100 Days

On the 27th February 2017, this was the 100th day since you left us.

In the blink of an eye, 100 days had gone by. You have left behind a legacy that few people can match up to, your best testimonial is the unity and bonding of the extended family tree of five generations under your matriarch leadership over the past few decades, beyond the times when you are no longer around us.

I wrote a tribute to you and your legacy as the matriarch of the extended family, after we marked the 49th day, this testimonial to you took a bit longer than what I had initially planned to write. I am glad and relieved that it was off my chest, into my own tribute and testimonial article for you and on you.

As we marked the 100th day, the extended family come together again to remember you, your wisdom, stories and adventures. Walking up the hill on a beautiful Monday morning, paying a visit to your final resting place, we saw nice little plants growing on top of your little garden. I personally think it is a fitting tribute to you, I still remember you growing vegetables and crops in the garden beside your home.

There was a little red flower that stood out among the small plants and crops when we were there visiting you, blooming beautifully on your 100th day. Do I want to put photographs in this article? I should though, then I decided to do something different, a photographs only article of my 100 days tribute on my photography site.

Dearest Grandma, you may not longer be physically around us, your presence, aura, legacy, divine protection and blessings will always be among us, looking after us , all five generations under your charge, from above the sky.

Lest We Forget. Your memories and legacy lives forever. I will and we will always remember your teachings and wisdom.

Remembrance – A 99 year old matriarch of 5 generations

She might be small in size, however, don’t ever underestimate her. She was a fierce and commanding figure, the head of the extended family for 36 years since her husband’s passing in 1980. Her awareness of situations and meticulous to details, numbers and things gave her a reputation of – don’t try to pull any tricks or cheat me. Growing vegetables at the side of her home, tending to her ducks and hens in her backyard, climbing up the starfruit tree in her front porch to pluck fruits. She was full of life, energy and zest till doing all the above things until she was in her 70s to 80s.

Having to take charge of the family, she was fierce and protective at times because she loved her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and a great great grandchild. Being the eldest grandson of the family probably has its perks, extra pressure and responsibilities. I do get quite a lot of nagging and scoldings from her, all in the name of love, care and concern for me.

I remembered an incident very clearly when I was a young kid, probably during my early primary school school days. I was back home in Malaysia, celebrating Chinese New Year festival. I was running around and playing in the village, I encountered a wild dog bigger in size than me, barking and chasing me. Since I was just a small young boy, I got scared, turned and ran back to my grandmother’s home, I dropped a slipper behind. My grandmother asked me what happened, I replied that a wild dog chased me at the corner of the road down from the house. She held my hand, walked with me to the place where I encountered the wild dog. She chased and scolded the wild dog with my other slipper, helping me to retrieve my other half of my slipper back. That’s my grandmother in action!

Her travel wanderlust was just as amazing and inspiring, traveling to many different countries. In the village, she would probably be one of the most well traveled seniors! I have yet to match her travel feats at this point in time! She traveled down regularly to visit my family in Singapore during my childhood and teenage years.

My paternal grandmother was an amazing role model, I think I got some of her traits from her – hardworking, not giving up, travel wanderlust and very meticulous.

At her 90th birthday celebrations, I still had many fond memories of her big birthday bash and those photographs will be wonderful memories for the entire extended family when they all came together to celebrate a milestone for her.

As she started to age over the past few years since entering into the 90s age band, old age and deterioration of the body was inevitable, every human being will face it some day in the future. Her movement became slower and she required walking aid. Yet, she was also very amazing, still being alert of her surroundings and people when she was in her 90s.

She was planning to celebrate her 100th birthday in the month of May 2017. Sometimes, things in life don’t go as planned like we all want it to be. She passed away peacefully on 20th November 2016 at a ripe old age of 99. I was very shocked, not expecting it to happen even though I was pre-empt by my parents a few weeks ago to be ready in case it happens. I had it really hard because I attended my university junior funeral wake on the night of 19th November 2016, she was just 36 years old. Their passing, were like “back to back”, this was a double blow that shook me really hard and to be honest, I was lost for three weeks – pain, shock, agony and sadness penetrated inside me heart, mind and soul, you can read all of them here.

I did not visit my Grandmother as often as I should and could, over the past few years. I would like to confess that I am very sad and disappointed that I did not get to see her alive for one last time before she left us. I was still having hopes that I can do something special for you on your 100th birthday celebration in 2017 with my photography and story telling. This is not going to take place at this point in time and I am planning of another photography channel to remember and honour your life.

