Updates, Thoughts and Photoblog is back!

It had been around 2 weeks since I last posted on my personal/technology blog/website.  Here are some updates and thoughts on what has happened over the past few weeks for me.

Photography and travel blog/website is back

Down time of around 2.5 months to 3 months, it had been a tiring, painful and learning experience handling website IT technical issues that I wasn’t able to handle. It’s finally back online, with a new URL – http://blog.photojournalist-tgh.tv

Do check out my article on what happened that resulted in my photo and travel blog/website having a downtime.

#DeleteFacebook ?

A huge ongoing topic around the world at the moment. There are many thoughts, view and feelings going on, spreading around social media and the internet. Prior to the news that got out to the whole world on the Facebook privacy issue, I had been slowing and cutting down my personal FB usage, FB is my marketing channel and platform.

More thoughts and views might be published in another separate article at a later date.

Backlogged technology posts 

I do have a few technology article posts to publish and share, on the other hand, I also have fin-tech related news that I haven’t read through it yet. At this juncture in time, I am clearing my major backlogs for my photography and travel blog, I would try to strike a balance with technology news articles sharing.

Q1 2018 thoughts

It’s a mix of good and bad, life is never smooth sailing. There were hits, there were misses. My photography business in the second year, started on a good note, slow and steady, not exponential and I am going to continue to work harder and smarter in order for me to get my business stabilised.

There were times when I gave time, effort and planning, hoping that it paved the way for another business opportunity opening to diversify and adding another source of income, the situation can get just twisted and swayed in the opposite direction.

There were also times when miscommunication taught me some valuable lessons that I needed to be more careful, ask and clarify if there are anything that is not clear or specified.

Lessons never end even when we finished schooling, the society continues to school us, regardless of our age, education and standing, the university of life as some might call it, some might not even like this phrase either. For me, lessons learned, time to move on, don’t repeat the same mistakes again.

Trying to kickstart projects

I have some projects in mind, one of them is my photography zine that I was planning to launch it every quarter. Due to the hiccup on my photography and travel blog, I couldn’t get it done at all. Once I can clear my backlogged, I can start working on it!

Other projects in my mind, a new photo book (maybe travel photos on my Hokkaido 2016 trip or Chiang Mai 2018).

Q1 2018 is ending soon, I want to end this first quarter of 2018 on a good note!

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