Jaybird Freedom Wireless Buds Review

This pair of wireless buds are the smallest in the music earphones world, they may look small yet we cannot judge them just by its size. Inside this pair of wireless buds, it is packed with pretty awesome music sound power and strength, with style, design and secure fit features. Let me introduce the Jaybird Freedom Wireless Bluetooth Earphones.

First and foremost, let me start off with the package, the nice looking box when it first arrived. The Jaybird Freedom box has a nice feel with a well thought out design and layout. Take a look as I started to unbox and displayed all the items that were packed inside the box. One nice feature of this package is that Jaybird gives customers a small pouch to keep the Jaybird Freedom wireless earphones, charger and cable.

There are two aesthetics aspects of Jaybird Freedom wireless bluetooth earphones that makes it stand out and unique for the music lovers. They are the

  • All-metal housing
  • Silicone ear fins

(1) All-metal housing

The Jaybird Freedom wireless earphones is made up of elegant and premium sand-blasted metal material. This not only gives this pair of Jaybird Freedom wireless buds its unique style, it also improves its durability to its special micro-sized wireless ear buds. With all the top engineering processes, innovation and design, the Jaybird Freedom is a premium, iconic, sturdy, small, lightweight yet powerful wireless earphones to suit almost every music lover. Last but not least, the all-metal housing removes all distortion, giving music lovers the experiences of not just an incredible sound, the noise isolation feature sometimes feels like a noise cancellation feature at times!

(2) Silicone ear fins

In my personal humble opinion, the silicone ear fins are another feature that makes the Jaybird Freedom wireless earphones unique. For a start, users might take some time before they get used to the design and fit inside the ear. You can choose to wear your Jaybird Freedom over-ear sport-fit with fins or over-ear sport-fit without fins or under-ear with fins or under-ear without fins. It’s your personal choice whether you want to have the ear-fins or without ear-fins. There are 4 different ear fins sizes (XS, S, M, L) inside the package and they fit in nicely for sporty/outdoors lifestyle e.g. running, biking, trekking. From a personal perspective, put on the silicone ear fins when you are doing sports/outdoors. Do take note on how to attach the ear fins, look out for the letters R (right) and L (left) on the top side of the circle.

Let me continue on with the other components that come with the Jaybird Freedom.

Silicone ear tips and Comply ear tips

There are 2 types of ear tips, they come in 3 different sizes for each type of ear tips, to suit your needs and requirements.


The length of the Jaybird Freedom wireless earphones cable is just nice in my opinion, not too long in length if not it would dangle down and get caught on to other objects. There are cord clips available to shorten the cable behind the neck, you can adjust the length to your liking and preference. Jaybird also gives customers another additional accessory option, a shirt clip is inside the package, that allows the user to attach the cable to their shirt, ideal when going for sports/outdoor activities.

Bluetooth connection

The bluetooth connection between the earphones and devices are smooth, easy to setup and connect.

Battery life

The battery life of the Jaybird Freedom wireless buds is 4 hours with additional 4 hours if the charger clip is attached to the earphones (with on the go charging).

Functionalities of the Jaybird Freedom

  • Music + Calls , easy to use and connects easily
  • Share 1 device with 2 buds
  • Pairing – remember up to 8 devices
  • Multipoint – connect the buds to 2 devices simulatanously
  • MySound App
  • Smartwatch – pair with your smartwatch and leave your phone behind


  • Inform user of battery life percentage when switched on
  • Inform user to charge battery when it reaches 10%

For all the techies, music lovers, the next two areas would be of great interest to you –


First and foremost, I do not claim to be an audiophile, as much as I love listening to my different types of music on my Spotify with my earphones while traveling between places or during my sports activities. What I am sharing here would be my personal thoughts, views and experiences on the Jaybird Freedom wireless buds.

The Jaybird Freedom wireless produces a clear and sharp treble, with solid and strong bass without being overwhelming. One key and very interesting unique feature is that the user is able to utilise the MySound App, choose, adjust and customise the low, mid range and high range of their sound/music preset to their music/hearing preference.

MySound App

When I first heard of an app for the Jaybird Freedom wireless buds, to be honest with everybody here, I wasn’t sure how good it can be or how useful it would be. You have to try the MySound app, I was told and reminded.

