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Xiaomi New AIoT Product Offerings Empowers Smart Living

Global technology leader Xiaomi recently unveiled a range of new AIoT product offers that empowers smart living and smart experiences for every aspects of a modern users’ life lives. Xiaomi’s brand new lineup of products include the Xiaomi TV A2 Series and P1E Series in 65″, there is the Xiaomi Smart Pet Feeder and Fountain, Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Compact, as well as the Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L. Xiaomi made the above announcements at its first and biggest Smart Home Solutions showcase in Singapore, located at M.SPACO at The Poiz Centre. For home lovers who wish to try out Xiaomi’s eco-system of Smart Home products, they can have an immersive experience in a realistic home setting. This showcase is a partnership between Xiaomi and M.SPACO, a one-stop home solutions provider and experiential gallery.

Xiaomi’s new AIoT products are innovative in their own rights and offer smarter ways to encourage users to enhance their indoors lifestyles, on their way to work, at the desk or fixing up a quick meal in the kitchen. Through these innovative technologies, Xiaomi delivers a more convenient, efficient, and healthier lifestyle to every individual, making smart living possible for everyone.

Xiaomi TV A2 Series – Smart Life, Limitless Vision  

This new Xiaomi smart TV is more than just your entertainment TV device, it also acts as a home hub that boasts fully voice-automated AIoT connectivity, high-end audio and visual specs, and built-in access to all the latest content worldwide.

The Xiaomi TV A2 58″, one of the larger popular size variants for our users, is an essential device for the modern smart living household. It’s fitted into a sleek unibody metal frame supported by double standards. Xiaomi TV A2 58″ offers a bezel-less design for an unforgettable aesthetic design, delivering a premium 4K ultra-high definition display with Dolby Vision®for stunning true-to-life visuals. The display’s ultra-wide 178° field of view allows comfortable viewing from all angles. Xiaomi TV A2 58” also provides high-definition multidimensional surround sound from Dolby Audio™ and DTS-HD® for an immersive experience.

Google Assistant comes built-in on the Xiaomi TV A2 58″, providing users the option of voice control to automate connected AIoT devices. The 360° Bluetooth remote control also makes the device accessible from any angle. With Android TV™, Xiaomi TV A2 58″ offers instant access to movies and shows across users’ favourite apps, including Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube, together with thousands of other apps via Google Play. The device also features Chromecast, a built-in tool in which users can cast content from smartphones, tablets, or laptops directly onto the TV.

Xiaomi TV A2 58″ Pricing and availability 

The Xiaomi TV A2 58″ is available in Xiaomi Authorised Stores and partners’ stores nationwide, as well as online on Shopee and Lazada, at a price of SGD$999.

The Xiaomi TV A2 series is also available in 2 other sizes, 32″ for SGD$329 and 43″ for SGD$499, that suits different households and consumers needs in Singapore.

Early bird deals are available from 6th August 2022 onwards, where customers can grab the 32″ and 43″ at SGD$279 and SGD$429 (Shopee, Lazada) respectively, or the 58″ at SGD$799 from Xiaomi Authorised Stores or partners’ stores nationwide, as well as its online stores.

Xiaomi TV P1E 65″ – Exceptional Cinematic Experience 

Xiaomi TV P1E 65″, a cost-effective large-screen TV with an exceptional cinematic experience, leading content and connectivity, is a rarity in the global market.

Xiaomi TV P1E 65” offers a 4K display at 3840×2160 resolution with 60Hz MEMC technology, delivering a high-definition viewing experience with smooth visuals. Featuring a notable DCI-P3 color gamut and an impressive 1.07 billion colors, along with a high dynamic range enabled by HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision®support, users can enjoy true-to-life pictures on a big screen. On top of this, the device also boasts Dolby Audio™ and DTS-HD®support, providing users an immersive audio experience.

Xiaomi TV P1E 65” comes with Android TV™., the interface that brings endless movies, shows, and other content with built-in Netflix, Youtube, and Prime Video. The device also features Chromecast built-in, to let users experience a comprehensive visual feast by streaming directly from their phone, tablet, or laptop. With Google Assistant, users can get hands-free help around the house from a personal assistant. Paired with a 360° Bluetooth remote control, the device acts as a smart home control hub, allowing users to effortlessly control smart devices throughout the home.

Mi TV P1E 65″ Pricing and Availability

The Mi TV P1E 65″ will be available for purchase from Xiaomi Authorised stores and partner stores starting from 6th August 2022, as well as online on Shopee and Lazada, at SGD$1,299. You can enjoy an early bird price of SGD$999 for the Mi TV P1E 65″ from 6th August 2022 onwards from Xiaomi Authorised Stores or partners’ stores nationwide and online channels while deals last.

Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L – Embrace a Smarter, Healthier Style of Cooking 

A smart lifestyle is not just in the living room or bedrooms, it starts in the kitchen. The Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L is for the busy modern person living a busy life but won’t compromise on our commitment to a healthier lifestyle by making cooking at home simple and healthy – all without adding oil.

The Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L is compatible with the Xiaomi Home/Mi Home app, it can be easily controlled remotely and set to anywhere between remotely and set to anywhere between 40°C and 200°C for a perfectly cooked meal. The app also offers more than 100 different Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L recipe ideas for quick meal inspirations every day.

With the Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L, users can even schedule a cooked up meal up to 24 hours in advance. This can open up the doors to endless cooking possibilities, from yogurt fermentation or pet food dehydration. If your hands are tied, Google Assistant can be used to start, pause, or check remaining cooking time. The OLED display also lets you check time and temperature at a glance.

Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L Pricing and Availability

The Mi Smart Air Fryer 3.5L will be available from 6th August 2022 at an early bird price of SGD$109 (RRP SGD$139) from Xiaomi Authorised Stores and online on Shopee and Lazada, while supplies last.

Xiaomi Smart Pet Feeder and Fountain – Feed Your Pets Conveniently 

Pet lovers rejoice, introducing the latest Xiaomi Smart Pet Feeder and Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain, featuring 24-hour automatic pet feeding and water dispensing. Smart living for our favourite pets too, catering not just to our needs and lifestyles, conveniently keeping our beloved pets fed and hydrated.

Xiaomi Smart Pet Feeder features a unique six-grid dispensing structure, flexible soft silicone food stirrer, and dispensing blades which have been tested to over 10,000 dispensing cycles*, ensuring smooth dispensing via a wide channel that effectively prevents blockages. You can simply tap to dispense additional food remotely via the app, or set a fixed time and quantity for automatic feeding in the Xiaomi Home/Mi Home app, even when you are away.

The dispenser supports regular 24 hour a day dispensing and sends reminders when food reserves are running low. Designed with a large capacity for prolonged use, it can hold approximately 1.8 kg of dry food, easily meeting the needs of those away from home. Additionally, a triple moisture-proof design ensures that the food is fresh and safe.

Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain simulates water found in nature, using a circular water circuit to offer oxygenated moving water, appealing to the instincts of many household pets. With four-stage efficient deep filtering, fine particles, hair, and residual chlorine including Ca and Mg ions that cause kidney stones are effectively intercepted and filtered, ensuring healthy, tasty water that pets will love to drink. Conveniently, it can also be paired with the Xiaomi Home/Mi Home app, and can push reminders to your phone when you need to add water, clean the fountain, or replace the filter.

Xiaomi Smart Pet Feeder and Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain Pricing and Availability

The Xiaomi Smart Pet Feeder and Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain are priced at SGD$169 and SGD$99 respectively, and will be available from 6th August 2022 at Xiaomi Authorised Stores and partner stores.

Enjoy early bird deals for a limited time after launch, with Xiaomi Smart Pet Feeder priced at SGD$139, and Xiaomi Smart Pet Fountain at SGD$89.

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Compact – Breathe Clean Air Anywhere

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 is small but powerful, with a compact form-factor suitable for home or office use. It traps 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns through 3-in-1 filtration, offering thorough purification and eliminating common indoor air pollutants effectively. Certified by TÜV Rheinland, Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Compact is proven to effectively aid in allergen removal.

In addition, it offers real-time air quality monitoring for enhanced purification with intuitive indoor air-quality data, portrayed through a four-colour indicator light. Finally, you can adjust your purification settings with a simple touch of the control buttons.

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Pricing and Availability

Xiaomi Smart Air Purifier 4 Compact will be available for SGD$159 from 6th August 2022 at Xiaomi Authorised Stores and partners’ stores.

To experience Xiaomi’s complete Smart Home Solutions and To know more about Xiaomi

If you would like to experience Xiaomi’s complete Smart Home Solutions, please visit Xiaomi Smart Home Solutions Showcase in M.SPACO at The Poiz Centre, a one stop home solutions provider and experiential gallery.

To know more about Xiaomi, updates and the latest new on Xiaomi, follow and stay tuned to Xiaomi’s Facebook Page.

* Information courtesy of Xiaomi and APRW *

Schneider Electric and the Institute of Technical Education announced opening of Predictive Maintenance Centre

Schneider Electric and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) proudly announced the opening of their Predictive Maintenance Centre (PMC) at ITE College East on 24th November 2021. The PMC, the new cutting-edge augmented reality (AR) training centre, was set up in collaboration with Schneider Electric, to provide students with training on industry standard tools that will make them more attractive to future employers.

Predictive maintenance is a type of maintenance that directly tracks an asset’s health, status and performance in real time. This is aimed at reducing costly, unexpected breakdowns and offers businesses the opportunity to plan their maintenance around their own schedules. The concept of predictive maintenance is not new, with the recent trend of rapid digitalisation, it has spurred increased adoption. In the year 2016, the global market value for predictive maintenance was valued at $1.5 billion. In the year 2021, it has ballooned to $6.9 billion. In a new IoT Analytics report, it  estimates that this predictive maintenance market will reach $28.2 billion by 2026.

This paradigm shift was noted by ITE, they partnered with Schneider Electric to set up the PMC. ITE hope to train and equip students from their mechanical engineering course with cutting-edge skills in predictive maintenance. Schneider is providing over S$240,000 worth of training and equipment to set up the lab, including awards for top ITE students and internship opportunities. At the PMC, students will get a hands-on experience with Schneider Electric’s Augmented Operator Advisor (AOA), which is considered to be an industry standard as it can easily integrate with third-party hardware.

What is Augmented Operator Advisor (AOA) all about?

The AOA is a software system that can collect data readings from various sensors remotely and translate these into predictions on the health of the machine. For example, it can collect readings from vibration and heat sensors on a motor 24/7 to provide users with real-time updates without the need to physically interact with the machine. Alerts will be sent remotely to the maintenance crew if there are any issues due to abnormal readings. This makes it safer for the maintenance crew and makes them more efficient as they do not need to make constant trips to physically inspect the machines.

Students will not only learn how to operate the system but also get the chance to set it up themselves, from installing the sensors to linking it up with the AOA software and even programming their own customized alerts. This collaboration is also in line with ITE’s goal to refresh the image of the mechanical engineering industry from low-tech and manual to high-tech and automated. They hope to attract more students to explore this line of work by showcasing a different side of the modern maintenance industry.

“This is one of ITE’s industrial partnerships to offer industry level training for students on predictive maintenance and we are very excited to embark on this journey with Schneider Electric. At ITE, we are always on the lookout for opportunities to provide our students with hands-on experience that they can bring directly into the workforce. There is definitely a shift in mechanical engineering jobs from low tech and manual to high tech and automated, and we want to ensure that our students are well equipped when they graduate to become the next generation of engineers.” Said Mr Alfred Tan, Director, School of Engineering at ITE College East.

“At Schneider Electric, we believe in harnessing the power of all generations by fostering learning, upskilling and development for each generation, paving the way for the next. Predictive maintenance will eventually become the norm as it is a vital pillar of Industry 4.0 which relies heavily on Automation, IoT and Data Analysis. This partnership with ITE is our commitment to training the next generation of engineers who will become the backbone of this smart nation.” said Yoon Young Kim, Cluster President, Singapore, Malaysia & Brunei, Schneider Electric.

For more information on EcoStruxure™ Augmented Operator Advisor, please visit https://bit.ly/2Y9B1lU

* Information courtesy of Schneider Electric and GLOO *

Lenovo Group: First Quarter Results 2021/22

Lenovo Group (HKSE: 992) (ADR: LNVGY) recently announced record fiscal quarter results for the Group. The opportunities for Lenovo Group were created by accelerated digitalisation, intelligent transformation and IT upgrades in devices, infrastructure, and applications around that world continue to fuel Lenovo Group’s long term and sustainable profitability increases.

This report and findings would interest investors (both institutional and personal investors) as well as those covering technology news (consumer and enterprise) on their growth, expansion plans and the sectors that they are interested in. What does the future lies for Lenovo Group, where do they see the opportunities for growth and which sectors are they looking at?

Looking ahead, Lenovo Group sees continued opportunities for sustainable growth and profitability improvements across its business in areas such as:

  • Vertical solutions
  • Infrastructure solutions
  • Premium PCs
  • Adjacent non-PC devices such as tablets, smartphones, embedded computing and other smart devices

Innovation will continue to help drive profitable, sustainable growth. They have increased R&D expense in the first quarter by 40% year-on-year, Lenovo will further invest in innovation and double its R&D investments over the next three years.

This quarter is the first time the company is reporting under the new business group structure of Solutions and Services Group (SSG), Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG), and Intelligent Devices Group (IDG) that was announced earlier this year.