During her funeral, it only dawned upon me on my role and status in the extended family since I was the eldest grandson in the family. I had to perform some of the rituals along side with my dad and uncle.

Reaching a ripe old age of 99, she’s the big mother of the extended family of five generations under her. That’s another remarkable feat that not many people can meet up to. She led a good life with a big extended network of descendants under her, guided and taught by her authority, teachings and lessons. She may not have live a life of rich and wealth during her life time, she definitely live a great and good life with many filial descendants of good upbringing and teachings.

Our dear matriarch is now watching all over us from the sky above, taking care and blessing us, just like before, nothing much has changed. I have a personal photography project (on my grandmother and the 5 generations under her) in my mind that I hope that I can produce and show it to you when the time is ripe. This will be a testimonial and tribute to your matriarch status as well a legacy for the current and future generations to remember you.

Goodbye and farewell to my beloved Grandmother, I will always remember you in my heart. Yes, I do miss your scoldings and nagging on me.

Entering into the 40s band

The time now is 10:01 am or 10:01pm on the 10th January – 10/01.

Today marks the day, whereby I officially enter into the 40 age band. The last time I entered into a new age band was 10 years ago, entering the 30-39 age band. The thoughts and feelings were so different from then 30 years old and now 40 years old. I had mellowed down over the past 10 years, slowly getting myself away from nonsense and rubbish on the social media platforms.

There were times when you can see and feel, that you are getting older, just by looking at the people around you. My nephews and nieces have all grown bigger and older, my friends children had grown and some of them had more children in their family.

Entering into the 40s age band is like the new era of 30s, there are still many opportunities and great things to achieve ahead for me. Although I would not be as fast and energised like when I had the health and body energy of a 30 year old.

Age is truly a number, no doubt about that and you cannot run away from it! While I can never run away from getting old, my heart, mind and soul can still be forever young with a higher and increased level of maturity, thinking, experience from the life journeys. While I may not run as fast as before, I am still learning and growing, exploring and setting new goals and objectives. A person’s life learning journey must always be ongoing, no matter how big or small the lessons are.

Oh yes, in Singapore, when we reach 40 years old, we are automatically enrolled into this health insurance program known as ElderShield, you can read up more about this program here. I have a feeling my younger friends are going to give me the short end of the stick again for getting inside this program. Alright, this is also a huge and constant reminder to take good care of my health, keep and stay fit, exercise more!

While I am having mixed feelings of hitting the 40s, I am excited of the new journeys and adventures ahead that I embarked upon at the start of the year 2017.

Oh yes, welcome to the 40s club!

Goodbye and farewell! You will be remembered!

On the morning of Friday 23rd September 2016, I woke up and saw a group message sent to my alma mater WhatsApp group belonging to the Dragon Chapter, the old boys of the Dragon Scout Group family hierarchy. I was shocked and very sad to hear the passing of a senior Scout master from Hawaii, who lost the battle to an illness.

I took a walk down my own personal memory lane when I first met you, I was just a young boy scout. If my memories serve me correctly, I was just 15 when you came down and visited Dragon Scout Group in 1992, that was the first establishment of a long and still strong, ongoing Scouting friendship and bonding between Hawaiian scout troop that you led and Dragon Scout Group in Singapore. Never did I realised how long and wonderful this friendship and bonding lasted over two decades. I am very honoured (for a young teenager during that time) to be one of the first few Dragon Scout Group Scouts to have memories of meeting you in person in the school when you first visited us.

The first exchange was in 1994 when you led and brought the Hawaiian scout troop down to Singapore for the first exchange. I can still remember the time when you all came down for camping at Sarimbun Scout Camp and I was in my first year as a Venture Scout. The Dragon Scout Group went over in 1995 for the return exchange visit that I didn’t get to be a part of.

Even though there was a bit of a time gap in between the first and next exchange visit, the friendship was never lost. I was looking through the photographs that I took when you returned in 2007 for the exchange with Dragon Scout Group, with a group of Hawaiian scouts, leaders and parents. I was there to welcome the Hawaiian scouts at the airport, it was the start of a fun and enjoyable exchange programme. These were some very beautiful memories and I was very happy to be part of this wonderful exchange.