Since I am reviewing this pair of Jaybird Freedom wireless buds, I have to try it. Once I started using it, I was completely blown away by its features, functionalities and capabilities. This MySound app is a must use for Jaybird Freedom owners!

  • Nice and easy to user user interface
  • Presets available for you to choose and add to the app dashboard
  • Customise your own preset
  • Battery life indicator on app

The sound quality of the Jaybird Freedom by itself is already pretty solid and awesome. With this MySound app, you can tune it, to your own hard rock mega bass musician style or the soothing and clear classical music style.

I would just like to highlight some observations when I was using the MySound app with the Jaybird Freedom wireless buds

  • Discrepancy between earphone announcement of battery life versus battery life indicator on the app
  • Jaybird Freedom earphones are paired, connected and playing music but MySound app says no earphones connected

I would like to emphasis that these observations DO NOT affect the excellent and powerful sound quality produced by the Jaybird Freedom wireless buds nor does it affect your listening and usage experience.

Overall, the Jaybird Freedom wireless buds are a remarkable pair of wireless bluetooth earphones. They are small, lightweight and powerful bluetooth wireless earphones. It is secure and fits into your ears. The noise blocking / noise isolation is very good, the Jaybird Freedom wireless buds owner is in a music world of their own! The design is trendy, bright and colourful, suitable for sporty, outdoors, leisure and daily usage earphones. It is sweat proof , they would be suitable for a number of sports/outdoor activities.

In my personal humble opinion, the Jaybird Freedom is an ideal choice for your pair of wireless bluetooth earphones, a worthy investment for music fans who are sporty/outdoors and also for their daily leisure usage. Visit my photography and travel interest site article, on how the Jaybird Freedom wireless buds fits into two different people lifestyles! Power Your Passion with Jaybird Freedom!

The Jaybird Freedom is now available at authorised resellers at the retail price of SGD $259. The Jaybird Freedom wireless buds come in four fresh colors: Gold, Carbon (Black), Blaze (Red) and Ocean (Blue). For more information, please visit JaybirdSport.com or connect with them on Facebook.

* I would like to thank Jaybird for the opportunity to review the Jaybird Freedom wireless bluetooth earphones. *

Entering into the 40s band

The time now is 10:01 am or 10:01pm on the 10th January – 10/01.

Today marks the day, whereby I officially enter into the 40 age band. The last time I entered into a new age band was 10 years ago, entering the 30-39 age band. The thoughts and feelings were so different from then 30 years old and now 40 years old. I had mellowed down over the past 10 years, slowly getting myself away from nonsense and rubbish on the social media platforms.

There were times when you can see and feel, that you are getting older, just by looking at the people around you. My nephews and nieces have all grown bigger and older, my friends children had grown and some of them had more children in their family.

Entering into the 40s age band is like the new era of 30s, there are still many opportunities and great things to achieve ahead for me. Although I would not be as fast and energised like when I had the health and body energy of a 30 year old.

Age is truly a number, no doubt about that and you cannot run away from it! While I can never run away from getting old, my heart, mind and soul can still be forever young with a higher and increased level of maturity, thinking, experience from the life journeys. While I may not run as fast as before, I am still learning and growing, exploring and setting new goals and objectives. A person’s life learning journey must always be ongoing, no matter how big or small the lessons are.

Oh yes, in Singapore, when we reach 40 years old, we are automatically enrolled into this health insurance program known as ElderShield, you can read up more about this program here. I have a feeling my younger friends are going to give me the short end of the stick again for getting inside this program. Alright, this is also a huge and constant reminder to take good care of my health, keep and stay fit, exercise more!

While I am having mixed feelings of hitting the 40s, I am excited of the new journeys and adventures ahead that I embarked upon at the start of the year 2017.

Oh yes, welcome to the 40s club!

TomTom Fitness Tracker

For sports and fitness enthusiasts, there are a number of sports, fitness and health accessories today available in the market. Fitness tracker is a popular device for sports and fitness enthusiasts, a device that can be paired with their smartphone to track and record their sports and fitness programme.