Financial Highlights:

Q1 21/22

US$ millions

Q1 20/21

US$ millions

Group Revenue 16,929 13,348 27%
Pre-tax income 650 332 96%
Net Income (profit attributable to equity holders) 466 213 119%
Basic earnings per share (US cents) 4.02 1.80 2.22

Chairman and CEO quote – Yuanqing Yang:

“The accelerated digital and intelligent transformation has created significant market opportunities globally. Lenovo is successfully seizing these as we transform from a device company to a services and solutions provider. The proof is in our performance – this quarter alone we’ve doubled profitability year-on-year while net income margin reached the highest in many years,” said Yuanqing Yang, Lenovo Chairman and CEO. “Going forward, we will continue to increase R&D investment, aiming to double it over the next three years; we will further improve our operational excellence; and we remain committed to green innovation and corporate citizenship to achieve long-term sustainable profitability increases.”

Solutions and Services Group (SSG): driving increased Group profitability in rapid growth sectors

The industry is transforming with customers needing more sophisticated IT services, creating huge opportunities for solution services and managed services, including the subscription-based as-a-Service model. It’s estimated that the IT services market will be worth over US$1 trillion through 2025.

Q1 performance:

  • Significant Q1 revenue growth (38% year-on-year to US$1.18 billion) across three key segments of SSG (support services, managed services/as-a-Service, vertical solutions) with an operating margin of 22%, much higher than the traditional hardware businesses.
  • Support services profitability was up almost three points year-on-year; revenue from managed service/as-a-Service achieved double-digit growth year-on-year, and contract value for vertical solutions achieved triple digit growth year-on-year.
  • Success has come from several new high profile smart city and smart retail deals, as well as hybrid cloud solutions using Lenovo IP.

Looking ahead:

  • Against this backdrop, Lenovo will improve penetration rates for support services and leverage the increasing device install base, especially as the commercial sector rebounds to growth. For as-a- Service the company is aggressively investing in capabilities, platforms, and tools, as well as driving scale through building more repeatable vertical solutions using Lenovo’s own IP and through strategic partnerships.
  • The significantly higher margins of the three key segments for SSG will drive higher profitability for the Group overall in the quarters and years to come.

Infrastructure Solutions Group (ISG): accelerating profitability and significantly outgrowing the market quarter after quarter

ICT infrastructure is the foundation to digital and intelligent transformation, with ICT infrastructure predicted to be a near US$250 billion market through 2025. After investing in building a strong foundation, Lenovo is well positioned as a “full-stack” ICT provider.

Q1 performance:

  • ISG delivered record revenue of US$1.8 billion, has outperformed the market for six straight quarters, while achieving the best results in five years.
  • Now #3 in the global x86 Server market and #2 in mainstream storage.
  • Higher margin businesses – storage, software, and Hybrid Cloud solutions – continue strong growth year-on-year, with Hybrid Cloud Solutions growing high double-digit year-on-year.

Looking ahead:

  • The Group will continue to invest to grow the business with a vision to become the largest data center infrastructure solutions provider, by increasing investments in edge computing, Hybrid cloud solutions, and 5G cloud-network convergence. The company will continue to strengthen in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, improve efficiencies, and expand strategic partnerships to enable more solutions.
  • Ongoing investment in overall ISG competitiveness will further drive profitability and overall competitiveness for the business group.

Intelligent Devices Group (IDG): record profit, further growing non-PC businesses

The pandemic has changed how people live and work, with PCs returning to the center of digital lives. The PC refreshment cycle has shortened, the penetration rate has increased and the total PC demand until 2025 will at least remain at current levels, with commercial demand rebounding quickly. At the same time, the IoT market is expected to surge by 11% CAGR through 2025. And new opportunities in non-PC businesses are growing rapidly.

Q1 performance:

  • Record first quarter for both profit and revenue. Profit of US$1.1 billion, up 43% year-on-year and revenue of US$14.7 billion, up 28% year-on-year – driven by a combination of strong performance in PCs and growing performance of non-PC segments, which now account for 18% of IDG’s total revenue.
  • Average Selling Price and profitability continue to trend up, thanks to ongoing investment in premium and high growth PC segments like Gaming, Workstation, Thin & Light.
  • Lenovo strengthened its #2 position in the global Android tablet market, and the smartphone business delivered over 60% revenue growth year-on year and is now a self-sustainable healthy business, with record operating margin for the quarter of almost 5%.

Looking ahead:

  • Lenovo will further invest in smarter devices, core component technologies, and next generation computing platforms.
  • Lenovo will leverage its broad customer base to cross sell non-PC products, to drive sustainable profitability increases.

Operational highlights and investing for the future

  • Q1 R&D expense increased 40% year-on-year, with a commitment to double R&D investment over the next three years.
  • The company recently climbed 65 places to be ranked #159 on the Fortune Global 500 list, an all-time high ranking
  • The Group’s operational excellence and global supply chain continue to be best-in-class, helping the business to navigate ongoing global component supply challenges.
  • The Group continues to focus across ESG, through both its science-based climate targets and by driving green innovation; supporting communities and businesses in need as a result of COVID challenges, and empowering under-represented communities with access to technology and STEM education through the Lenovo Foundation. The Group’s annual ESG report will be published in September 2021. Lenovo has also recently been named best workplace for disability inclusion by the Disability:IN 2021 equality index.

* Information courtesy of Lenovo Singapore and WE Communications *

Fuji Xerox Innovation Re:Mix Forum Work Reimagined 2020

Fuji Xerox Singapore, a leading provider in document and communications solutions, recently presented their third edition of its flagship event, the Fuji Xerox Innovation Re:Mix Forum Work Reimagined 2020. In 2019, I attended my first Innovation Re:Mix Forum Work Reimagined by Fuji Xerox, it was an eye opener and learning experience. With this ongoing global pandemic Covid-19 situation in 2020, it was a very different experience as compared to attending the event in person. The whole world and economy has changed, adopted and adapted to a new working environment and how they engage their partners, stakeholders, customers and the public.

Attending virtual online meetings, conferences, media events is the new normal during this Covid-19 period, although it took me a while to get used to this new normal. As the world economy is still suffering from the impacts of the global pandemic Covid-19, the Innovation Re:Mix Forum is a timely event, forums and discussions on how businesses are facing during this difficult and uncertain period, their accelerated digital transformation journeys, changes, adaptions and adoptions of new technology and workflows to ensure their business continuity.

During the course of working from home (WFH), observing and following Covid-19 news, impacts and disruptions to the world economy. I am interested in the future of work, the new future workplace and working style. As a sole proprietor photography business owner, covering consumer and enterprise technology topics on my other content creation segment. The Enterprise track and SMB track that were presented during Innovation Re:Mix Forum Work Reimagined were of key interest to me.

Fuji Xerox leads the way, true to their corporate culture and practice, the Japanese concept of “Genko-Itchi” by walking-the-talk. The agenda of this three days conference was set by new Chief Executive Officer Mr Koh Ching Hong, who assumed his role amid the pandemic.

“As Fuji Xerox innovate within to meet the new demands in the marketplace, we are also enabling our customers with new ideas in transforming how their processes work in new digital world, how their distributed workforce collaborate more effectively, and how they are able to re-connect and re-engage their customers and stakeholder as we go into the next normal,” said Mr Koh Ching Hong. “This is emphasised in our annual Innovation Re:Mix Forum as we explore how organisations, big and small, can pivot their business and future-proof operational resiliency and customer engagements amidst current challenging times.”