In 2012, the boys and girls of Dragon Scout Group visited Hawaii for an exchange and I decided to follow along too. This was one of the best travels that I had, it wasn’t just about how beautiful Hawaii is or visiting Big Island. Following along for this exchange trip gave me a chance to truly learn and understand a lot more about international scouting exchange and friendship even though I wasn’t active in the Scouting movement. Upon returning back home, I would pass it on to my junior leaders in my alma mater, Dragon Scout Group whenever I am able to, serving the role as a mentor (just an old boy coming back whenever I am able to).

When you came back to Singapore for holidays, it was always great to catch up with you along with my fellow scout leaders. We will never forget your kindness and blessings, with gifts from Hawaii!

Dear Sterling, goodbye and farewell! You may not longer be with us, we will miss you! Your legacy, your friendship, kindness and advice that you gave us will forever be remembered in our hearts, mind and soul. You are not just a Scout master, you are (and still will be) a leader, a mentor, a senior and a big brother in the international scouting movement.

Thank you, Sterling, for everything, the friendship, guidance, kindness and blessings.

We will continue to Pass-It-On, upholding the Scouting fire and spirit, spreading, building friendships and bonding through the international Scouting movement.

Toyota Corolla Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Toyota, a very well known and reliable automotive brand in the world and among the family of Toyota cars is the the Corolla Altis series. I had a affinity with the Toyota cars, owning my 1st car while I am a university undergraduate in Australia, it was an old car, the 1982 Toyota Celica. I loved it, it was a sports car with a rich racing history! Our current family sedan is a Toyota Vios E, it is a reliable and trustworthy car for the family use.

The Corolla Altis is a well known Toyota model, I drove it before a few times when I had the opportunity. It’s pretty spacious and comfortable too! With the celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Toyota Corolla, there is something special coming to you here in Singapore – a limited edition 50th year edition.

Let me share with you more information and details of the Toyota Corolla 50th Anniversary edition from the press release information below –

Borneo Motors Singapore today marked the 50th Anniversary of the Toyota Corolla Altis with the unveiling of a limited 50th year edition Anniversary variant. For the month of September, the dealership has planned a series of engagement and promotional activities to mark the anniversary and pay homage to the legacy set by all 11 generations of this humble yet extraordinary vision-leading car. Since its launch, the model has rolled out more than 40 million cars globally.

The Toyota Corolla Altis is testament to Toyota’s pursuit of continuous improvement. Launched in 1966, the (then) Toyota Corolla was conceptualised to be a car for everyone, bringing together the essence of Toyota’s technology. Being a car that featured many firsts for the automobile industry at the time, the Corolla debuted brilliantly as a model that would draw a clear line between it and other family cars of the time. The Corolla introduced numerous new features and equipment comparable to those found in higher grade models. As a result, the Corolla steadily captured the hearts of the public and achieved a solid No. 1 position in domestic sales — a mere 3 years after it was launched.

Now in its 11th generation, it has been designed and engineered with the goal of bringing happiness and well-being to the people. Toyota Corolla has constantly lead the category since 1966 by offering technologies, services and value that are always better. With the limited edition model, the legend has redefined itself to give the Corolla customers confidence, enjoyment and excitement like never before.


“The Corolla Altis has been the longest and most successful vehicles in our range, and the very first model made available via Borneo Motors almost 50 years back. The Corolla has grown and evolved as much as Borneo Motors has, always improving and going the extra mile to stay ahead of our competitors,” said Ms Adelene Tan, Commercial Director, Toyota Sales & Marketing.

In light of its anniversary, only 50 units of the special edition model will be made available for sale from 8 September 2016 onwards at Toyota World. The anniversary model comes in White Pearl CS colour with an exclusive Front and Rear bumper, Side skirt and Trunk Spoiler design, Muffler and 17 inch OZ Superturismo GT alloy rims, adding an updated “royal” aesthetic befitting this legend. The limited edition will be complimented with a personalised delivery kit which includes a 1:63 scale gold plated 50th Anniversary edition die cast Corolla Altis model, 2 sets of keys with a 50th Anniversary edition pouch and a production plate engraved with the owner’s name.