TomTom recently launched a new fitness tracker recently, the first fitness tracker on the Singapore market that has unique capability that combines body composition analysis with steps, sleep and all day heart-rate tracking, right from the wrist. This would be very useful for sports and fitness enthusiasts in planning their sports/exercise regime and programme. I reckon this would also be suitable for daily life usage too for those working in office jobs, the TomTom fitness tracker would help them to keep track of their steps, sleep and all day heart-rate tracking, right from the wrist.

Let me share with fellow sports and fitness enthusiasts on the TomTom fitness tracker from the press release information –

TomTom (TOM2) officially launches the first fitness tracker on the Singaporean market that combines body composition analysis with steps, sleep and all day heart-rate tracking, right from the wrist. With the push of a button, TomTom Touch measures the percentage of body fat and muscle mass in your body to finally answer the question: Is what I’m doing, doing anything for me?*


Body composition gives you a good understanding of your fitness level and how it’s changing over time**. Until now, this metric has been available with dedicated scales or expensive technology. The launch of TomTom Touch now makes it more accessible to a broader audience.


“We’re excited to give people fitness information they can really use with TomTom Touch,” said Chris Kearney, VP APAC, TomTom Consumer. “We all know that weight doesn’t tell the whole story. Two people with the same weight can have completely different levels of muscle and fat in their body. TomTom Touch gives more clarity by tracking body composition, so you can really tell whether your efforts are having any effect.”


TomTom Touch is designed to be worn 24-7 and includes everything you’d expect from the best fitness trackers available today. Tracking steps, sleep, all day heart-rate, calories burned, it also comes equipped with a sports mode for running, cycling or hitting the gym. You can also stay connected with smartphone notifications.


It’s easy to dive into your stats, view progress and share achievements with friends via the TomTom MySports companion app on your smartphone. Performance statistics and graphs help you make sense of your activities and the effect they have on your body composition over time.


Sleek and slim, TomTom Touch comes with a range of colourful, high quality straps to match your style and is available on the first week of November from selected retailers. RRP: S$239.00.

More information can be found here www.tomtom.com/fitness


* Results may vary significantly and could be affected by multiple factors. Try to take the measurements at the same time of day under same conditions.

** http://www.webmd.com/diet/features/body-fat-measurement#1


* Information and pictures courtesy of TomTom and Porter Novelli *

Introducing MyUS for sports and fitness enthusiasts in Singapore

Sports and fitness enthusiasts in Singapore, whether you are a runner, outdoor recreation, sports, gym, body building, fitness junkie, we are always on the lookout for sports gear, accessories and supplements for our respective sports. The sports, fitness and recreation industries are getting more popular across a wide range of different sporting activities. As a runner myself, I am also on the lookout for running shoes, running apparels and supplements such as energy booster gels/bars. For my friends who are fitness junkies/body builders, I know the amount of health and fitness supplements that they need/want to have. They can be pretty expensive in Singapore, the brands available are not as many, compared to the US market.

While there are a number of sports and fitness companies in Singapore, sometimes we sports fanatics envy the much wider options of sports and fitness products in other countries such as US, that is a very well established and huge sports, fitness and recreation industry. There must be times when you search for sports and fitness products overseas on Amazon and other websites, you wanted something from there yet the international shipping costs changed your final decision to purchase and ship it over?

I would like to share with you this website, MyUS, a consolidation service for you to buy from multiple US outlets and only pay for one shipment from the MyUS warehouse to your door in Singapore.

What is MyUS.com about ? Let me share with you sports and fitness enthusiasts some quick information –

  • MyUS.com is an international shipping and package consolidation service, founded in 1997
  • It lets customers ship purchases from multiple US stores in one shipment
  • The service gives users a MyUS delivery address so they can order from brands exclusive to the US
  • MyUS does the rest, including handling customs and duty forms for you
  • Door-to-door package tracking and delivery within 2-4 days
  • The service is available for desktopAndroidand Apple users

How does MyUS compare to myself doing online purchases and direct shipping? This infographic below would provide a good comparison and analysis –

Infographic attach here


What are some of the different outlets in US that I can visit and explore what are the different types of sports and fitness equipment, apparels and supplements that are available on their online websites?