This conference is also the pioneer virtual conference hosted on International Data Corporation’s (IDC) new proprietary platform, IDC Arena.

Enterprise Track: Digital Disruption: Pivoting Your Business for a Strong Future

The Enterprise track offered out-of-the-box perspectives at critical factors to consider as industries across Asia Pacific move to return to the workplace, along with an analysis on the trend of increased investment in technologies in spite of current economic gloom. Mr Simon Piff, Vice President, Practice Group, IDC Asia/Pacific, also identified how investments in AI and robotic automation can enable a hybrid workforce are adequately supported in IT visibility, remote management and other concerns, to ensure that organisations are able to return to growth.

The panel “Reinvent Digital Workplaces” discussed what “productivity” means to their digital workforce, and shared firsthand experience on the technologies that have equipped their businesses in creating new value through digital means. The panellists are:

  • Mr Koh Ching Hong, Chief Executive Officer, Fuji Xerox Singapore
  • Mr Alp Altun, Chief Transformation Officer, Allianz SE Insurance Management Asia Pacific
  • Mr Bryan Koh, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, White Coat

Mr Koh Ching Hong also shared exclusive perspectives and practices on the importance of a strong groundwork such as workflow automation can aid in a more seamless implementation and integration of IoT, AI, and cognitive technologies in organisations. He cited an in-house example of the implementation of a new intelligent e-invoicing system that resulted to cost savings of 22% and faster payment cycles for Fuji Xerox Singapore.

Mr Tim Smith, Executive General Manager, Sales and Marketing, Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific, in ‘Reimagine Customer Engagements’ delved into the ever-changing consumer landscape that has been made more volatile in the current climate. In the presentation, Tim also explored and showcased how enterprises can seamlessly scale up digital capabilities and harmonise online and offline channels for a holistic approach towards customer communications.

SMB Track: Building Resiliency with Digital Acceleration

These unprecedented times has seen businesses across all sectors scrambling to scale technologically simply to survive. With the sudden surge in digital transactions and communications, businesses – especially SMBs (Small and Medium-sized Businesses) that are still digitally transforming – are heavily challenged, especially with the absence of a physical workforce due to the global pandemic.

Mr Eric Tan, Senior Director, Integrated Solutions & Sales, Fuji Xerox Singapore opened the SMB track with an overview of the current business landscape and insights on how digital innovation is now synonymous with digital resilience.

The track was followed by a roundtable discussion hosted by Mr Eric Tan with prominent SMB leaders such as:

  • Ms. Tan Su Lin, Chief of Staff / Vice President, Operations, Carousell
  • Mr Toby Koh, Group Managing Director, Ademco Security
  • Ms. Charlene Chng, Head of IT, Poh Heng Jewellery
  • Mr Connor Clark-Lindh, Head of Smallholder PeopleOps, Yara Digital Farming

The roundtable session featured tips and best practices on how these SMBs were able to effectively and efficiently digitise processes and operations by taking an inside-out approach. The speakers also elaborated on Classified 4.0 where they envision an AI-led and enhanced omni-channel experience as the future of customer engagement.

After watching and listening to both Enterprise Track and SMB Track presentations and discussions, it’s another learning experience for me on how the future of work may look like in a post Covid-19 world. Digital disruptions, transformations, changes, adoption and adaption have begun, more to come in the very near future. How would the new future workplace be like in the very near future remains a very interesting proposition for the whole world and economy.

Fuji Xerox Singapore recently launched 19 new models from its digital multifunction printer ApeosPort and DocuPrint series recently, supporting their customers in accelerating efficiency while enhancing security, document management and remote working capabilities.

If you would like to learn more about Innovation Re:Mix Forum Work Reimagined, please visit Fuji Xerox Singapore’s

Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/FujiXeroxSingapore

LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/company/fuji-xerox-singapore

I would like to thank Fuji Xerox for the invitation to attend their third edition of Innovation Re:Mix Forum Work Reimagined.

* Information courtesy of Fuji Xerox Singapore and Huntington Communications *

Rabobank’s SustainableAg Asia Challenge

Singapore is an incubator destination for many startups, from various industries and disciplines. Most of us would hear more of technology and financial startups communities/hubs in Singapore, there is a start-up and innovators segment in Singapore that doesn’t get that much limelight, in the agriculture technology and agriculture business. At the recent Rabobank’s SustainableAg Asia Challenge, I had the opportunity to learn more about agri-tech start-ups and innovators sector.

Rabobank’s SustainableAg Asia Challenge, supported by Rabo Foundation and Rabobank, brings banking and financial services and expertise to the agricultural industry along with technological developments to aid the agriculture industry. For this SustainableAg Asia Challenge, it drew a total of 138 submissions from a wide variety of technology start-ups and businesses in the food supply chain, from farming, food and agriculture traders, food companies and retailers. They used modern technology, data-driven technology, analysis and interconnectivity to develop market ready smart farming techniques to meet increased food demand in the Asia continent. The topic on food and demand is getting more important, due to our increasing world population size and global warming affecting agriculture output.

On the marathon Pitch Day, 14 shortlisted companies presented their solutions to a judging panel comprising senior management of Rabobank Foundation, as well as senior representatives of SustainableAg Asia Challenge partner companies ADB Ventures, Archer Daniels Midland, Bayer, Bits & Bites, COFCO International, DSM, Future Group, Olam International, and Temasek.

The winner was Stellapps Technologies from India, with its SmartMoo solution.

“Our application is aimed at driving digitization of the dairy sector through captured data from the entire supply chain, significantly enhancing income, profitability and yield per cow of famers in emerging economies,” said Umesh Parjapat, Program Manager at Stellapps Technologies.

During the media interview session with Umesh Parjapat, Program Manager at Stellapps Technologies, it was very interesting to hear more in-depth details from Umesh, on modern cutting edge technology being applied in the agriculture/food supply chain industry, they are a one-stop diary supply chain digitisation via Internet of Things (IoT), their expansion plans and future developments.

Speaking at the prize-giving ceremony, Albert Boogaard, Head of Innovation at Rabo Foundation, said: “What’s happening in Asia in terms of scale and focus on the end users is really impressive. Overall, the judges were greatly impressed by the innovation, passion and commitment shown by participants of SustainableAg Asia Challenge. These technologies and new business models can serve as catalysts for Asia’s diverse and fragmented food and agriculture industry, providing food and agri companies with the means to reinvigorate food production with smart farming, more effective and efficient processing and distribution techniques, as well as improving lives for smallholder farmers throughout Asia.”

Diane Boogaard, Rabobank Asia’s CEO, said: “Data and innovation are key in driving the changes needed to improve food and agri supply chains, thereby creating more sustainable food production. Through the SustainableAg Asia Challenge we want to connect innovative solutions with our corporate clients to drive sustainability and integrity in agri-food supply chains. As a major cooperative Food & Agri bank, enabling the change to a more sustainable food supply chain is core to our mission of ‘growing a better world together’. We do this by providing access to our knowledge, networks and financing solutions.”