The new variant also includes dramatically amplified elements built with the concept of creating Confidence, Enjoyment, Excitement and Assurance for the Corolla Altis customers. The key features of the Corolla Altis – Elegance model included in the limited 50th year edition Anniversary variant are as follows:


  • LED headlamps provide excellent visibility under all conditions, while the daytime-running lights add safety and a unique look
  • 17-Inch Alloy Rims are precision-machined and bold in design, they complement the muscular looks and character of the Corolla Altis
  • Side Profile of the model comes with improved aerodynamics, asymmetrical bodyline and sculpted panels that imbue the Corolla Altis with an athletic stance
  • Modern Interior remains a key focus that is highlighted through the soft dashboard panel to the striking cyber carbon accents to ensure the interior makes every journey both enjoyable and exciting
  • Wing Mirrors are stylishly designed and feature built-in signal indicators for increased visibility to other motorists
  • A unique t-shaped motif grille design and a boldly sculpted spoiler highlight the new front design of the model


  • A nanoe™ generator air-conditioning system cleans the air as it cools, suppressing allergens and odour
  • Smart Start & Entry can be experienced with the smart keyless ignition system
  • Auto Rain Sensing Wipers, intelligent inbuilt sensors detect rainfall and turn on the wipers automatically. This feature also adjusts wiper speed according to weather conditions.
  • Electrochromic mirror has been specially designed for night driving. The mirror automatically dims itself to cut off the glare from the high beams of rear traffic
  • Split-Folding Rear Seats are built with a 60:40 ratio that can be folded down to accommodate long and bulky items easily in the boot
  • Electric Boot Release provides access to the spacious 470-litre boot


  • Acoustic Glass is the 3-layered glass that helps lower NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) levels for a quieter peaceful drive
  • 1.6L Dual VVT-I Engine gives a max output of 121bhp and 154Nm of torque and achieves fuel efficiency at 6.5?/100km
  • 7-Speed Super CVT-i delivers smoother acceleration and superior efficiency as it adapts to driving style. It also allows sequential shifting for a more spirited drive
  • Aero Stabilising Fins are positioned at the wing mirrors, rear lamps and lower rear spoiler, these help reduce drag at highway speeds
  • Lightweight Suspension help in compact and weight-saving, front and rear suspensions have been optimised for best balance of ride comfort and handling
  • ECO Monitor provides real-time updates to ensure economic and environmental friendly drive


  • SRS dual Airbags help give better protection from head injuries in the event of a collision
  • Pedestrian Protection is made from impact-absorbing materials, the front bumper minimises knee injuries in the event of a collision
  • Pretensioner and Force Limiter work in tandem with the seatbelts and react intuitively to ensure safety of the driver and passengers
  • The improved Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) and Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) ensure better and effective braking and control Brake Assist aids to reduce stopping distance dramatically and generates more braking force
  • Child Restraint System complies with international safety standards, the ISO-Fix mounting points can secure up to two child seats at the rear

Toyota fans can look forward to exciting contests on Toyota Singapore social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, as well as an interactive Corolla Altis 50th Anniversary showroom space outlining the Journey of a Legend.

Throughout the month the DriveHappy with Toyota Facebook page (brought to you by Borneo Motors Singapore) will share more on the journey of the Corolla Altis through the years (#YesterdaysDriveHappy). Corolla drivers will be encouraged to share their memorable stories and pictures with their cars. More details about the Corolla Altis and its 11-generation heritage will be shared on the Toyota Singapore website.

* Information and picture courtesy of Borneo Motors (Singapore) Pte Ltd and Cohn & Wolfe Singapore *

Happy 51st Birthday Singapore

9th August, the day where Singapore celebrates her birthday. Today in 2016, she is 51 years old, crossing her 50th Golden Jubilee year with many big celebrations and events throughout the year. Celebrating 51st birthday seems to be toned down after a massive Golden Jubilee celebration year, that is totally understandable, just like a ball reaching its peak at the top, it would drop down and bounce up again.

Many things can happen in a 1 year time frame, year 2016 has been a turbulent year till date, on a personal basis and Singapore is facing some challenging economic times currently and times ahead. SG50 was an achievement and also a reflection on how much Singapore had grown, changed and transformed in the past 50 years, sometimes too fast and furious, putting a lot of strain on our many different infrastructures and society. We had also seen the good, in people coming forward to be the change and make the changes for society.

Year 2016, SG51 is like a turning point for Singapore. We are facing more challenges, domestically and internationally. The economy is slowing down, not just in Singapore, around the whole world too. This might be the time for everybody to reflect and look ahead, how we can change as an individual, as a society and as a country, to prepare, change, innovate and adapt for the future? We might have transformed from version 1.0 to 2.0 in 50 years of modern Singapore history. However, are we doing the necessary things for our future? The decisions, the actions that we must and need to do, for us to reach version 3.0 and beyond? Or have we become too complacent, comfortable and lazy, totally bo-chup?