Let me share with you some of them, a list of top stores recommended by MyUS, with the best deals and selections for health and fitness supplies –

  1. BodyBuilding.com – A MyUS preferred merchant, Bodybuilding.com has a great selection for those looking to reach their fitness goals.
  2. VitaminShoppe.com – VitaminShoppe.com offers great prices and free shipping to your MyUS address with orders of US$25+. They offer a huge selection of vitamins, nutrition and alternative health supplements for the whole family.
  3. Walgreens Drugstore– This online pharmacy offers a great selection of vitamins and much more with terrific deals and discounts that they regularly promote.
  4. Moosejaw and Sports Authority – Whether you’re looking for a trendy new GPS watch or the latest sports apparel, these outlets are the perfect place for bargain hunters looking to grab deals on popular American fitness/sports brands.
  5. Amazon– Amazon is a great place for consumers to shop for almost anything imaginable. The Amazon shopping experience also provides a wide range of products to suit any budget. For health and fitness fans, check out this link to shop for the best-selling fitness trackers on Amazon right now.

Looking through the top stores with the best deals and selections for health, sports and fitness supplies. I am quite keen and secretly excited to search through the networks of sports and fitness stores, and if I find something that I like and that I want, along with a good price, I will go for it.

To all sports and fitness enthusiasts/junkies/fanatics, visit MyUS and take a look for yourself, explore and see if their platform, network of sports and fitness stores suits what you are searching for. I went online window shopping at some of the websites recommended above, I found my outdoor products at Sports Authority, trail running shoes from Moosejaw and a few more other sports/fitness/outdoor recreation items.

If you are keen, I have a MyUS discount to share with my readers – when you sign up here at the link below, you would receive a 30-day free premium membership trial: https://www.myus.com/signup/?aid=1005194

I would like to thank MyUS and Allison+Partners for sharing the above information, details and infographic for me to share with my sports and fitness readers.

The Performance Series Race 4

The fourth race from the five races planned for The Performance Series runs 2016. The 4th race was held on Sunday 9th October at Bedok Reservoir and I am happy to complete my 10km distance race with a slight improvement from my Race 3 at Gardens By The Bay. Wet weather hit the 10km Wave 1 runners and it was cancelled, while 10km Wave 2 and Wave 3 were delayed and both waves of runners were flagged off together, causing a bit of congestion on the running route.

The 10km route of The Performance Series Race 4 was familiar to me, having run a 10km distance before in another run some years back at the Mizuno Wave Run. Bedok Reservoir is a nice place to go for a run although planning a 10km route is a little bit tricky for running route planners since a full loop of the Bedok Reservoir doesn’t really add up to 5km. Initially, when I saw the running route, there was the segment whereby the runners ran and did a U-turn. Although it wasn’t that clear on the map, once the runners hit the ground running, it wasn’t too bad after all. There was a uphill climb segment from the 8km to 9km distance range, it was a real challenge for me, I managed to run up to the small hill top, had a bird’s eye view of Bedok Reservoir. After catching my breath, enjoying the view, I continued my run down the hill towards the finishing line. Kudos to the organisers of The Performance Series for creating the running route for the location at Bedok Reservoir given the size, distance and terrain constraints.

My timing was 1hr21min based on my Runkeeper app, there was a slight improvement from my Race 3 timing while my best timing was from Race 2. I was happy to complete my goal of finishing my 10km distance. Reflecting again on my The Performance Series 4 run, the weather this morning was pretty cooling due to the wet weather that affected Wave 1 earlier. I was able to run consistently for most of the 10km without being affected by the heat and humidity.

I would always use runs to let go of my stress and frustration (on top of keeping fit and healthy), I should be doing more and I want to do more. Running is like my current journey towards what I am going to setup, there are ups and downs, at times, good and bad. Some key similarities are to keep training, improving, disciplined and not giving up during the journey/run.

4 out of 5 completed, now for the last run of the The Performance Series.

Celebrate World Heart Day with Recipes by Bosch

Today, 29th September 2016, is World Heart Day. What is World Heart Day all about? It’s about healthy living, healthy eating, taking care of your heart and your overall well being.

