Celebrating Earth Day 2008 – 22nd April

In the wake of modernisation and economic growth in the world today, look around us, how much had things especially our environment changed ?

During my scouting days, I was exposed to the outdoors and loved my experiences, camping, hiking etc etc….. When I went over to Australia, for my tertiary studies, the beauty of the flora and fauna was absolutely amazing. Over many different years, traveling to many different countries, it dawned upon me that, we, as a global citizens, must act and create actions to prevent the destruction of our Mother Earth.

  1. I chanced upon Earth Day 2008 from a fellow blogger in the Blog Catalog Community, inviting me to join and submit Earth Day contributions – Earth Day Poems – Earth Day Poetry. I found it very interesting, therefore, I decided to research further into the Earth Day, on their history, events, festivals and education resources.

Researching further, Singapore is also celebrating Earth Day 2008 festival with

  1. Champions of the Earth Reward Ceremony – Singapore
  2. Celebrate Earth Day at Yishun Park

Let us all, come together and make the world a better home for us and for our future.

Start of training for 1st Marathon 2008

The time has arrived, I am starting my training with my colleague, Jack Lan, for my 1st Marathon of 2008, the Sundown Marathon.

I had started my gym fitness training session, 2 sessions a week and started my running with a 3km run at West Coast Park on Friday 11th April, now would be clearing 5km on my next training run. There would be at least be 2 training runs per week, most likely be late at night after work. I would be updating here if Jack comes up with a marathon training schedule.

Being an entrepreneur wasn’t easy for the past 2 months, was under a lot of pressure, partly due to me exerting extra pressure on myself, striving to achieve my quarter targets, some achieved, some wasn’t. Got myself into a bit of pre-hypertension, now must be more mindful, therefore –

  • Exercise more with fitness training for gym and marathon running training
  • Manage my stress level in my businesses
  • Spend valuable time on hobbies to relieve stress
  • Reduce weight and burn fats
  • Watch my diet (going to be tough)

Being healthy is your greatest wealth.

Time to stay fit and healthy, thus giving me the capabilities, strength and endurance to face my challenges, reach my goals, manage my stress and conquer my greatest enemy – ME !

Mind Your Own Business

In Chapter 4, Lesson 3 of “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert T. Kiyosaki, the author wrote on the topic “Mind Your Own Business”.

Without really understanding the full content of the chapter teaching, we can be easily swayed away by other ideas, based on the name of the topic alone. In this chapter, there was a great example of the nature of Ray Kroc’s business, the founder of McDonald’s, a famous brand and icon that is very well known around the world. Even I did not realised the there was more other business behind this business. Selling hamburger franchise was the primary focus, however, the location and real estate were the key factors in the success of each McDonald’s franchise.

This is the 3rd secret of the rich – “Mind Your Own Business”.

Our current education system and society produces great workers and professionals, when they entered the workforce, they would be working all their life for someone else, minding somebody else business and making them rich.

  1. To end your financial struggle and be financially secure, we must mind our own business, revolving and involving our business building our asset column. Therefore, people would ask, “What kind of assets should we acquire?”. The assets could fall into the following categories:
  • Businesses that do not require your presence
  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Unit Trusts
  • Real Estate
  • Anything else that has value and produces income

By focusing and building our assets column and we must also remember to reduce our liabilities and expenses. Many times, we tend buy luxuries first because we wanted to look good to others, but this only increased our liabilities and expenses, getting into debts.

Therefore, why not make it your first step to build and grow your assets column, when it has grown significantly in the future, you would be able to reward yourself with your the luxuries that you wanted but at no expense or liability at all ?

Or no matter what, you still want to look good in front of other people with your high class luxuries, irregardless of your financial situation, even to the extent of getting into huge debts ?

Are you shortchanging yourself today ? Have you thought about your future when you can’t work or in your retirement days and you have no assets/cash/income but full of debts and liabilities ?

Well, would you like to MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS ?

Back with DSG – 86th Campfire

On 5th April 2008, I was invited to go down in the early morning, back to my roots, an organisation that shapes a lot of my learning and character today, Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group.

Being an old boy, I tried to be involved with the major events as much as possible and I was honoured to be part of the DSG 85th Anniversary Campfire and 85th Anniversary Dinner Celebrations in 2007.  Please drop by my photoblog for more exciting details about my involvement.


There were many lessons, life experiences and stories that I learned during my DSG scouting days…. All were crucial in shaping my character today. In time to come, I would share and write on how scouting in DSG had taught me so much over the years …… and I am very thankful for all the different experiences that I had learned.

