling and Fermenting settings, so mom can whip up any dish while maintaining its flavour. Its EasyCleanfeature allows for a convenient and speedy clean with its Anti-Bacterial interior coating that eliminates 99.99% (2) of harmful bacteria adhering to the surface.

Hustle Through the Day with Ease

LG gram laptop: The Ultra-Lightweight Device for Getting Work Done 

It’s a hassle for Mom to lug a bulky laptop around when rushing to send the children to school, it’s a chore that many Moms are familiar with. Now with the portable LG gram 14″ laptop, you can bring your work anywhere and completed anytime easily as it’s only weighing at 999 grams, an uncompromising ultra-lightweight laptop for getting work done.

LG gram 14” (14Z90P) – From S$1,899

The laptop is engineered with a 14-inch screen and 16:10 professional IPS display with WUXGA resolution that is designed for greater productivity. It also comes with the latest 11th generation Intel® Core™ processor certified by the Intel® Evo™ platform which delivers incredibly fast performance for any demanding tasks from work to play. Built with a high capacity 72Wh battery, moms can enjoy a long battery life of up to 25.5 hours (3) so they can go about their day without having to worry about hauling a charger around.

LG TONE Free True Wireless Earbuds: Immersive Sound with Noise-Cancellation

For the audiophile Mom who loves her music accompanying her during work or leisure time, the LG TONE Free series wireless earbuds are perfect for every Mom. They can now enjoy quality music and soundscape with Meridian Technology anywhere and everywhere; on the bus, at the gym or even at home. The LG TONE Free series provides superb Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) and crystal-clear microphone quality to answer calls for meetings in a busy environment. The driver effectively detects and cancels noise by generating an equal amount of anti-noise for an immersive high-fidelity.

LG TONE Free FP5 – S$138 l LG TONE Free FP8 – S$198 l LG TONE Free FP9 – S$258

To cater for moms’ every need, the earbuds allow for high level personalisation – from audio presets to sound modes for different ambient settings and gesture controls that are available on the LG TONE Free app. Unique to LG, the FP9 and FP8 models boast the industry’s only UV-nano charging case to remove bacteria in the earbuds’ speakers mesh when charged wired or wirelessly (4).


From now till 31 May 2022, enjoy promotional prices of up to $60 off LG TONE Free FP9, FP8 and FP5 models. Promotion is available at LG official brand stores on Lazada, Shopee, and authorised retailers and distributors Audio House, Best Denki, ConnectIT, COURTS, Gain City, Goh Joo Hin, Harvey Norman, Mega Discount Store, Parisilk and Stereo Electronics.

LG CordZero™ A9 Kompressor™ with All-in-One Tower™ Vacuum Cleaner: A Cleaner Home in Shorter Time

The LG CordZero™ A9 Kompressor™ Cordless Handstick with All-in-One Tower™ vacuum cleaner offers effortless, superior cleaning performance thanks to its variety of cleaning accessories and innovative technology. This is perfect for giving the rooms a quick clean during those short breaks.

LG CordZero™ A9 Kompressor™ with All-in-One Tower™ (A9T-Ultra) – S$1,599

Maximising cleaning efficiency, moms can vacuum and mop simultaneously with the Power Drive Mop™ attachment (5), while the Kompressor™ feature compresses dirt collected in the bin so it can be cleaned out less often (6). For complete convenience, the vacuum can empty the dustbin contents to an attached 2.5L dust bag (7) with its fully-automated dust removal system, and charge dual batteries (in the tower and vacuum cleaner) when it is docked on the tower.

LG Dual Inverter Dehumidifier with Ionizer: Fresher Air at Home

Moms always want the home environment to be clean and fresh for the whole family to live in. With the LG 30L Dual Inverter Dehumidifier with Ionizer, it helps to keep an optimally dry environment, preventing the growth of allergens or moisture from building up in indoor spaces. The ionizer function releases nano ions that effectively remove harmful substances for a cleaner atmosphere with fewer allergen (8).