The rise and growth of social media has allow us to read, see and learn a lot more about the good and bad of Singapore, sometimes on the extreme ends of the spectrum. Hopefully, this would allow us to move away from the ugly and working towards more of the good.

In Prime Minister Lee National Day 2016 Message, he spoke about unity, we have to unite together and meet the upcoming challenges and difficulties that Singapore face. This is a message that I resonate with deeply. We have to unite together for the future growth of the country, we need to innovate and change.

As we embark on another new chapter in our modern history, another new journey has begun since we turned 50 during our Golden Jubilee year. We are still a very young nation in the world today and it’s up to everyone of us, to help write the new chapters, the new version 3.0 of modern Singapore.

We still have a long way to go, if we make the changes, innovate and adapt for a new era ahead.

Happy 51st Birthday Singapore!

6th LEGO Certified Store in Singapore @ JEM

LEGO has a huge fan base and following, around the world and also in Singapore too, from the young kids playing with LEGO, to the adults playing and collecting them, LEGO is something universal for everybody of all ages. LEGO is not just a toy, it’s great for children to explore their creativity and fun, bonding with parents too! This is definitely great for personal growth and personal development!

In Singapore, while we may be a small country constrained by our land size, population and domestic market economy, there would be a number sixth LEGO Certified (LCS) store that is going to officially open at JEM tomorrow on Saturday 6th August 2016! For LEGO fans in Singapore, this would be good news for you to find and buy your favourite LEGO toys!

The first LCS store was opened at Suntec City on 29th November 2014 and I was there to witness the official opening! The LCS is a store that is designed by the LEGO Group and adheres to all the store fit-out and experience guidelines as laid down by the LEGO Group. The LCS store is not owned by the LEGO Group or LEGO Singapore.

There are some exciting opening specials on 6th and 7th August 2016! Do visit them LCS @ JEM and check it out! I am looking forward to the new “Build a Mini” tower in the 6th LCS @ JEM!

“Let your creativity lead the way at the Build a Mini tower! You can mix and match from a wide selection of legs, torsos, heads, hair pieces and accessories to customise your own Minifigures”

Source: Bricks World press release

Let me share with you more information on the new and sixth LEGO Certified Store in Singapore @ JEM from the press release information below –

LEGO Singapore is pleased to announce the opening of its sixth LEGO® Certified Store (LCS) in Singapore. The LCS at JEM® will open its doors on 6 August 2016. The opening of this store means that Singapore can lay claim to having the most LEGO Certified Stores per capita in South East Asia.   Despite having a small domestic market Singapore is well known as an economic powerhouse in the region and it makes sense that expansion is occurring rapidly.

‘Bricks World is pleased to be in a position to continue to partner with LEGO Singapore at the forefront of this exciting expansion within the region,’ said George Papasolomontos, Managing Director, Bricks World. ‘This is really paving the way for how the brand is represented in the region and the ongoing benefits this brings to LEGO fans’.

What’s more, we are also excited to announce that “Build a Mini” tower will be added to the existing LEGO Certified Store benefits! “Build a Mini” lets you customise your very own LEGO Minifigure – you get to mix and match from a wide selection of bottoms, tops, heads, hair pieces and accessories to create your very own minifigure.

The LCS at JEM is managed by Bricks World, which serves to further enhance the LEGO experience for the fast-growing LEGO fan base and to reach out to new customers.

“The upgrading of our JEM store from monobrand to LCS enables us to provide the Singapore LEGO fanbase with ever more opportunities to interact with LEGO products. We are delighted to be the first store in Singapore to launch Build a Mini and expect it to be a popular new feature among adult and child LEGO fans alike”, said George Papasolomontos, Managing Director, Bricks World.

Opening Specials for LCS at JEM on 6th and 7th August 2016

LCS at JEM: All customers who spend $120 or more on any LEGO® products in a single receipt on either of these two days – 6 and 7 August 2016 – will be entitled to enter into a lucky draw to stand a chance to win 1 of 100 new and exclusive miniature “LEGO® Store” (40145) sets. The lucky draw will be drawn by Bricks World Winners will be contacted by Bricks World from Thursday 11th August 2016. Terms and conditions apply.

