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Meet Lucy – A New Digital Banking App for Women

Meet Lucy – A new digital banking app for women by Lucy Holdings Pte Ltd. This is a free mobile banking app for women, offering useful and flexible financial services targeted specifically towards women. The name is simply called LUCY, this app improves access to finance for women leading small businesses, running households as well as supporting families. Lucy’s theme – Grow. Thrive. Shine. With an aim to support aspirational women in being unstoppable.

LUCY – free mobile banking app for women

“We’ve launched LUCY with the aim of helping and empowering women to manage their finances in a seamless and holistic manner. Our app has been designed as an integrated solution with the customer at the centre of each interaction, keeping their experience simple and hassle-free. We hope women will benefit from having this centralised portal to spend and save so that they can focus on what matters.” Says CEO, Debbie Watkins. 

As I began to learn and understand more about LUCY, I had a better understanding on what they are doing. LUCY helps Entrepreneurs, Employers, Households, Domestic Helpers. This would really be useful and accessible for women of all levels. While LUCY is for Singapore residents at the moment, they are looking to expand into more countries soon, keep a lookout for them!

What is LUCY? What do they do? What is LUCY all about? In the paragraphs below, we would be able to understand more in-depth about LUCY, and how you can Pay-It-Forward and Pass-It-On, this new digital banking app for women by women.

What Is LUCY?

LUCY is a one-stop mobile banking solution providing easy to open, fee-free accounts powered by Mastercard. Users can set up separate banking accounts within one convenient app to manage finances and payments for personal, business, household, children and even domestic help expenditures.

They have additional option to create individual savings pockets, users can also oversee savings for different purposes and track their progress. All functions can also be automated to activate interest-free regular payments.

LUCY is devised to accept money via PayNow, MasterCard, Visa, bank transfers, as well as cash top-ups. This app is simple, fast and convenient to use for managing money on the move.

The most important point, LUCY is a safe and secure platform, regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS).

Zero Fees for Multiple Banking Accounts within One App

The roles and responsibilities of a women in the modern society/economy cannot be underestimated. They are excellent at multi-tasking, carrying huge roles and heavy responsibilities concurrently – from holding the fort at home as the manager of the household, in the business world as an employer, micro business owner or entrepreneur.

LUCY eliminates the need for them to oversee different bank accounts for household, business and personal spending. There is also no fee for opening accounts in the app, and no minimum balance required.

LUCY offers free and easy finance management for entrepreneurs, employers, households and domestic helpers.

LUCY – Zero Fees for Multiple Banking Accounts within One App

Financial Tracking for Savings and Payments

Women can now use LUCY as a single solution to enable financial tracking for savings and payments. When they are using the LUCY app, they can create as many accounts as required for different purposes, e.g. groceries, bills, wages payments etc etc. They can keep track all of these different accounts with ease.

Using the principle of money jars, each account can also contain savings which can be tagged to goals, linked to their financial management goals and helping them to achieve it.

LUCY – Financial Tracking for Savings and Payments

Free Mastercard Debit Card for Each Account

For each account within LUCY, they also comes with a physical prepaid MasterCard enabling in-store shopping, thus facilitating online purchases or even taking public transport.

Foreign domestic workers can also use their physical prepaid MasterCard linked to their LUCY account for online purchases from a shop in their home country and have the item sent to any address there.

LUCY – Free Mastercard Debit Card for Each Account

Interest-Free Advance Salary Transfers

For domestic workers here in Singapore, this would be very helpful and useful for them. They can set up their personal LUCY accounts easily accessible through their mobile phones to request for wages earned up to the day or even an advance on their wages for a flat fee of S$1.

Any advance payments transferred by employers do not incur any interest fees and automated salary payments can be activated effortlessly.

They can access their account to perform remittances (available to Indonesia and Philippines currently) with a low fee and at the best exchange rates, including sending cash to agents. This would avoid precious hours queuing at a remittance agent or bank.

LUCY – Interest-Free Advance Salary Transfers

Pay It Forward

For every payment transaction made using the prepaid MasterCard on LUCY, it qualifies for a Pay-It-Forward reward scheme whereby users can accumulate points that can be exchanged for tangible rewards that benefit less fortunate women in Singapore.

One example would be users could sponsor a training course on entrepreneurship skills or provide a food package for someone living in a shelter. Users can pick and choose the reward the resonates most with them personally.

What’s Next For LUCY?

Next on the cards for LUCY is creating and connecting like-minded entrepreneurial communities, whereby users will get exclusive access to a network of micro entrepreneurs and all led by female trailblazers.

