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Reflecting Q3 2022 and Plans for Q4 2022 (Technology/Other Business and Personal) - TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog

Q3 2022 has officially ended on 30th September 2022, we are now into the final quarter of 2022. Before I begin my sharing on reflecting Q3 2022 and plans for Q4 2022 (Technology/Other Business and Personal) let me take you back in time first, Reflecting Q1 2022, Updates and Thoughts and Reflecting H1 & Q2 2022 (Other Business, Technology and Personal).

Photography by Isaac Ong

Technology Writer

Consumer Technology/B2C

This has been my staple, regular and constant sector, since I embarked on technology writing on this website. It has evolved over my years of writing and coverage as well. A mature segment, the growth and expansion would not be like before in the early years. I am only adding on new brands/accounts if the opportunity arises along my consumer technology writing journey ahead.

Enterprise Technology/B2B

A segment that I am expanding and growing slowly, this accounts for maybe 30% of my technology writing coverage. This is not going to be a fast expanding sector, I am happy with a slow and steady growth.

Other Business

Digital Marketing / Social Media Marketing

This business segment has slowed down, maybe this is the time to reorganise, readjust and make strategic changes for this segment that I am integrating with my photography, videography and content creation.

Other business opportunities?

I am always on the lookout for other business opportunities, some are postponed, some are lost, some might bear fruit and come true. What are the new potential developments and business opportunities?


Post Global Pandemic – Readjusting, Recovering and Brain Fog

We are gradually moving out from the global pandemic situation that kind of turned our world, our living and our work, upside down in 2020.

Moving forward, we are readjusting and recovering, on all fronts, mentally, emotionally, financially. Just like many of us, we all had our fair share of ups and downs, some had it much tougher than others. I have also moved out and away from that dark period, a downward spiral into a rabbit hole. The life lessons coupled with other life situations that cropped up during that period didn’t make it easy for me, it took me some time, recovering and readjusting. Looking back at that period in time, and now looking forward ahead, a different situation and battle ahead.

Brain fog is one of the various long term impacts of this global pandemic COVID-19 that we need to be mindful of. Some symptoms include mental fatigue, lost words, forgetfulness, I have experienced some symptoms, I am going to be more mindful and be more aware of this.


Life is full of disappointments, it’s the harsh and brutal realities that I am facing constantly in my battles in running a business and in life, some people would take the chance to said I am pessimistic, judging me subtly.

Keeping stuff private from social media

While I am active on social media platforms, Twitter, Instagram, FB Page, I am actually quite private on social media even though I kind of rant quite a lot. However, I am keeping stuff private from social media, that’s why you see a lot of my “boring lifestyle” and cute cats photos, nothing exciting to some in this current social media driven obsessed world of sharing/or showing off.

World Economy and Market

The world economy and market is not in a good shape right now, we could be facing a recession soon in 2023, some would argue that the world economy and market is already in a recession. Inflation is high, coupled with a stagnated economy is not good news for us and a dread word many of us fear – Stagflation.

How that would impact our jobs, our business, our living, remains to be seen. Some are wealthy and rich that they don’t worry, some might just be grinding their way through and continue leading a life of display for their social media.

Plans for Q4 2022

Some of my plans are published in my Reflecting Q3 2022 and Plans for Q4 2022 (Photography and Travel) article, that is where you can read the other half of my Q3 reflections and plans for Q4 2022.

What are my plans for my technology, other business and personal side of things?

  • Other business: Working on the side lines to make it come true to life.
  • Technology: Continue building up my enterprise/B2C segment.
  • Personal: Continue striving and improving my emotional and mental health/well-being.

Last But Not Least

This Q3 2022 reflection and plans for Q4 2022 somehow feels pretty lengthy with quite a lot of personal thoughts, feelings, and emotions in the areas of my technology, other business and personal.

In our social media driven world by showing and telling the world what you are doing with photos and videos, not many would be interested to read what I wrote here.

Last but not least, thank you for taking the time to read it till the end of my personal ranting (in some ways).

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