The Canon PIXMA MG6170 was loaned to me, kindly arranged by Canon Singapore and Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide, thanks to them, I was able to have the photo printer for about 3 weeks to test print and review the photo printer. In an earlier post, I introduced the Canon PIXMA MG6170 and its technical specifications, do check out my earlier post here!

How was my experiences, thoughts and analysis on this printer ?


– Easy to use & connect with my MacBook via the USB cable to print directly

– The SD and CF card slots are very useful and gives it more options to print out directly

– The LCD screen is very useful for me to look at the photographs that I wanted to print and choose it for printing

– Changing the ink cartridges wasn’t too difficult after all (I had to replace some of the ink cartridges during my review)

– LCD panel user interface is good, easy to use and move around the different applications and functions

– 2 separate loading trays for normal paper printing (bottom cassete) and photo printing (top slide down) , it works well for me and I don’t have to worry about changing the paper inside all one compartment and even mixing the papers up.

– Scanner is useful and the scan quality is pretty good


– The printing is not really that fast (well, it’s not that slow though)

– Prefer the LCD screen to be bigger in size

– If there were a lot of photographs inside your SD or CF card, it can be quite a challenge to find the photograph that you wanted to print (e.g. photo is number 400th out of 800 photos inside your card), the interface doesn’t allow the ease of search and selection of the particular photo as compared to searching and finding it on your laptop or desktop.

Other Points to Take Note

– Some points to take note that my MacBook screen is not calibrated before, therefore some photographs came out looking different from I have on my MacBook. If you would be doing home printing quite a lot, you may like to consider getting a device to calibrate your screen, that would help you with your post processing and printing and it helps too if you are sending it out for photobook printing or printing shops.

– 2 black ink cartridges inside the Canon PIXMA MG617o printer, this might help to save cost with the black ink not being used up too fast.

Overall, the Canon PIMXA MG6170 is a good printer, suitable for home printing and my short stint using it along with my prints, Final prints from the Canon PIXMA MG6170 printer are good and my friends who received my photography works like it, printed out 4R and A4 size photos for them to bring home & keep for memories sake! I shared my photography works with my friends, vendors, business/social media partners and supporters, spreading the joy of my photographs brightening their day!

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