We all love to eat, don’t we? Sometimes and many many times, we do indulge in unhealthy eating a lot (yes, I know the food is really delicious, it can be hard to resist) and I am also just as guilty of unhealthy eating.

Today, on World Heart Day, I want to share three recipes and cooking tips that are delicious and healthy, kindly prepared and shared by Bosch Singapore with Chef John Sawarto, Bosch Partner Chef. As you enter into the upcoming weekend, Celebrate World Heart Day with these three recipes by Bosch and Chef John Sawarto.

What are the three recipes that I am going to share with my readers? They are –

  1. Banana Oat Smoothie


“Skip the caffeine, and opt for a heart booster to kick-start your day instead. This delicious smoothie uses ingredients that help keep your appetite and your arteries in good shape.” – Healthy eating tips by Chef John Sawarto

Key ingredients –

  • Organic Rolled Oats: Good source of soluble fiber that is known to reduce blood pressure
  • Pitted Dates: Contains several minerals crucial for maintaining healthy blood pressure
  • Ground Cinnamon: Packed with fibre and calcium to lower cholesterol levels


  • Serves: 1
  • Preparation time: 15 minutes


  • 1/4 cup Organic rolled oats
  • 1/2 cup Vanilla flavoured yoghurt
  • 1/2 cup Milk
  • 1 no. Banana
  • 3 no. Pitted dates
  • 1/4 tsp. Ground cinnamon
  • 5 no. Ice cubes


  1. Mix the above ingredients in a blender.
  2. Add more ice or water according to your preferred consistency

2. Thai Green Mango Salad with Dried Shrimps


“This vibrant salad is more than just a refreshing meal starter. The melding of citrus fruits also packs a hefty punch to help you guard against the risks of heart disease.” – Healthy eating tips by Chef John Sawarto

About the Key Ingredients –

  • Green Mango: Contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that assure optimum heart health
  • Lime: Rich in soluble fiber, a known preventative ingredient against heart disease


  • Serves: 2-4
  • Preparation time: 10 minutes
  • Cooking time: 10 minutes


  • 2 no. Thai green mangoes, peeled and shredded
  • 2 cloves Garlic, chopped finely
  • 5 tbsp. Roasted peanuts
  • 2 tbsp. Dried shrimps, lightly toasted
  • 4 no. Red bird’s eye chilies
  • 5 no. Shallots
  • 2 no. Long bean, sliced thinly
  • 4 tbsp. Brown sugar, or to taste
  • 4 tbsp. Fish sauce, or to taste
  • 1 no. Lime
  • 10 no. Cherry tomatoes
  • Fresh cilantro for garnish
  • Extra chopped peanuts (optional)


  1. Roast peanuts and dried shrimps at 225°C for 3-5 minutes. *Chef’s tip: Allow the peanuts to be roasted for up to 10 minutes, for slight charring and nutty aroma.
  2. Skin mangoes with a peeler before slicing them into thin strips with a knife.
  3. Chop off both ends of shallot before cutting it in half. Peel the outer skin of the shallot with a knife and slice the shallot into thin strips.
  4. Chop garlic, toasted peanuts, toasted dried shrimps and chili padi briefly. Ensure that the mix is not blended too much – it should have a chunky texture.
  5. Add brown sugar, lime juice and fish sauce to the mix and season to taste.
  6. Toss the green mango, long beans, shallots, cherry tomatoes with the mixture.
  7. Transfer to serving plate and garnish with fresh cilantro.
  8. Sprinkle more chopped peanuts for extra texture.

3. Steamed Fish in Lime and Lemongrass 


“Simply embracing healthier cooking methods like steaming – that add little or no fat – can make a huge difference in your lifestyle. Give this homely dish a try so you can share your heart-friendly regimen with the entire family.” – Healthy eating tips by Chef John Sawarto 

About the Key Ingredients –

  • Snapper: Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which can significantly decrease the risk of heart disease,atherosclerosis and high blood cholesterol
  • Lemongrass: Traditionally used to help control and normalize heart rate and high blood pressure