Having covered start-ups from different industries, I slowly expanded my coverage of start-ups and this segment of agri-tech start-ups and innovators is something new to me since Singapore doesn’t have much of a farming/agriculture industry due to our small land size, as well Singapore start-ups sector tends to be more pro towards other sectors as compared to the agri-tech sector.

We, human beings, love to eat yet we might have neglected the agriculture, food production, food supply sectors. In light of an increasing world population, climate change affecting food production and supply, I feel that some spotlight would now turn towards the agriculture, food production and food supply sector. With modern technology, innovation and data, agri-tech can help to improve sustainability in food production and supply, in a challenging limited natural resources landscape meeting with an increasing world population.

I strongly encourage people to visit and find out more about the SustainableAg Asia Challenge by Rabobank at: www.sustainableag.asia

* Information courtesy of Rabobank *

Jabra launched Jabra PanaCast

Jabra, the world’s leading provider of communication solutions, recently launched Jabra PanaCast, a smart panoramic-4K video conferencing solution with 180-degree vision. At a recent event held in Singapore, I had a first hands experience of viewing the Jabra PanaCast in action.

A small, lightweight and portable video conferencing device, I was impressed by its 180-degree vision and quality. When I was facing the Jabra PanaCast device, walking from left to right, viewing at myself on the television screen, I wasn’t pixelated or “stretched” when walking across in a panoramic manner. This shows the quality of the software, processing and editing powers behind the panoramic cameras.

During the demonstration of the Jabra PanaCast inside a huddle room setup, we experienced video conferencing in a small, and informal meeting environment. Alright, take a look at the photo below, spot the number of people in the huddle room! Jabra PanaCast can be used together with various business software solutions available in the market or just with your video camera function on your computer.

More than just video conferencing for businesses, can be used for other industries such as education and hospitals whereby the Jabra PanaCast was used for teaching purposes. The Jabra PanaCast can be mounted on the walls, below the TV monitor, it is just as portable, can be mounted on a lightweight table stand or on your laptop, something that you can bring for your meetings outside while on the move.

Whether you are a big or small business organisation, the Jabra PanaCast would definitely be a worthy consideration for your communication and video conferencing setup with partners and colleagues overseas. Other industries such as education and medical, they can also look into it too!

Let me share with you more information and details on the Jabra PanaCast below:

Wayne Lee, APAC Head of Products & Alliances, Jabra said: “We are excited to introduce Jabra PanaCast to help businesses in Asia achieve optimal collaboration and productivity through our expertise in sound and video technology. In this age of remote working and cross-country teamwork where seamless communication is critical, PanaCast takes business meetings to the next level with intelligent video conferencing that brings remote workers and huddle room participants closer for effective collaboration.”

As the world’s first intelligent panoramic video collaboration device, Jabra PanaCast has three 13-megapixel cameras working together as one through the built-in Jabra PanaCast Vision Processor. The multi-camera array solution offers a full 180-degree panoramic field of view to create a naturally immersive conference experience that fosters collaboration and enhances productivity.

Jabra PanaCast joins Jabra’s portfolio of solutions that enhance productivity through improved concentration, conversation and collaboration. With Jabra PanaCast, Jabra will be combining its 150-year expertise in sound with industry-first video technology to deliver the most collaborative huddle room experience to date.

Wall-to-wall coverage

Leading-edge cameras and microphones, fourth-generation stitching technology and Intelligent Vision software work as one to ensure optimal performance by Jabra PanaCast. With wall-to-wall coverage in panoramic 4K video, Jabra PanaCast enables companies to fully utilise their meeting spaces, eliminating the approximately 40 per cent room wastage seen with conventional camera solutions.

Using Artificial Intelligence to better manage resources

Jabra PanaCast’s built-in people detection technology can capture accurate usage and occupancy information. The advanced AI utilizes a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) to count the number of people in the field of view, up to 12m away, and provide numeric data which organisations can use to guide decisions on calendar management, room utilisation and resource management, or to automate facility assets’ power management, such as TV monitors, lights, video conferencing equipment and more. The technology will be available through the Jabra PanaCast API built for the Windows operating system and can be used for large areas like classrooms, auditoriums and general gatherings.

Combining the best of video and audio

Jabra’s leading conference speakerphone series “Speak” can be paired with Jabra PanaCast to further optimise the conference experience, enabling users to hold meetings wherever they may be without having to compromise on clear audio quality. Jabra’s Speak boasts an omni-directional microphone and HD Voice – providing 360-degree coverage that picks up sounds from any angle.

Jabra PanaCast easily mounts on a digital display or on a wall with available mounting hardware. The USB-based connection allows connection to any compatible device for instant setup and mobile meeting capability.

Certified for Microsoft Teams and compatible with other popular cloud-based solutions including Skype, Zoom, Cisco WebEx, Slack, Google Hangouts, GoToMeeting, Unify Circuit, BlueJeans and more, users can plug-and-play with these solutions in seconds by simply plugging the device into the computer USB port.

Key features and specifications:

  • Simple plug-and-play operation with no software required via a single USB cable
  • 180-degree panoramic view seamlessly integrates video from three cameras with real-time dynamic stitching embedded in the Jabra PanaCast Vision Processor
  • Certified for Microsoft Teams
  • Naturally inclusive and immersive experience gives everyone equal participation
  • Crystal clear sound that picks up every voice in the room with Jabra Speak series
  • 0% wasted space with industry-first multi-camera array system
  • Intelligent Vision (AI) senses, anticipates and adjusts automatically to meeting size
  • Industry-first Intelligent Zoom autonomously and continuously optimises the field of view to include everyone in the conversation
  • Jabra PanaCast Vivid 2.0 automatically adjusts the video properties to optimise the video experience under varying light conditions

Pricing and availability:

Jabra PanaCast is now available in Singapore at SGD $1,389 from all authorised Jabra business partners.

For more information, please go to: www.jabra.com/panacast

* Information and details courtesy of Jabra (Singapore) and GLOO PR *

FINNEY – World’s first ultra-secure crypto smartphone

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency users/enthusiasts/ in Singapore alert! Introducing FINNEY, world’s first ultra-secure crypto smartphone! SIRIN LABS recently unveiled FINNEY in Singapore, exclusively at COURTS first Internet of Things themed store at Funan mall.

At the recent FINNEY, world’s first ultra-secure crypto smartphone launch event in Singapore. I got a first hand look, feel and experience of the FINNEY smartphone. If you are into blockchain and cryptocurrency trading, you have to visit COURTS Singapore at Funan mall and check out the FINNEY smartphone. While the world (and also Singapore) is slowly accepting and understanding more about blockchain and cryptocurrency, this particular segment is gradually getting more publicity and awareness. Personally for me, I am still learning more in-depth about blockchain technology and crypto assets, an area that I would like to enter soon when I gain and learn more knowledge and applications about these two fields.

