From the short number of years since Singapore’s independence, there were many different type of events and milestones that marked her route towards her status today. One milestone event was the unfortunate Hotel New World collapse that occurred on 15th March 1986 that resulted in the lost of lives. I remembered during that time, I was just a small primary school kid and the memories were still vivid from watching the news on the television set.

The Hotel New World disaster was a big lesson for Singapore in terms of rescue operations and coordination between various organisations. National Heritage Board of Singapore is launching an exhibition on Hotel New World under its “Resilience Through Heritage Series”. This exhibition will trace the events leading to the collapse, documentation of the rescue operations and sharing the lessons learned from the Hotel New World disaster.

To complement this exhibition, there will also be a series of public talks that will provide insights into the Hotel New World disaster from different individuals who were involved in Singapore’s first major civil disaster. More information and details on the exhibition and public talks can be found below –

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