From talented tattoo artists to a female cobbler specialising in repairs of bespoke footwear or a seamstress weaving magic on fabrics, women can become part of LUCY’s network and open up doorways to opportunities for flourishing small enterprises.

LUCY invites all female micro entrepreneurs to be part of this directory for free. This directory will be launched in the third half of the year.

For more information on LUCY

For more information or to download the LUCY app, please visit https://welucy.com/. The app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Connect with LUCY on their social media platforms

* Information and pictures courtesy of Lucy Holdings *

Reflecting H1 & Q2 2022 (Other Business, Technology and Personal)

We are now into the second half of Year 2022, time flies in the blink of an eye. How was your second quarter (Q2) and first half (H1) of 2022 like for you? Overall for me, it had been a mix of ups and downs on the various side of things for my other business, technology and personal side of things. Taking the time to look back and reflect on H1 & Q2 2022 (Other Business, Technology and Personal), planning and aligning myself for Q3 2022 and H2 2022.

Social Media Marketing/Content Creator/Writer

An area that I developed and expanded from my early days as a writer, expanding into content creator and social media marketing. A business area that I am currently building on, with a mixed bag of results.

My first social media marketing work gig didn’t go well as planned, I reflected and analysed this gig. I won’t go too much into details due to privacy and confidentiality matters. All I can say is I can and should have handled it a lot better through proper communication.

Lessons learnt, moving forward for future social media marketing gigs, I would be much better prepared.

Other Business Interests

In the earlier part of Q2 2022 and H1 2022, there were other business interests that were floated up on joint business venture. A number of discussions took place, it didn’t go ahead as planned and it had to be KIV, a number of reasons and considering the circumstances at that time, pushing it back for future consideration might be a more prudent and safe decision.

Meanwhile, should there other business interests, ideas and projects that pop up on my radar, I would definitely take a look.

Technology Writer

A stabilised and established segment, much like my photography writing, both areas honed over more than a 10 years period. Nevertheless, that’s always room for improvement and expansion, one of the sectors that I am expanding on would be enterprise technology/B2B technology as well as niche technology topics that I had a stronger interest in e.g. cybersecurity, fin-tech, as well as environmental issues.

One constant challenge for me is to consistently publish technology news coverage, not only do I  receive more technology media news releases, there is also an emphasis on content creation for technology, photography and travel content.

Nonetheless, if you have interesting media pitches for technology or on other industries, chat with me personally and let’s see what we can do.


On a personal note, I didn’t get into much personal stuff and situations that might spiralled me downwards into a rabbit hole again. That’s definitely a good thing as well as a sigh of relief for me. As for the usual stressful and pressurising life of a small business owner is pretty much routine and normal, sometimes it just got more stressful and under more pressure at times.

Other than that, you can say I lead a “boring life” with low social economic status (SES) lifestyle, keeping low profile, private and confidential. My sharing on my insta stories don’t reveal much of my life at large.

Viewing those high SES lifestyle on my Instagram stories and posts, it can be so mentally exhausting.

Please be kind, Please do not Judge!

The world is getting more difficult to live and work in, we are not helped by the world economic situation as well as our social media driven and instant gratification glamorous lifestyle. The world needs more kind and understanding citizens, less judgemental people.

Please be kind, Please do not Judge! A reminder to myself too.

What’s next for Q3 2022 and H2 2022?

Just when we were working towards exiting a global pandemic situation that had caused so much disruptions to our economy and daily living from 2020 to 2022, the world entered into another crisis situation, the world is facing high inflation, ongoing conflict situation in Europe, a recession is looming above us, throw in possible stagflation too. Not to forget that we are not officially out of this global pandemic situation.

From a set of uncertainties to another different set of uncertainties, we have to be fluid and nimble that we can adapt should the need arises. While I am restricting and pivoting my other business interests/plans, writer, social media marketing with my commercial photography and content creation, I have to be nimble, be ready for changes and opportunities that might pop up.

What’s next for Q3 2022 and H2 2022? Let’s see where this journey brings me in the next quarter and 2nd half of 2022. Do check out my Reflecting H1 & Q2 2022 (Photography and Travel) article as well!

Anyway, in this era of instant gratification of showing off photos and videos, who still reads?

Last month of Year 2020 – Let’s go!

Today is 1st December 2020, we have now entered into the last month of Year 2020. Many of us I feel would want the Year 2020 to be over as soon as possible and we can start fresh for Year 2021. As we start our own countdown to the end of Year 2020, saying good riddance to bad rubbish year 2020, I just wanted to share my personal stories, experiences and updates. This would also be a good regular break from my usual technology and business content articles that you would usually be reading!   