If you are into blockchain and crypto assets, when you hear about cold storage crypto wallet, token conversion service and multi-layered cybersecurity suite, all these capabilities/functions are the things you would like to have. Look no further than the FINNEY smartphone, they have them inside their ultra-secure smartphone.

When I saw the FINNEY smartphone, this was a smartphone that I would be keen in, when I eventually start moving into crypto assets trading/investment and blockchain. The security measures in place on the FINNEY smartphone are ultra-secure, a crucial and important requirement by crypto assets and blockchain users. As I start to learn more about blockchain technology, its usage and applications, crypto assets and cybersecurity, I am planning to go into crypto assets trading, share more about my knowledge and experiences, my personal opinion is that the FINNEY smartphone would be the ideal (if not perfect) smartphone/gadget to accompany me.

Let me share with you more information and details on the FINNEY, world’s first ultra-secure smartphone by SIRIN LABS:

“It is with great pleasure that we’re today unveiling to Singapore the first blockchain smartphone so cryptocurrency can be made more accessible to Singaporeans with the assurance of a seamless and secure crypto experience. With FINNEY, we address the two greatest barriers to adoption – lack of security and poor user experience – by delivering a product that gives consumers the confidence that their data is safe in the digital world, and a user-friendly interface that is fitting for both new and existing crypto enthusiasts,” said Moshe Hogeg, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of SIRIN LABS.

Jasmine Seow, Merchandising Director of COURTS Singapore, said: “We are pleased to unveil the FINNEY smartphone in Singapore – a natural fit for COURTS Funan, our first IoT store offering the latest smart devices. Together with SIRIN LABS, we are breaking new ground on making pioneering technologies accessible to tech-forward Singaporeans. Crypto enthusiasts and curious consumers can learn how to easily transfer cryptocurrencies between FINNEY live demo units at COURTS Funan’s experiential space.”

Aimed at making cryptocurrency more accessible to the masses, FINNEY addresses the two greatest barriers to crypto adoption – lack of security and poor user experience – by enabling blockchain functionality within a mobile environment for easy and secure transactions.

Besides the buying, selling and storage of cryptocurrencies, Singaporeans can use FINNEY to pay for their meals using cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, ethereum and creatanium at the high-tech Kopitiam at Funan mall, called KOPItech. The Funan outlet serves as a pilot for the KOPItech system in rolling out cryptocurrency payment options to other Kopitiam outlets nationwide.

“The KOPItech payment system reaches out to a growing segment of highly tech-savvy customers who embrace new trends in technology that can help improve regular ways of life. For the first time, Singaporeans can purchase their meals using cryptocurrencies via the self-service kiosks, which will help reduce snaking queues during peak hours and help stallholders improve productivity. We are always looking at ways to make our food courts more efficient and consumer-friendly, and look forward to more devices such as FINNEY which can encourage greater use of cryptocurrencies at our Kopitiam outlets” said Vincent Cheong, Corporate Communications Manager of Kopitiam.

SIRIN LABS’ own operating system, SIRIN OS

SIRIN OS, a Google-certified modification of Android, is designed to overcome innate security challenges associated with the use and storage of cryptocurrency on mobile devices, and enables the unique functionality of FINNEY with a cold storage crypto wallet, cybersecurity suite, Token Conversion Service (TCS) and dCENTER app store.

Embedded cold-storage crypto wallet

A full separate hardware from the device hardware, the embedded cold storage wallet aims to protect users’ private keys for multiple blockchains, and to securely generate and sign off on blockchain transactions. The wallet is only connected to the Internet when initiated by the user, ensuring secure cold-storage of cryptocurrencies.

Multi-layered cybersecurity suite

SIRIN OS machine-learning based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is a cybersecurity suite that protects FINNEY from the hardware to software level, and offers online and offline on-device cyber threat detection including protection from network attacks, host-based attacks and unsecure device definitions. FINNEY is also pre-loaded with secure email, messaging and call apps including ProtonMail and TrustCall which provide end-to-end encryption for secure communication.

Token Conversion Service (TCS)

A unique concierge-like service, TCS enables users to make crypto transactions for supported coins and tokens, without the hassle of exchanges. This creates a fast, simple and seamless crypto payment experience, while simultaneously providing a competitive exchange rate for users.

Earn incentives through games on the dCENTER

SIRIN OS dCENTER offers a marketplace for DApps (decentralized applications) as well as an incentivised learning center. The dCENTER’s Learn & Earn option is the first crypto and blockchain education platform that offers incentives for users to engage with blockchain apps. When users interact with blockchain games such as CryptoKitties, they can earn incentives such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, which means every FINNEY owner is entitled to receive value back on the phone. The dCenter, based on Web 3.0 protocol, offers: app and in-app purchasing, Air drop mechanism, DApp browser, and more.

FINNEY, the flagship device

Besides facilitating seamless and secure cryptocurrency transactions, FINNEY as a smartphone also delivers in design and functionality. Framed with high gloss metal and mirror-polished aluminium, FINNEY is built with 3D Gorilla Glass on both the posterior and anterior of the device. These are accompanied by the metallic signature Shield Element surrounding the camera, sensors and fingerprint scanner.

The unique sliding design of the Safe Screen is FINNEY’s strongest feature, and operates as a gateway to the crypto world by activating the cold storage wallet. Functioning on dedicated hardware and software, the Safe Screen allows users to independently verify that wallet transactions contain correct amounts, currencies and recipient addresses, thus reducing chances of fraudulent transactions.

Pricing and Availability

Priced at S$1,899, FINNEY is available exclusively at COURTS Funan and www.courts.com.sg from October 2019. Pre-orders are open at all COURTS stores island wide and online at http://bit.ly/courtsfinney, with an exclusive offer of $60 COURTS vouchers with every purchase until 30 September 2019.

For more information on SIRIN LABs 

Website – https://sirinlabs.com

Twitter – https://twitter.com/SIRINLABS

Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/SirinLabs/

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/sirinlabs/ 

Medium – https://medium.com/@sirinlabs

YouTube – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC7rV8n9pEI761byufyT8VA

* Information and pictures courtesy of SIRIN LABS and GLOO PR *

Infineon LG < / > Make Hackathon in Singapore on IoT

Thinking, designing and making a world a better, smarter and more connected world with/through Internet of Things (IoT) solutions, the inaugural “Infineon LG </> Make Hackathon” in Singapore on IoT took place in the month of June 2019 in Singapore.

Infineon and LG, two giant technology firms in the world, came together, driven by a common shared goal of creating a smarter and more connected world through IoT solutions, organised a hackathon in Singapore, to empower seasoned start-ups and student entrepreneurs to create new technological solutions for IoT that will run on the LG webOS open source platform, along with Infineon microelectronics capabilities in the areas of intelligence, power efficiency, security and sensing.

“This hackathon is about a shared community of innovators driven by a common desire to use leading-edge technologies to build a better future for all. We are delighted to be a strategic partner of LG in nurturing innovation in a globally connected ecosystem. Together, we can make life easier, safer and greener in tomorrow’s connected world,” said Mr. Chua Chee Seong, President and Managing Director, Infineon Asia Pacific.

