Another Year Older (Again) in 2018

Entering into the 10th day of the month of January, it’s the time again for me, to add another digit to an existing number, another year older (again) in the year 2018.

As I aged, matured and mellowed over the decades, birthday is a quiet affair, sometimes alone, sometimes with friends, no fanciful meals, no glamourous photos shared on social media platforms, group photos of birthday gatherings were like a thing of the past since 5 to 10 years back? I don’t even know to be honest, sometimes, the pace of life and changes were so fast and furious that we lost track of our time.

Today, as I grow a year older (again) in 2018, I had a great lunch treat by my primary school friend Wendy, over a hot bowl of Hakata Ikkousha Tonkotsu Ramen, thereafter, we had kopi-o at Ya-Kun. Chatting with old friends is priceless as we aged into the middle stages of our life.

Since my birthdays are usually quiet and low key, I don’t usually get birthday gifts, however, today I received a gift it’s all about Singapore, Heritage, History and Culture. This special package is also a Christmas gift 2017, New Year 2018 gift, a 3-in-1 gift package!

No matter what type of gift it is, I really appreciate this gift from the social media folks, Faiz, Shaun and Nicholas. Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart!

I set a goal that I wanted to get a book on my birthday today. I wanted to buy a particular book today since it’s a milestone day for me. I went to Kinokuniya Bugis and it was out of stock, I was determined to buy it today and I went Kinokuniya Orchard and I managed to buy it!

A new book – The little book of Ikigai : The essential Japanese way to finding your purpose in life. This is going to be a significant moment, one of my goals for year 2018, finding my purpose, finding my direction, seeking a balance in the force, on this day on my birthday in 2018, through this little book of Ikigai.

Adding another year (again) in 2018, I am thankful, grateful, humbled and blessed, for everything that I have in life at this juncture in time. It’s not perfect, it’s not that bad either.

Thank you to all my family, relatives and friends that stood by me, encouraged, supported me, lifted me up and pushed me from behind as I strive towards my goals.

To some of “you people”, you know who you are, I am leaving you behind and away from my life forever if I am able to.

Going to work even harder, smarter and more strategically in the year 2018! Onward!

End of Q1 & Start of Q2 2017

1st April 2017, most people will associate it with April Fool’s Day, not for me though. This date and day marks the end of Q1 2017 and the start of Q2 2017, a new quarter in 2017 has now started.

Q1 2017 was mixed with working behind the scenes where nobody can see what you are doing to get the website, collaborations and partnerships established. The “blood, sweat and tears”, the stress, pressure and growth of more white hair. Yet, hard work and perseverance pays off, your fruits of labour, very slowly appear and start to grow, while it’s still very very small, this marks a start, new growth and expansion. The journey ahead is still filled with many giant obstacles, winding roads, tall mountains, gusty weather, there are many things to weather and get through them.

Today also marked the return back to my alma mater, Gan Eng Seng School Dragon Scout Group. I had been pretty quiet and away from this family for probably about 1 year since the 94th anniversary campfire in 2016. It felt really great to be back, in the midst of an old old boy among the young boys and girls in secondary school, ventures, rovers and the junior leaders. This was homecoming for me, felt great to return back to this one big Dragon Scout Group family, celebrating her 95th anniversary in 2017.

Sometimes, I write a short personal post, sometimes a very long personal post here on my personal site. Updating status on my personal Facebook wall is going to be a lot lesser or non-existent sometimes, except sharing of my personal and my photography and travel site posts, or interesting news/articles. More action can be seen on my Facebook Page on the topics of photography and travel.

Sometimes, I need to write and share something different, to break away from the technology posts that readers would usually read it here.

Goodbye Q1 2017 and Welcome Q2 2017.

Thoughts, feelings, ranting on 22nd June 2016

As the article title goes, it’s probably not going to get many readers to my article, read what the heck and hell am I writing again. This might be a TLDR (too long; didn’t read) article for some or many of us, with our human beings attention and reading span reduced to “I don’t know what quantity and levels you are at right now”.

There a number of topics, thoughts, feelings and ranting inside me, that I do not type it out on my Facebook wall or Twitter. It will really get too long winded and I just paste it together here into one article for all to read and know, for all my friends who make the time and effort to read.


We need to get a life, beyond Facebook, that includes myself. It’s a constant, timely reminder and warning to myself too, there are just too much things on my Facebook feeds. I should take more concrete action soon, hide away some of the articles sharing from some portals,websites that are not my cup of tea. Yet, some of my friends on Facebook feed keeps sharing them.

I keep most of my photography posts on my Facebook Page, thus avoiding any fatigue in terms of oversharing too. That’s where I post most of my updates and I don’t write long winded stories and status/stories. Sometimes I do post some things on my personal Facebook wall, not really a lot at all.

Commenting on Facebook

Most recently, I finally realised why some of my friends felt so angry when people/strangers just spam comments on their posts, whether it is on their personal Facebook wall or Facebook Groups. It just doesn’t end there and it turned into a verbal battleground on social media sometimes.

A media sharing article posted on my Facebook wall triggered a small influx of comments that made me wonder if the person ever read the context and content of the article even though the points the person made were valid from another perspective. I just let it go and I am not planning to ask that person too. I have more meaningful business to work on, my personal leisure and recreational activities to do and enjoy.

Another incident was the person commenting on an article that I shared from other sources, I am fine with the person commenting and offering their strong alternative points of view, I just let it stay there. The worse part is the person’s friend (a total stranger) barged in and added their comment on post. From then on, I changed the settings to only allow my friends to comment and not a friend of theirs to do so.

Short fuse, Tension, Anger

Our rat race lifestyle, stress, relentless chase for material wealth and monetary wealth is probably causing more people to have a “short fuse”, filled with tensions and anger. The amount of bashing is quite substantial and loud voiced, from sensitive national/international topics to intolerance. Such news went viral, fast and furious like a big forest fire, feeding the frenzy social media channels and platforms.

Sometimes, I am also on a short fuse due to stress and pressure, therefore, I can blow my temper. I am seeking to relax and not get too deep into such situations above.


The SG economy is not in an ideal situation, with the recent revision of GDP 2016 forecast lowered again. The world is having some weak/poor climate conditions, thus everybody is affected. Ask any business owner for their views on business, industry, economy, there is a certain consensus that it is not in a good shape, things will only get tougher.

Ask the ordinary working class person on the street, their views, opinions and thoughts might be pretty diverse? I wonder if they really care about the economic situation?


There is a growing mindset and concern towards an entitlement mentality that is deeply worrying. I have encounters myself that people say to me, I should be getting this and that because it’s our entitlement. I strongly beg to differ, this a huge trap that once we fall and spiral into, we might never get out of, regardless of the type of products/services that we deemed to be “entitlement”.

Partnerships and collaborations

Juggling two jobs, a real balancing act, it’s really very tough and challenging. Finding and building partnerships, collaborations. Ups and downs, not smooth at all. Some potential partnerships doesn’t seem to be to take off for now, maybe it won’t take off, maybe it can be look into some years later.

Meanwhile, I have to seek and find new partnerships and collaborations with other different business entities, partners.

The progress is slow, economic climate is getting tougher, making it more crucial and essential that I go back to the drawing board, strategise again, relook at current industry business model and refine my own business model.

Some understand, some don’t. Some care, some don’t. Some judge, some don’t.

It’s a very long journey ahead.