LG 30L Dual Inverter Dehumidifier with Ionizer (MD19GQGA1) – S$699

The intensity level is adjusted automatically according to the surrounding humidity, and stores up to a 30 litres capacity for dehumidification. The dehumidifier comes with a Shoe Dry Y-Hose attachment for high-speed drying designed for shoes and a Closet Dry T-hose to reach drawers or narrow closets during cleaning days.

Time to Unwind

LG QuadWash™ Dishwasher: Sparkling Dishes with Quiet and Efficient Cleaning

After Mom poured her heart, time and effort out into cooking and preparing a hearty dinner for the family after finishing work, the last thing on her mind is to spend time doing the dishes. With the help of the LG QuadWash™ dishwasher, time and effort spent on cleaning up are reduced significantly.

LG QuadWash™ Dishwasher with TrueSteam® (DFB227HM) [9] – S$2,099

The QuadWash™ feature utilises four multi-motion arms to power-clean and achieve maximum cleaning performance. Engineered with TrueSteam™ technology, the dishwasher will take care of tough stains and stubborn spots to deliver dry and sparkling dishes with fewer water spots. With all that extra time, mom can put on a movie while the dishwasher works its magic!

LG Pra.L: Transform Mom’s Vanity into the Home Spa of Her Dreams

Time for Mom to look pretty and gorgeous after all the hard work for the family! Moms work tirelessly 24/7 for the family. Gift moms a unique home spa experience this Mothers’ Day with the Total Lift Up Care and Galvanic Ion Booster from the Pra.L range.

LG Pra.L Total Lift Up Care and Galvanic Ion Booster Bundle – S$499 (RRP: S$1,228)

The Galvanic Ion Booster has a Cleansing mode which uses thermal therapy to temporarily loosen pores to draw out impurities and a Boost mode to allow active ingredients in skincare products to be deeply absorbed into the skin. For moms looking for firmer and more youthful-looking skin, the Total Lift Up Care uses high-frequency thermal therapy and red LED lights to stimulate collagen and elastin production during its tightening and lifting modes.


From now to 31 May 2022, enjoy the promotional price of S$499 for the LG Pra.L Total Lift Up Care and Galvanic Ion Booster Bundle. Promotion is available at LG official brand stores on KrisShop, Lazada, Shopee and authorised retailers and distributors Audio House and selected Best Denki Stores.

For more information on LG products, please visit LG website https://www.lg.com/sg.

Wishing all Moms a Happy Mother’s Day 2022! Happy Mother’s Day Shopping with LG Electronics!


  • (1) For 99.9% reduction in exposure to live house dust mite and bacteria (E. coli and S. aureus). Certified by VDE, kills 99.9% of bacteria (E. coli and S. aureus) with Sanitary – Normal program. Kills 99.99% of viruses (PEDV / ICHV / IBRV) tested by Chonnam National University and 99.9% Human Coronavirus (hCoV-229E) tested by Jeonbuk National University with Sanitary – Heavy Duty program. PEDV / hCoV-229E virus is a type of coronavirus and is not a test result for new coronavirus 19 (COVID-19). LG test results (May vary ±10 per machine).
  • (2) 99.99% Anti-Bacterial Tested by SGS
  • (3) Above battery life describes the maximum capacity based on the MobileMark® 2014 results. Actual battery life will vary from specifications depending on model, setup configuration, applications used, features utilized and power management settings
  • (4) Independent testing shows UVnano charging case eliminates 99.9 percent of Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella pneumonia bacteria on earbuds within five minutes during charging. UV LED function works only during charging and the FP9 case must be connected to external power source.
  • (5) The test run by Intertek with test procedure which offered by LG. The water content on the Power Drive Mop pads was on Normal mode. Water content in the Power Drive Mop pads was 85% in high mode and over 80% in low mode while it cleaned 44? for 30 mins in normal mode. Water content can vary depending on operating environment.
  • (6) Based on LG internal testing results observed by Intertek. A9 Kompressor™ receptacle capacity was tested on Turbo mode. Cat hair (Maine Coon) was suctioned and compressed by the manual compression function repeatedly until it reached the receptacle capacity. Compression efficiency “2.4x” was calculated by comparing the weight of compressed cat hair with the weight of non-compressed cat hair (both with the same volume). Actual receptacle capacity (compression efficiency) may vary depending on operating environment.
  • (7) Dust bag should be replaced when the indicator on the display is flashing 
  • (8) Ionizer air purification has been tested by Auburn University in US to effectively remove on average more than 90% of allergens of Salmonella, Campylobacter and dust mites. The test data is based on the results obtained in the laboratory environment, and may be different from the actual use environment.
  • (9) Water Efficiency Rating: 3 ticks, Water Consumption: 0.70 litres/place setting, Wash Program: Eco, PUB. Registration No.: DW-2018/025384/TUV