“Our goal is to build and grow a global webOS community where developers may leverage a wide range of webOS functionalities such as AI, connectivity and IoT in their collaborative work to produce innovative solutions and services that together shape an even better life for all,” said Dr. I.P. Park, president and CTO of LG Electronics. “LG is excited to be a co-host of this event with Infineon, who has long been our valued partner in hardware, and wishes this hackathon to be the beginning of creating the future of IoT together.”

I visited the innovation showcase by the seasoned start-ups and student entrepreneurs during the Infineon LG </> Make Hackathon at Infineon Asia Pacific office in Singapore prior to the announcement of the winners. Some were pretty impressive in their innovative solutions and designs that could make an impact to the society down the road.

Infineon and LG provided interested innovators with technology guidance, as well as special access to products and software, helping the shortlisted teams at the Infineon LG </> Make Hackathon in Singapore develop their ideas and proof-of-concepts to the panel of judges.

What were some of the IoT solutions presented at Infineon LG </> Make Hackathon?

  1. Healthcare – prevent deaths among low-income pregnant mothers
  2. Wellness – smart cane for the blind, real-time physical performance analysis
  3. Environmental – real-time flood alert system, smart air-conditioning for spaces and user, and clean energy for homes
  4. Mobility – commerce and connectivity for smart vehicles, safer rides for motor-cyclists, safer rides for children
  5. Homeland security – fast and secure identification process

The panel of judges chose GoReMas Enterprise from Malaysia as the first prize winner and Wangi Lai PLT from Malaysia as the second prize winner.

1st Prize – GoReMas Enterprise, Malaysia

GoReMas Enterprise’s prototype, Floodsensed, is an IoT flood monitoring system with social media alerts such as Facebook, Slack, and Telegram, YouTube Live Stream etc. This equipment gathers critical data such as rain volumes, water levels, temperature, barometric pressure from the devices and nodes, sending the crucial data to the Floodsensed IoT platform for users.

I had a chat with GoReMas Enterprise when I was visiting the Innovation Showcase. I find their idea and design to be very useful for countries that have regions prone to flooding.

2nd Prize – Wangi Lai PLT, Malaysia

The 2nd prize innovative solution/design is the BAWA cane, a clip-on module for existing white canes, helping the blind and visually impaired identify and avoid obstacles with shared insights and foresights through data and analysis.

During the media interview with Wangi Lai PLT, he shared more on how the BAWA cane works and how their BAWA cane is helping the blind and visually impaired. Hopefully, with this prize win, the BAWA cane is able to make a difference and bigger impact to the blind and visually impaired people around the world.

It’s great to see Singapore hosting such a hackathon, with Infineon and LG partnering together to drive technological advancements and growth in the IoT solutions segment. This also showcase Singapore’s vibrant ecosystem as a startup hub with many partners based here.

The IoT solutions is an area that has a huge potential to grow bigger and wider in scope in this current and future market and technological developments. Infineon LG </> Make Hackathon on IoT, the inaugural hackathon held in Singapore, is a testimonial to that development and growth.

I look forward to Infineon and LG pushing forward ahead to create and grow the future of IoT solutions together through future Infineon LG </> Make Hackathons.

* Information courtesy of Infineon, LG Electronics and CIZA Concept *

ConnecTechAsia 2019 18th to 20th June

ConnecTechAsia 2019, comprising of CommunicAsia, BroadcastAsia and NXTAsia, took place in Singapore from 18th to 20th June 2019 at Marina Bay Sands and Suntec Convention Centre. Although this wasn’t my first visit to ConnecTechAsia, my previous visits over the years were through invitations by conpanies. This time however, was my first time whereby I applied for media accreditation and there was a bloggers/influencers category, making it a lot easier for folks like us, writing and publishing B2B/Enterprise technology topics to apply.

What were the key themes/topics for ConnecTechAsia 2019?


A key focus at CommunicAsia, the 5G Xperience zone at Marina Bay Sands presented by KT Corporation (KT), South Korea’s largest telecommunications company, is an immersive sandbox where visitors can see 5G come to life.

Smart Cities

Smart cities have been a focus of governments as they meet rising challenges from growing populations, rapid urbanisation and desire to improve their citizens’ quality of life.

Future Enterprises, Intelligent Industries

As industries continue to undergo digital transformation, emerging technologies such as AI, IoT, blockchain, cloud and big data are increasingly being integrated into business processes. This presents enterprises with the golden opportunity to harness new technologies to improve their efficiencies and transform into smart, digitally-first organisations.

Media, Broadcasting and 5G

“Thanks to TV digitisation, networking everywhere has totally transformed the TV industry including tying in social media with video on demand. 5G will only further accelerate this especially with 4K. Just like with the Internet, video will be the stimulus towards the establishment of 5G, yet there will be a larger future impact due to healthcare, gaming, automotive, AI, public transport, utilities and IoT devices,” says Stan Moote, Chief Technology Officer, IABM.

As we continue to witness the convergence of technologies that are blurring the lines between the technology, media and telecommunication sectors, ConnecTechAsia is committed to its vision of empowering businesses and helping them navigate the changes that are unfolding over the digital economy,” says Ian Roberts, Regional Executive Director – ASEAN Business, Informa Markets.

“ConnecTechAsia continues to be the regional Telecom, Media and Technology event to look out for. I look forward to engaging with industry thought leaders and companies to exchange views on emerging technological trends and how we can collectively seize new opportunities in the Digital Economy,” says Tan Kiat How, Chief Executive, Infocomm Media Development Authority. 

* Information via press releases from Informa Markets and Omnicom Public Relations Group *

Over the period of 3 days from 18th to 20th June, I visited BroadcastAsia, CommunicAsia and NXTAsia, with some appointments booked through pr agencies or the brands themselves to visit some of their booths.

CommunicAsia and NXTAsia

My application to ConnectTechAsia 2019 was a writer under my technology and business portal/blog, covering B2B/Enterprise technology topics. Due to the size of the exhibitors, I wasn’t able to cover everything, I was particularly interested in NXTAsia, the future of technology, IoT, 5G. Although I didn’t reply to all the invites by pr agencies to visit booths and their exhibits at ConnecTechAsia, I do make an effort to visit and tour their exhibits/services/technology without making an appointment. I also visited this technology booth PayKey, do check them out!

The country pavilions at NXTAsia were also interesting, it’s good to know and learn more about different technological developments and services in various countries/states, I visited Korea Pavilion and State of Victoria, Australia pavilions and viewed some of their innovative technology products and services.

There was a particular summit that I attended on 20th June 2019, on Future of Work & Innovation Track, on this particular discussion topic: Crowdsourced Threat Intelligence. I would be sharing more on this topic in another article! Thanks to ConnecTechAsia, I managed to link up and have a very fruitful and informative fireside chat with Uppsala Security on cybersecurity and blockchain!