  • Serves: 4-6
  • Preparation time: 20 minutes
  • Cooking time: 15 minutes


  • 600g-800g Snapper, gutted and cleaned
  • 3 stalks Lemongrass, sliced thinly
  • 2 tbsp. Brown sugar
  • 6 tbsp. Lime juice, or to taste
  • 6 tbsp. Fish sauce, or to taste
  • 2 cloves Garlic, chopped finely
  • 4 no. Red bird’s eye chillies, sliced finely
  • Dash Light soy sauce, or to taste
  • Dash Oyster sauce, or to taste
  • 2 no. Spring onions, sliced
  • Few sprigs Cilantro, chopped coarsely


  1. Make 3 diagonal slits on both sides of the fish with a knife to allow even and quicker cooking, and place it on a heatproof steaming tray or plate.
  2. Spread out lemongrass slices on top of the fish.
  3. Set a combi-steam oven to steam programme and preheat at 100°C for 5 minutes.
  4. Afterwards, place the fish inside and steam it for about 10–15 minutes, until it is nicely cooked. Use a fork to flake the thickest part of the fish. If the flesh comes off the bone easily and appears white, it is ready to be served.
  5. While waiting, chop garlic and chillies with a hand blender.
  6. In a bowl, mix brown sugar, lime juice, fish sauce, soy sauce and oyster sauce. Adjust the dressing to taste before setting it aside. *Chef’s tip: You can also use green or red chillies according to your taste preferences. <For extra tanginess, zest the skin of one lime and add into the mix.>
  7. When the fish is cooked, pour the reserved liquid from the hot fish stock into the dressing and add in spring onions and cilantro.
  8. Drizzle the dressing over the steamed fish and serve hot with steamed jasmine rice or tossed noodles.

Which 3 of these recipes would you try it out? I love the Thai Green Mango Salad (I prepared it before, many years ago when I was living overseas studying) and Steam Fish in Lime and Lemongrass (especially when I visit Thailand for holidays, I love how they prepare and cook it)

Healthy Cooking Tips Sharing by Chef John Sawarto, Bosch Partner Chef


Chef John Sawarto

Chef John Sawarto, Bosch Partner Chef, has kindly prepared and shared his healthy cooking knowledge and tips below, allowing me to share in this article, for everybody interested in healthy living and healthy eating –

  • Food is directly related to many of the risk factors for coronary heart disease. Eating fat and sodium-laden food can raise blood pressure and cause high cholesterol, which increases the risk of heart disease.
  • It is important to pay attention to what you eat as this is the start towards keeping a healthy heart. Begin by making small changes in your diet, such as using healthier cooking methods and incorporating heart-friendly ingredients into your dishes. You’ll have better control over these choices if meals are prepared and cooked at home.
  • Use healthier cooking methods that add little or no fat, for example, steaming, poaching, stir-frying, roasting, grilling and baking so that you do not add unnecessary fats and calories to your body.
  • Steaming and poaching are two of the healthiest cooking methods, as they require little additives, while baking and grilling are great cooking methods to get maximum nutrition without sacrificing flavour. Stir-frying is a healthy cooking method only if done properly – always remember to add a moderate amount of oil just enough to coat the pan and ingredients.
  • Multi-functional cooking appliances are perfect for encouraging a variety of cooking methods in your home-cooked meals, apart from helping to save space and money. For example, the versatile Bosch Series 8 ovens allow you to steam, bake, roast and grill, all in one simple appliance. The 4D hot air feature includes a steam injection function, such that meat dishes roasted with hot air and steam become crispy on the outside and remain succulent on the inside.
  • One way to add taste to heart-friendly dishes is by using natural flavours such as citrus fruits, herbs, spices, and vinegar. These ingredients add zing to meals without the fat and sodium. You can also lightly sauté garlic, onions and red peppers for added flavour. The Bosch MightyMixx blender is a great tool that really encourages you to use fresh ingredients in your cooking as it’s quick and fuss-free. It can effortlessly grind and chop heart-friendly ingredients such as herbs, spices, nuts.

When I was studying overseas some decades ago, I cooked quite a lot at home, enjoyed cooking! I knew how useful and versatile an oven can be. I was trained in the hospitality industry (even though I am not in the hospitality industry at this time), therefore I have some basic kitchen operations knowledge and training. When I have my own home one day, I would plan to have an oven inside my kitchen, along with other kitchen appliances to get me back to cooking again.