* Information and pictures courtesy of LG Electronics and APRW *

LG Gram 2020 Lineup

LG gram 2020 lineup of their laptops are now available in the market. First announced at CES2020, LG gram 2020 lineup consists of LG gram 17 (model 17Z90N), LG gram 15 (model 15Z90N) and LG gram 14 (model 14Z90N). Having previously reviewed the LG gram 17 laptop, their LG gram 17 is a laptop model that would attract not just for its capabilities, also for its form factor, weight and portability for a 17inch laptop. The LG gram 2020 lineup of laptops are sleek, minimalist, tough, portable and powered by 10th Generation Intel® Core™ processor with Iris® Plus graphics and up to 24GB of dual-channel DDR4 memory, ideal for personal/home, creative or business usage.

The 2020 lineup of LG gram laptops stick to the company’s winning formula – lightweight, compact, long battery life – while adding even more performance, which allow users to ‘Go Anywhere, Do Anything’.

“The LG gram series continues to lead the industry in delivering beyond expectations when it comes to portability without sacrifice,” said Lee Chang Ha, Home Entertainment Product Director of LG Electronics Singapore. “Customers often have to choose one feature preference among performance, portability and battery life. LG gram is proof that this adage is no longer true.”

For the creatives and gamers, the 2020 lineup of LG gram laptops would definitely interest you. Powered by 10th Generation Intel® Core™ processor with Iris® Plus graphics and up to 24GB of dual-channel DDR4 memory. With double the graphics processing power of last year’s gram models and a larger RAM, content creators will enjoy having the speed and power to edit 4K videos on-the-go and video game lovers can marvel at smooth, uninterrupted gaming with Iris Plus built-in.

LG gram 14
LG gram 15

Long battery life

The large 80Wh battery in both the 17Z90N and 15Z90N allows users to enjoy hours (up to 18.5hours per charge) of true portability without having to worry about finding a charging point. The new LG grams also come with Wi-Fi 6 ensuring enhanced wireless connectivity, better efficiency and lower battery consumption. Coupled with the Mega Cooling System, the LG grams are kept running cool and quiet under all usage scenarios.

LG gram 17 (17Z90N)

The LG gram 17 has grabbed headlines for its form factor and portability, this would attract interest from both personal, creatives, gaming and business users. A 17inch laptop inside a 15inch laptop body, for those who are fans of big laptops for their personal or business usage, portable and not too heavy.

LG gram 17

A CES 2020 Innovation Award Honoree, the flagship model LG gram 17 is the ultimate solution for anyone looking for maximum productivity in a portable form factor. A design feat in itself, the LG gram 17 offers a balance of large screen real estate without compromising on important factors like weight, dimension and hardware. The expansive 17-inch Wide Quad Extended Graphics Array (WQXGA) IPS display delivers highly detailed images with incredibly precise colors. The device’s 16:10 display provides more surface room to work when editing videos, photos and documents.