What Does Your Birthdate Mean ?

I was reading Kee Yit blog when I read her post on “My Birth Date” and in the name of fun and laughter, peace and joy, I decided to try it out myself too.

The results are shown below:

Your Birthdate: January 10

Independent and dominant, you tend to be the alpha dog in most situations.
You’re very confident, and hardly anything ever shakes you.
Mundane tasks tend to drain you – you prefer to be making great plans.
You are quite original. When people don’t “get” you, it bothers you a lot.
Your strength: Your ability to gain respect

Your weakness: Caring too much what others think

Your power color: Orange-red

Your power symbol: Letter X

Your power month: October

What Does Your Birth Date Mean?


 How about yours ?

Are You in a Financial Nightmare Now ?

In the modern society today, there are more people that obtained tertiary education, working hard and doing well in their career. With their status and lifestyle, they traveled a lot, seen many different parts of the world and considered themselves affluent.

The next natural course of action would be finding their dream partner and settling down to form a family and purchasing a dream home of their choice. Everything seems so perfect and smooth going…. However, is it really that perfect and wonderful ?

In reality, how many of us faced mounting debts ?

  • Mortgage Debts
  • Credit Card Debts
  • Other Loans Liabilities
  • Lifestyle extravagant expenses

With a higher income, are you spending more ? Or are you saving more ? Or investing more? When you wake up at the start of the day, what is your balance sheet like ? Zero or very little assets , maximum liabilities ? When a child arrives for a married couple, what further happens ? Higher liabilities ?

This is known as the RAT Race and we can be easily be trapped by our own actions whereby we don’t value and understand how to make Money work for us and not allowing the Power of Money to control them.

If you own a home, have you ever asked yourself truthfully, is your home really your own asset and not owned by somebody else ?

Many a times, the home can be the couple’s biggest investment, their pride and future. The reality is, the sad and absolute truth, the home is payable via a mortgage loan with sky high interest rates payments, owned by a financial institution.

Therefore, is your home an asset or liability ? Are you (the homeowner) paying your entire working life away to the mortgage loan ? The issue on the ideology of whether the home is an asset, written and thoroughly explored by Robert Kiyosaki in his “Rich Dad Poor Dad” highlights the debate on this sensitive topic. When the issue of money comes into play, high emotions tend to lower financial intelligence.

Learn the difference between an asset and liability, build up your assets column, focus on reducing liabilities and expenses.

Are you willing to do it ?

Revisiting my roots and family history – Qing Ming Festival

In the early morning on 30th March 2008, just like any normal Sunday, I woke up very early at about 0515 hrs and wash up double quick time and my whole family depart to Bukit Pasir, Muar, Malaysia, for an important festival today, Qing Ming Festival.

Qing Ming Festival also known as Tomb Sweeping Festival is one of the important dates of the Chinese Lunar Calender.  This is the time whereby the extended family would come together, pay their respects and honour their ancestors at grave sites. First and foremost, upon reaching the graveyard, it was very crowded and full of people from the town of Bukit Pasir and nearby towns and villages, young and old, all coming together visiting their ancestors grave sites.

Along with my aunties, uncles and cousins, we went about cleaning up our ancestors graves sites, pulling weeds, sweeping the surroundings, offering food, tea, joss papers and gifts and not forgetting all of us there offering our respects to our ancestors, namely, Grandpa, Great-Grandma, Great-Grandpa and my 2nd Uncle.

In a modern and fast paced society today, such festivals hold a huge significance, bringing us back to our roots, family history and humble beginnings. We must always remember our ancestors that slogged and worked, giving us and blessing us the opportunities today for our parents and ourselves to excel and be successful in our family life and careers.

Today was a great time to spend with my Grandma, recently celebrated her 90th Birthday in July 2007 and I didn’t go back during Chinese New Year Celebrations to be with her. Grandma is a great strong woman whom I respect her a lot for her toughness, hardworking attitude and determination, traits that shapes the entire extended family up till today. We had a bit of fun time with her repeating topic of interest with respect to me in particular only, along with my auntie.

Today’s Qing Ming Festival had evoke my emotions and feelings, that I am blessed by my ancestors and how their teachings and ethics were passed down to the future generations today.

I would make a greater effort to spend more time with my Grandma !

Are You Financially Literate ?

The word literacy is probably nothing new to many of us, from a young age, we were send to schools of different levels (primary, secondary, college, polytechnics, universities, post-graduate, professional certificates), to learn knowledge, skills and ultimately become literate and educated in our specific industry or professional skill.

