It was a short session with Brian, at West Coast Park McDonald, having a discussion and thoughts on internet marketing, network marketing and blogging. There were many thoughts, deep thoughts going through my mind, thinking, planning, strategising and executing. My thoughts were interrupted due to WirelessSG’s connection, causing the WordPress to hang and unable to load, thus a delay in the post being written.

What were the deep thoughts going through my mind ?

Photoblog ~ A makeover is in the plans, for the template and theme, metamorphosis from a photoblog into a photography and travel blog, professional magazine style, elegant and attractive. Still thinking which is more suitable, Solostream vs Woo Themes.

Running ~ I have finally kick start my training program and it would be shared in greater details at a later post. My short term running goals would be Passion Run 2010 and Sundown Marathon 2010 and I will look forward to improve my timing.

Goals ~ The Year of the Tiger presents different challenges, opportunities will be there and they will start to reappear again, opportunities in many different areas. With my different goal settings, I am setting Short Term, Medium Term and Long Term Goals. Short Term = Monthly, Medium Term = Quarterly , Half Yearly and Long Term = Year End. With each successfully completed Goal, I would reward myself my own Small Goal, Medium Goal and Long Term Goal.

My Sharing on TwitterSmall goal every mth, small reward every mth for completing my goal, medium term & long term goals too.

Therefore, I am thinking, planning, strategising and executing my Short, Medium & Long Term Goals and their rewards.

Travel Writing ~ Such opportunities don’t come easily and when I was invited to write for other blog as one of their co-authors/writers, it was an honour and even though I haven’t started anything, I promise that this would start very soon. Besides, I am looking at working together with another travel blogger for their E-Mag, details yet to be finalised and I hope something can be worked out together in the best interests for both parties, Think Win-Win !!

Working Hard / Fighting Hard ~ I promised to strive hard, work hard and fight hard in everything I do, for all the opportunities that presents itself along the way.

A quote from Hills of Africa on Twitter “Make today the best day yet, dream big, make it huge, share your beautiful self with the world, make a difference

Lastly , my own personal quote !

A New Lunar Year,

A New Hope,

A New Beginning,

A New Journey,

A New Challenge

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