Tough, Sleek and Minimalist

Redesigned for 2020, the new lineup delivers more features and a minimalist design for a seamless, premium look without compromising on durability. Like its predecessors, this year’s lineup has proudly passed seven MIL-STD-810G military standard of durability and reliability in guarding against shock, pressure, dust, temperature and more. This is achieved by the Nano Carbon Magnesium full metal alloy body encasing all gram laptops, which is often used in the aerospace industry for its light weight and high tensile strength.

If you are keen to get a new laptop for your home or office usage, do check out LG gram 2020 lineup.

Pricing and availability

The 17Z90N, 15Z90N and 14Z90N are available at authorized retailers Best Denki, Challenger, COURTS, Harvey Norman and Gain City. The pricing for the LG gram 2020 lineup can be found below with the technical specifications table.

LG gram 2020 Lineup Technical Specifications and Pricing 

  LG gram 17


LG gram 15


LG gram 14


Display Size 17-inch 15.6-inch 14-inch
LCD WQXGA (2560 x 1600) IPS, Over sRGB 96 percent Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS, Over sRGB 96 percent Full HD (1920 x 1080) IPS, Over sRGB 96 percent
Aspect Ratio 16:10 16:9 16:9
Weight 1350g (2.98lbs) 1120g (2.47lbs) 999g (2.2lbs)
Size 380.6 x 262.6 x 17.4mm

(14.98 x 10.34 x 0.69 inches)

357.6 x 225.3 x 16.8mm

(14.08 x 8.87 x 0.66 inches)

323.4 x 209.8 x 16.8mm

(12.73 x 8.26 x 0.66 inches)

Battery 80Wh 80Wh 72Wh
CPU 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-1035G7 Processor 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-1065G7 Processor 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-1035G7 Processor 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-1065G7 Processor 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-1035G7 Processor 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i7-1065G7 Processor
Price $2,499 $2,799 $2,299 $2,499 $1,999 $2,299
GPU Intel® Iris® Plus Graphics

Intel® UHD Graphics

Intel® Iris® Plus Graphics

Intel® UHD Graphics

Intel® Iris® Plus Graphics

Intel® UHD Graphics

Memory Up to 24GB

(DDR4 3200MHz,

1 on board + 1 slot)

Up to 24GB

(DDR4 3200MHz,

1 on board + 1 slot)

Up to 24GB

(DDR4 3200MHz,

1 on board + 1 slot)

Storage M.2 Dual SSD slots


M.2 Dual SSD slots


M.2 Dual SSD slots


Color Dark Silver Dark Silver Dark Silver
Keyboard Backlit Backlit Backlit
I/O Port ThunderboltTM 3

(USB Type-C),

USB 3.1 x 3, HDMI, microSD/UFS, DC-In

HP/Mic Out (Combo)

ThunderboltTM 3

(USB Type-C),

USB 3.1 x 3, HDMI, microSD/UFS, DC-In

HP/Mic Out (Combo)

ThunderboltTM 3

(USB Type-C),

USB 3.1 x 2, HDMI, microSD/UFS, DC-In

HP/Mic Out (Combo)

USP Fingerprint Reader,
US Military Standard

810G Compliance,

DTS X Ultra, Wi-Fi 6

Fingerprint Reader,
US Military Standard

810G Compliance,

DTS X Ultra, Wi-Fi 6

Fingerprint Reader,
US Military Standard

810G Compliance,

DTS X Ultra, Wi-Fi 6

* Information and pictures courtesy of LG Electronics Singapore and Asia PRWerkz *

LG Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019

Mother’s Day 2019 is coming soon, it’s taking place on Sunday 12th May 2019 in Singapore. Have you started planning for your Mother’s Day celebrations? Have you decided on your Mother’s Day gifts for her? If you haven’t do so and you would like some suggestions, let me share LG Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2019 with you!