This would always suits me since I run a small proprietorship photography business, the range of photography, cinematography and broadcast showcases suited my scope of business. I visited the booths of Canon, Sony, Zhiyun, Fujifilm, Cathay Photo, SLR Revolution (for Boya) and Accedo TV.

Key highlights and announcements from ConnecTechAsia 2019

There were a number of key highlights and announcements coming out from ConnecTechAsia 2019, I would share them below from the press release information received:

5G and Smart Cities

At ConnecTechAsia, a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was inked between ConnecTechAsia, Smart Cities Network and Smart Cities Council India on ‘The Digitally Twinned Smart Cities Initiative’ on 19 June. This signifies a pioneering regional effort aligned to the United Nation Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) that encourages a proactive, innovative, and entrepreneurial approach towards the creation and development of Digitally Twinned Smart Cities from participating countries. The MoU covers the planning, design, construction, operation and maintenance of Digitally Twinned Smart Cities, and several cities in ASEAN and India are set to come on board.

Notable product launches

– OTSAW’s O-R2 indoor autonomous security robot

– Solustar’s VAL II, its smart concierge robot that gives a boost to the front-line service industry

Virtual Reality (VR)

Korea’s Salin Co. inking a deal with Singapore’s Green Lab to bring its EpicLive VR education platforms to international schools in Singapore and regional Asian countries.

Gaming and eSports

“Esports is driving significant growth for the live entertainment sector, and is also a converging point with other industries such as media, broadcast productions, advertising, and games,” says Nicholas Khoo, Co-Founder & Chairman of Singapore’s Cybersports and Online Gaming Association. “ASEAN itself has become a significant focal point for the region with a massive uptake of smartphones and rising income levels. With emerging technologies such as 5G, VR and IoT there is a lot of potential for esport’s further growth and expansion, which is also bringing about massive opportunities for the world’s largest brands.”

* Information via press releases from Informa Markets and Omnicom Public Relations Group *

Overall, I had an interesting time, visiting different booths at ConnecTechAsia, networking with some of the companies, hopefully, it would be beneficial for me on both fronts of B2B/Enterprise technology writing and photography business (both still photography and videography).

There were 38,000 attendees and 1,700 exhibitors over Marina Bay Sands and Suntec Singapore during ConnecTechAsia 2019. Due to the big scale and size of CommunicAsia, BroadcastAsia and NXTAsia under one roof of ConnecTechAsia, I was only able to cover topics closer to what I have been covering over the past few years.

Keep a lookout for some of my upcoming articles from my coverage of ConnecTechAsia 2019, from my visits to some of the booths and having a chat with them.

ConnecTechAsia returns from 9th to 11th June 2010 at Marina Bay Sands Singapore. Do mark the dates down on your calendar!

Announcement! Migrated and Consolidated at Host Geek SG!

On 24th June 2019, I published an article making an announcement that I am migrating and consolidating to a new location. Today, I can officially share that I have migrated and consolidated at Host Geek Singapore!

When did it all began?

This all began in January 2008, after setting up my photography blog (it’s now a photography and travel portal/blog known as TGH Photography portal/blog) I received help and guidance from my internet marketing/entrepreneur friend Jack, who was influential and helpful in setting my personal blog up, creating this setup, hosting with Hostgator and domain with GoDaddy. At that point in time, it was alright to do it this way.

Over the years, my personal blog has transformed and grown into a technology and business portal/blog in the areas of

(A) Technology

  • B2B / Enterprise technology
  • B2C / Consumer technology
  • 5G
  • IoT

Covering new B2B and B2C technology segments

  • CyberSecurity
  • Blockchain
  • Cryptocurrency

(B) Business

  • Finance
  • Economics
  • Trading
  • Digital Marketing and social media marketing

( C ) Personal Development

  • Personal Growth
  • Personal Development

In the past few years, I had been contemplating migration and consolidation of my domain and hosting services under one roof in Singapore, instead of overseas. In the past few months, after a period of strategising, review and market research of domain and hosting services companies in Singapore, I made a decision to migrate and consolidate my domain and hosting services under Host Geek Singapore from GoDaddy and HostGator.

Why consolidate under Host Geek Singapore?

  • Easier to manage and handle (domain and hosting) under one account
  • Hosting in Singapore, not overseas, website loads faster for SG and SEA market
  • Reliable and safer hosting services
  • Easy to use customer portal

Q: The price is more expensive in SG, why ?

A: I have this question too! I decided to check my hosting plan, is it shared hosting or dedicated hosting? My previous hosting at HostGator is shared and at Host Geek Singapore, it’s specialised WordPress Hosting, thus the higher price.

Q: It looks scary and daunting to migrate domain and hosting services from another provider to Host Geek Singapore, is it a difficult and complicated process?

A: Yes, it can look scary and daunting, when your “website is down” during the migration and transfer process. Don’t be scared if you can’t view your website during the migration process. The geeks at Host Geek SG are very experienced industry professionals in web hosting services and they are good in migrating domain and hosting from other companies to their end.

Q: How can Host Geek Singapore help in migrating my hosting and domain services?

A: If you are technologically savvy enough and know how to transfer hosting and domain, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you when you sign up a new account at Host Geek Singapore. If you do face issues, drop them an email at support@hostgeek.com.sg after you sign up a new account.

Q: Do I still have to close my accounts at my previous domain and hosting services after migration to Host Geek Singapore?

A: It’s up to you. However, do remember to cancel your previous hosting and domain billing, that would ensure that you don’t pay extra fees at your previous host when you have already transferred to the current hosting services.

Q: How long would it take for the migration of domain and hosting from the other companies to Host Geek Singapore?

A: On average, a smooth migration without any hiccups would be around 48hours. However, there might be exceptional cases, just in case you face issues with your current domain and hosting services company when you began transfer out.

Q: Why Host Geek Singapore?

A: I was referred by Hpility SG, he introduced me to Host Geek Singapore. I started to explore more about their products, services and plans. Why choose Host Geek Singapore? I like their geek culture + technology support and also trust their reliable hosting technology. Not to mention, during the tedious transfer, they were fantastic in ensuring my migration was completed successfully, giving me a peace of mind and allowing me to be back online again within my desired timeline!

Whether you are a new business setup, or a blogger and you are looking for domain name and hosting services under one roof, check out Host Geek Singapore website!

If you are setting up a new website/blog:

– Check out their website design services and packages!

– If you can do your own WordPress Linux setup and know what you want, their specialised WordPress hosting is where you be heading to next.

If you are transferring and migrating your domain and hosting from another company to Host Geek Singapore:

Contact the friendly folks at Host Geek Singapore and have a chat with them, they have been very helpful and knowledgable in transferring and migrating my domain and hosting.

Like one of my favourite Star Wars trilogy titles, A New Hope, a new era has begun for TGH technology and business portal/blog with a new and refreshed WordPress template!

Moving ahead, my first priority for the next 1-2 weeks would be clearing and publishing my conferences, seminars and technology articles! In between my technology, conferences and seminars articles, I might be adding in some articles content from business to personal development to marketing!