Happy World Heart Day! Eat healthy! Stay Healthy!

* I would like to thank Bosch Singapore, Chef John Sawarto and Allison+Partners for the information, details, pictures, recipes and healthy cooking tips *

The Performance Series Race 3

The 3rd race from the five races planned for The Performance Series runs 2016. The 3rd race was held on Sunday 7th August at Gardens By The Bay and I am happy to complete my 10km distance race although my race timing didn’t improve from my Race 2 at Jurong Lake. While I am a bit disappointed, this was also a time for me to reflect on my running, training preparation and life too.

The 10km route of The Performance Series Race 3 was familiar to me, having run a 10km distance before in another run some years back, starting from Gardens By The Bay East, towards Marina Barrage, Gardens By The Bay, Marina Bay Sands and towards the Promontory at Marina Bay before turning back in the reverse route. This route has some gorgeous landscape scenes of Gardens By The Bay and Marina Bay area. On a beautiful sunny Sunday morning, the views were magnificent! The run up the ramp at the Marina Barrage can be quite a bit of a strain for some runners if they are too used to running on level ground. It was taxing for me partially due to my insufficient training preparation!

Some parts of the racing route can be a bit tight in space and I can totally understand since I frequently walk up and down the Marina Bay and Gardens By The Bay for my photography walks, therefore, I know the area, terrain and landscape quite well. It was great to see that organisers try to give more space for the runners as long as they were able to do so when they plan their running route e.g. at the Marina Bay Sands area, they separate the runners between the upper deck and lower promenade deck, ensuring that runners running back don’t squeeze into one sector only. I personally feel that the number of water points for The Performance Race 3 were insufficient for the 10km race route, hopefully the organisers can look into this for future races.

My timing was 1hr25min based on my RunKeeper app, although I didn’t improve from my Race 2 timing, I was happy to complete my goal of finishing my 10km distance. Reflecting again on my third race, my training and preparation were not ideal and insufficient. First and foremost, above other factors, I have to buck up in this area first! Choosing the 8am wave 3 flag off timing doesn’t seem like an ideal timing, the heat and humidity builds up pretty fast from that time.

I would always use runs to let go of my stress and frustration (on top of keeping fit and healthy), I should be doing more and I want to do more. Running is like my current journey towards what I am going to setup, there are ups and downs, at times, good and bad. Some key similarities are to keep training, improving, disciplined and not giving up during the journey/run.

3 out of 5 completed, now for my next run, The Performance Series Race 4.

The Performance Series Race 2 @ Jurong Lake

The second instalment of 5 running events from the The Performance Series, it’s race 2 @ Jurong Lake on Sunday 26th June 2016. This location is not too far away from my home and it’s a beautiful place with lush greenery, Jurong Lake, Japanese Garden and Chinese Garden, making it a good place for exercising and running!

I chose the 10km distance, a running distance that I am comfortable and happy with. The running route at Jurong Lake was pretty tight and narrow thus, there were quite a fair bit of runners traffic jam and that was totally understandable. Nonetheless, if a runner is planning on beating their personal best 10km timing, it might be a bit tricky navigating and overtaking fellow runners! The event was ran and managed pretty well by the organisers. Prior to the run on Sunday, there were quite a lot of rain over the past few days and it made some parts of the event ground wet and muddy. After my run and upon returning home, it was washing the mud off my Asics GT-2000 3 orange running shoes!

In the lead up and preparation towards race 2 at Jurong Lake, I could have and should have done better. Clocking a running time of 1hr 16mins 48s (from my Runkeeper App), it’s an improvement from my race 1 timing of 1hr 28mins 29s (from my Runkeeper App). For this race 2, I added CompresSport Calf Sleeve R2 to my running gear setup, I looked really colourful, orange colour Asics GT-2000 3 running shoes, black colour CompresSport socks, green colour CompresSport Calf Sleeve R2 and the pink colour event running shirt! The CompresSport Calf Sleeve R2 does aid in my running and recovery. I would share more about my views, review and thoughts on the CompresSport running accessories at a later time. I decided not to take a selfie of my whole running attire, I would just share my running shoes and accessories setup instead!