Staying In

LG OLED TV B8S to Sit Back, Relax and Just Take It Easy

LG OLED TV B8S Price: 65”- S$6,399 / 55”- S$4,299

The LG OLED TV B8S is an ideal gift for Mum who wants to sit back, relax and just take it easy at home, watching her favourite TV shows or movies. This LG OLED TV B8S provides true-to-life images filled with rich colors, sharpness and depth for more realism! 

Clean and Comfy Cushions for a Stay Home Movie Marathon Night 

LG Styler Price: S$3,099

The LG Styler, powered by TrueSteamTM technology, the LG Styler can reduce allergens and bacteria up to 99.9% to easily sanitize items that are difficult to wash. Along with its dehumidifying function, Mum can also refresh the living space, keeping the atmosphere at home comfortable to stay in through the movie.

A Cozy Snuggle with the Wi-Fi-enabled ArtCool Plus Air Conditioner 

LG ArtCool Plus Air Conditioner 

Price starting from S$2,588

One of the best gifts to get for Mum and the whole family! With our hot and humid Singapore weather, the air conditioner is great to make the home a cool and relaxing place! Embedded with Wi-Fi technology, the LG ArtCool Plus Air Conditioners can be controlled using the LG SmartThinQ app on an Android or iOS smartphone. This means mom can turn on the air conditioners and set the temperature via the app while snuggling up in bed! With its four-way swing, the ArtCool Plus Air Conditioner is able to cool the entire room regardless of where it is installed.   

Fuss-free Clean up after a Movie Night with the LG QuadWash™ Dishwasher

LG QuadWash™ Dishwasher
Price: S$2,299- S$3,299

A dishwasher for your home can relieve Mum’s workload at home, allowing her to relax and enjoy more free time, both leisure and family time! She can catch here favourite TV shows or movies on her LG OLED B8S TV. The LG QuadWash™ Dishwasher is equipped with the innovative QuadWash™ technology, it utilizes four spray arms instead of the usual two in most dishwashers for a thorough clean. Its multi-motion arms sweep and rotate back and forth while spinning in both directions to clean from nearly every angle. Another core technology is LG TrueSteam®, which emits high-temperature steam to clean everything, from wine glass to cutleries and tableware. The steam mist reaches and cleans the entire surface while pure water particles of steam help reduce the watermarks and improve drying significantly. 

Going on a Vacation

Vacation Away and Take Stunning Travel Photos on the LG V40ThinQ 

LG V40 ThinQ Price: S$1,098

This multi-media capable LG V40 ThinQ smartphone is ideal for Mum to bring out for her next holiday. With five cameras on the LG V40 ThinQ smartphone, the rear module has three different lenses. Mum can take photos of the scenic views with the 16MP super wide-angle lens, stunning portraits with the 12MP standard angle, and zoom in on faraway subjects such as birds or butterflies with the 12MP telephoto. The Triple Shot feature stitches together the images captured with each of the three lenses into a short video file for easy sharing. 

Create Vacation Memories that Last with the LG Pocket Photo Snap

LG Pocket Photo Snap Price: S$249

A hybrid instant camera and portable printer together, the LG Pocket Photo Snap allows Mum to print on the move and during her holidays!

A Vacation Companion to Boost those Good Vibes

LG XBOOM Go PK7 Portable Speaker Price: S$349

The LG XBOOM Go PK7 Portable Speaker that Mum can bring on her holidays, relaxing with music playing in the background, whether reading a book or at the beach. Powered by Meridian’s advanced audio technology, XBOOM Go PK7 delivers clear treble and strong bass as well as exceptionally powerful, accurate sound despite its compact size. It also supports aptXHD from Qualcomm, so she can stream her favorite tunes in superb lossless 24bit/576kbps audio.

LG gram Is Mom’sTrusted Digital Companion On The Go

LG gram 15
Price: From S$2,599

One of the lightest laptops in the market with a strong and highly efficient battery life, an ideal gadget for your Mum to bring it out for work and leisure with the LG gram 15.

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