*Information courtesy of Bricks World and LEGO Singapore*

22/7 – Celebrate Pi Day!

Today is the 22nd July, this can also be written as 22/7. Does this number looks familiar or sounds familiar?

Welcome to Pi Day! Pi Day is also observed on the 22nd July, as 22/7 is the common fraction used to present Pi! For all the readers who love mathematics, let me share with you some interesting facts about Pi that you may not know from the infographic below!

Do check some of the fun ways that you can join in to celebrate Pi Day too!

Infographic - Pi Day with Parallels

Happy 22/7! Happy Pi Day folks!

*Infographic courtesy of Parallels and IN.FOM*

Year 2016 – Thinking, Planning and Goal Setting

A new year 2016 had started, I had been thinking a lot over the past week, reflecting on getting 1 year older just as year 2016 started only for a few days. I received a number of well wishes and blessings from family, relatives and friends, I felt very grateful and thankful for everything that I had at this juncture in time. A big surprise was a small birthday cake treat by my friends, 2 pretty ladies and my old primary school mate. The 2 pretty ladies said I need to make 3 birthday wishes, 2 of them had to be declared and the 3rd wish is to be a secret. I never made 3 birthday wishes before even if I have a birthday cake to celebrate with, since it was so special, here it goes

Wish 1 – A new career
Wish 2 – My photography exhibition
Wish 3 – Top secret and classified

While I am riding through a turbulent period, I had been thinking, planning and doing my goal setting for year 2016, in my different aspects of my life. Writing it down helps me to record it down and strategising myself to reach my goals for year 2o16. Not every aspects will be covered in this post, there might be 1 post down the road soon.


  • Photography exhibition – one possible theme is Hokkaido travel photography
  • Photo book – one possible theme is Old Playgrounds
  • Travel Photographer – Working on it individually and partnership to make this dream come true
  • Heritage, History, Conservation, Preservation Photography – To bring it to the next few levels after all the work that I done over the past few years

Health and Fitness

  • I just want to keep fit and healthy
  • Lose weight and not gain weight
  • Consistent and disciplined exercise lifestyle to ease the stress and pressure of life and work

Personal Development

  • Read the books that I bought recently
  • Go back to the books that I read before

Everything and anything social media

  • Cut down on Facebook while maintaining FB page updates
  • Not too be overly engrossed into social media
  • Continue to build, maintain relationships, branding, marketing and outreach with key brands and PR agencies
  • Write and share more tech posts and personal development posts

There were still many thoughts inside my mind, condensing, summarising, writing and sharing them.

A Blessed Gift of Wish and Achivements

In the year 2004, I traveled to Tokyo, Japan for a solo backpacking trip with my camera, it was probably the start of my travel photography adventures. I had so much fun during my trip and one of the key highlights was visiting the Sensoji Temple in Asakusa, Tokyo, Japan. I remembered buying an amulet from Sensoji Temple for my old buddy Nicholas, it’s a drive safely amulet. I do not know why I didn’t get one for myself during that time.

My nieces Charmaine and Charlene recently went to Japan along with their auntie Wee Keng (my cousin) for a short holiday, I asked them to help me get an amulet from Sensoji Temple on my behalf since they would be visiting Asakusa area. For this time I decided on an amulet and I chose the Wish Achievements amulet – ???? .


I am very grateful and thankful to my two nieces and cousin who went to Sensoji Temple and purchase the amulet from the Sensoji Temple on my behalf. The year 2015 had been a very interesting and also a roller coaster year for me. I had managed to push through breakthroughs and achievements in my business/work and photography. Some of the breakthroughs were small; some were big, yet all of them were significant and important to me in the year 2015.

The achievements and breakthroughs that I achieved in 2015 till date were very proud and happy moments for me. Yet, for those who knew the in-depth stories, stress and pressure that I shared, knew about the intense stress and pressure that I had to go through before and currently.

Receiving this amulet from Sensoji Temple, I received a blessed gift for my wish and achievements. I hope that my personal wishes (of and from the heart) can come true and attain more achievements in my business and photography. I will carry it with me, in my work bag, in my leisure bag, in my photography bag.

Not many people know about the difficulties, stress and pressure, whether it is related to work, photography or my personal life. Let this amulet gift be a charm and blessing for my future endeavours, for my work, my photography and my personal wishes.