On 26th June 2010, there will be a TweetMeetSG at SMU Campus Green, a day of fun, picnic and interaction. It would be a great carnival of fun and music, a time to catch up too. From the TweetMeetSG, this special tweet meet would let us have a better understanding of how information technology can help people of different types of disabilities.

Before I proceed, are these a common sight in Singapore nowadays ?

– Blind people selling sweets / tissue papers

– Disabled people selling sweets / tissue papers

Do you any of these people ? How can we help them ? The power of information technology and specialised training facilities can make a difference in their life, to learn new professional skills and knowledge, contributing not only to themselves, their family and society too.

Ladies and Gentlemen, come down to TweetMeetSG on 26th June 2010, sign up here http://pea.to/tmsup ! Take a stand, support this noble cause, bring information technology into the life of people with different disabilities, bridge the digital divide.

Together, we can all help make a difference and impact the life of a disabled person with the aid of information technology.

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