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Preparing for Half-Marathon in Aug 2009 - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

With my recent new interest in volleyball and beach volleyball, the field of sports science and sports management was back into my thoughts and dreams. Looking forward, I would be applying some principles of sports science and preparation for my upcoming half marathon in August 2009, known as the Army Half Marathon/Sheares Bridge Run.

With the distance of 21km as the target, this would be my 3rd half marathon. A few quick facts  –

Name of Run : SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon 2009

Distance : 21km

Date of Run : 16th August 2009

Time Start : 0530 hrs

Start Point : Esplanade Bridge


– Food/Nutrition intake ~ it dawned upon me on the importance of diet and food intake, not just for health and sports preparation, a lesson today on the potentially killing heart disease, heart attack and how cholesterol, stress and lack of exercise can make you sick and even death. With regards to this topic, I would write up more in my following posts.

– Training Run Schedule ~ With the end target in mind, we have to break down into smaller bits and pieces that will build up towards my ultimate goal, I am sharing this with my fellow runners who would be attempting their half marathon for their 1st time and veteran fellow runners, sharing with them my personal and shared training, sports science and running experience.

– Weights Training ~ Weights training need to be incorporated into the training scheme too, building up muscles and strengthening the joints and building up the stress pressure on the legs and bones.

This would be the 1st write up on preparation for your half-marathon ! Look out for my upcoming post on the distance running build up that could be utilised and adapted for your preparation !

Hope you all enjoy it ! Keep Running !! Just Do It !!

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