During my article write up on race 1, the organisers had done a good job on social media engagement with the runners and the running event itself. For race 2, they kept it up and good job to the organising and event folks from The Performance Series!

Time to sign up for Race 3 @ Gardens By The Bay! Next target is to improve on my timing from Race 2!


The Performance Series Race 1 @ Coney Island/Punggol Waterway

First and foremost, I can’t recall when I last participated in a community competitive run before I completed the 10km race of the The Performance Series Race 1 @ Coney Island/Punggol Waterway. It could have been a few years since I last ran a 10km run!

When I saw and read about The Performance Series Runs, consisting of 5 races at different locations around Singapore, having each distinct medal to form the whole of Singapore, it caught my attention from a runner who had not been actively participating in the Singapore running calendar (Personal opinion: I think there are a bit too many runs in a calendar year for Singapore, although you can choose which runs you would like to participate though).

I confessed that I went lazy with my running and exercising over the years, even though I do walk a lot for my photography shoots on weekends. In year 2016, I wanted to get out of my laziness and start exercising/running again. As we all start to age, we need to take care of our health and body even more than ever. Exercising/running regularly is key and crucial to a healthier body, mind and soul. With some serious injuries on my body, I am more than mindful and cautious of my body well-being, I am just as guilty of slacking and lazing. Therefore, I decided to start the change again with the Performance Series Race 1 at Coney Island/Punggol Waterway.

One thing that strikes me about The Performance Series Races is how they use different social media channels for runners engagement, through their website/blog/Instagram/Facebook. Being an avid runner before, I can sense and see that this is a group of runners planning/writing/sharing for runners, they know how the runners think/feel/want. Great job to the folks at The Performance Series, keep up the good work for the future races!

For Race 1 at the Punggol Waterway and Coney Island (10km route), it was a scenic route along the waterway into Coney Island, along the reservoir and back into the waterway route. The waterway running track is a bit narrow for a big community run event, however that’s understandable and the organiser knew about this with different waves starting time for the runs. The morning weather was really nice and sunny but it was very humid! Personally, the high humidity zapped my out by the time I turned out from Coney Island along Lorong Halus area. From my Runkeeper app, I clocked around 1hr28mins, I am satisfied with my timing for this run, taking into consideration my not ideal exercising/running preparation and the very high humidity! Next target for Jurong Lake Run is to improve on this timing!


When I crossed the finishing line, I was ecstatic! Collected my finisher tee, medal and Lucozade drink. I sat down on the grass patch, in a shaded place provided by the tree, started drinking my Lucozade drink. Due to heat and humidity, I finished the cold isotonic drink pretty quickly! While resting, I took this photo, it’s everything “orange” for The Performance Series Race 1!

Ok, now to prepare for Race 2 at Jurong Lake!

Reflection Q1 2016 and Revise Goal Settings 2016

On 31st March 2016, the last day of Q1 2016, I sat down in a McDonald’s outlet, to have a quiet time with my pen, paper, Iced Milo and Decibullz wireless earphones plugged in. I began to draw a mind map, writing down in pointers on two main areas (1) Reflection Q1 2016 (2) Revise Goal Settings 2016. The diagram was messy and ugly, probably not many people will be able to know and understand what I am writing, reflecting and planning. It’s alright, no worries about that. For those who can decipher the “secret words and codes” inside my mind mapping diagram, you are probably someone whom I shared with on what I was planning to do.



Time to put the past 3 months behind me, bury it away. It’s time to look ahead and move on. Don’t look back in anger.

Revise Goal Settings 2016

Due to the unforeseen circumstances that happened in the first week of January 2016, my goals for 2016 were kind of thrown totally off the planning table. The following months of January and February were really difficult, March became a “rest and recovery” month for me, time off was needed for the emotional and mental health recovery. During the month of March, there were elements of planning and discussions with friends on business partnerships and setting up of my own small business.

In my mind map, I had a mix of personal and professional goal settings. Some of my secret codes and words can be cracked easily, some may not be. This is also to remind myself that health is very important, no amount of richness and wealth can bring us back the health that I/we lost. I must run and exercise regularly, in a disciplined manner.

Moving on, moving forward. Trekking there.