However, do you recall, when you were a young child, were you ever taught on financial literacy ? Are you a highly educated, professionally successful but yet financially illiterate ? We can make a lot of money but we can also spend all the money we earn and not keeping any money at all.

Robert T. Kiyosaki, wrote, in his powerful book “Rich Dad Poor Dad“, Chapter 3 – Why Teach Financial Literacy?, the key to building wealth in the future lies in a simple rule of of solid and deep foundation :

  • Understanding the difference between an asset and liability
  • Buying Asset, Reducing Liabilities

The rich people acquire assets, the middle and poor acquire liabilities, thinking that they are assets. “An Asset is something that puts money in your pocket, A Liability is something that takes something out of your pocket”

In order to further understand the above points, a person needs to know about their Income Statement and Balance Sheet ~ Income vs Expenses and Assets vs Liabilities. Failure to understand the key relationships between these 2 concepts have resulted in many people struggling financially today.

Would you like to take the first (brave and wise) step to understand and learn about 2 simple accounting concepts that must be applied to your everyday life and lifelong planning ?

Or you simply don’t care ?

18th March 2008 Updates

It’s been a while since I updated here, had been busy and things had not been easy. Just the latest news and updates on my entrepreneur network.

Consultancy Business : Difficult to contact and make appointments with clients, they had been very busy and unable to meet. Keeping my chin up and keep going !

Blogging Business : Joined Yebber, something interesting and new. Do check it out too ! Registered StumbleUpon too ! Do link up if you are on StumbleUpon too !

Fitness Training : Going to Gym for workouts 3 days a week, need to ensure I maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle and a good avenue to relieve stress from work.

Running/Marathon Training : Had not  started running, would look into starting to run soon, SunDown Marathon is coming soon.

Electronic Gadgets : 2 new toys are coming, keep a lookout!

Photography Personal Projects : Do drop into my photojournalism blog post here !

Personal Development : Still in the midst of reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T Kiyosaki.

Miscellaneous : Fighting mosquitoes that is sucking me these few weeks.

Thanks for reading !

Work Hard for Money or Money Work Hard for You ?

At this moment, I am currently reading Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki and I am becoming more enlightened with my goals, aspirations and growth as an entrepreneur today, while I combined the different teachings and wisdom of different writers, applying to my business model and operations.

Chapter One of Rich Dad Poor Dad is “The Rich Don’t Work for Money”, a simple concept that encompass why the Rich get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer, and the Middle Class, would eventually be squeezed down to Poor if they choose not to take further actions at all. Knowledge learned in schools is important, however, life lessons, aka “University of Life”, is the best teacher of all.

Life pushes us all around and all the time, we can choose to fight or give up. There were many life lessons to be learned from many different sources. Most quit and move on while a few will choose to stay and fight. If we learn the lessons, we will become wiser, wealthier and happier, otherwise, we would be BLAMING almost everything that could be found in our path and praying for a big “break” to solve the problems.

We must take the first step and realise that we are sometimes the problem and stop blaming any other thing possible instead. With that attitude and mindset, we learn something, improve and grow to be a better and wiser person. To learn and change to be a better person, it is up to us, our brain, our mind, that is the difference.

Are we always in the RAT RACE everyday ? Why does it keep on repeating the same old routine ? It all boils down to our human beings FEAR and GREED, fear of not having money motivates us to work harder. Once the money is in, we spend to fulfill our desires and greed, and this pattern repeats itself again and again. The harsh and true reality is Money is running our life, thus controlling our emotions and hence our souls.

The ignorance by human beings on money causes negative emotions of FEAR and GREED, by controlling our emotions to being positive and to a human being’s advantage, we need to constantly search for new information and knowledge, opening one’s mind up over the dreadful enemy of IGNORANCE.

Learn to use our emotions to think and not think with our emotions, choose our thoughts wisely instead of reacting to knee jerking reactions and decisions.

With that, only can we have the Money Working Hard for You instead of You Working Hard for Money.

Whatever that were summarised above from reading Chapter One, I was a typical RAT RACE participant, willing and always complaining, blaming and looking for a lucky break. In my entrepreneur tour of duty to date, it was moving away from such thoughts, emotions and actions, however, I still had a lot to learn and improve, especially on handling the emotions and traps of GREED and FEAR. It’s a crucial and big step foward and I need to make bigger strides, learning and understanding.

Do You want to Work Hard for Money or You want Money to Work Hard for You ?