We are not out of the woods yet!

We are still not out of the woods yet even the vaccine for Covid-19 is now on the horizon, with major pharmaceutical firms making announcements and updates on their vaccine for Covid-19. Let’s not get complacent and lazy, we must still be on high alert and continue to practice safe social distancing, cover up with a mask and safe personal hygiene. There is a sense of Covid-19 fatigue as well, this is the crucial time to stay on course and not let our efforts go to waste with our fatigue, laziness and complacency as this would derail us and set us back again, possibly even further.

Of Business, Economics and Finance

There are those who are comfortable in their careers and job positions, somehow sheltered even though they faced challenges and changes as well to their workplace and structure, to some fo them, this no doubt is definitely a much more difficult period than before although they don’t see it as a reset. There are those who faced more setbacks and challenges during the past few months, from retrenchments, business closures and business very badly affected, to these group of people, this might be a reset for them as compared to other groups.

Gratitude, Humility, count my blessings

Reflecting on the past eleven months of Year 2020 marred by the global pandemic Covid-19, we went through a lot during this period. My business had been hit, this period had been very stressful and difficult, things are still on the recovery phase as this was the reset for my business and how I would adapt, adopt and change for the near future when we start the recovery climb.

During this crisis period, I am also counting my blessings for what I have, family, relatives and close friends. Expressing more gratitude and humility during this very tough year 2020.

Last month of Year 2020 – Let’s go!

The final month of Year 2020, let’s go and finish the Year 2020 on a good note in a year marked by the global pandemic Covid-19 with its economic, social and psychological impacts. It had not been an easy time for everyone of us here, some had it very tough, some were not as bad, whatever status that you are in, I hope that you would press on and finish the Year 2020 on a good note.


Let’s all look forward to a fresh new start in Year 2021, may the vaccine for Covid-19 be out in force and we can start our recovery from this global pandemic. While I feel that this won’t be an exponential rise in recovery, at least this would be a good start for us when we welcome Year 2021.

Seeking the Light Path – 25th Sep 2020

Writing and publishing consumer and enterprise technology topics or business related topics can be very heavy at times. Sometimes, I do need to let my personal writing flow, an approach different from my photography and travel portal/blog style. This article is titled “Seeking the Light Path”, this is more than just my regular updates, it’s also a break away from the heavy technology and business topics.

Seeking and establishing new opportunities

The massive impacts caused by the global pandemic Covid-19 is still ongoing, the fallout is going to get worse before we can start to plan for our recovery. In crisis situations like these, I am seeking and establishing new opportunities, from partnerships to setting up another business. They are still a work in progress and I won’t be able to reveal more in writing, very few people would know about the new opportunities and plans that I am seeking and working on to establish.

One door closes, another door opens

From finding new opportunities and partnerships, seeking support grants for my sole proprietorship photography business, seeking new assignments or projects for my photography business. I have my fair share of disappointments and rejections, however when one door closes, another door opens. I just have to keep on moving forward and not giving up.

Personal SingapoRediscovers project updates

Progress in my personal SingapoRediscovers project is still quite alright, I am doing it my own style, through my photographs, videos and stories. Singapore, no doubt is a small country in land size, we have places to explore, learn and enjoy. This would not just be for local Singaporeans, my SingapoRediscovers project would also serve as useful and informative travel guides for my friends visiting from overseas, when the global pandemic situation is under control with the vaccine available and international leisure travel is allowed again.

Photography Zine and vlog film updates

Part of my SingapoRediscovers personal project is to bring it to “life” through the publishing of my  first official photography zine and a short vlog film of my adventures. I have to admit and confess that my original timeline for my first official photography zine was pushed back a few times. I take personal responsibility for this delay, I am working hard, balancing my photography business, content creation on this technology and business portal/blog of mine here, seeking and establishing new opportunities.

“Seeking the Light Path” – Sonnenglas

Last but not least, my update article heading is “Seeking the Light Path”. I would like to introduce Sonnenglas to all my supporters and readers. Please visit them and take a look at what they are doing! I am currently doing a review on the Sonnenlas lantern jar, preparing through my photo story, it’s coming soon.   

A picture/photo speaks a thousand words. In this current global pandemic Covid-19 situation, we are all “Seeking the Light Path” to navigate our way out of this very difficult situation.

“Tough times never last but tough people do”

We will recover from this global pandemic situation, be stronger, make the necessary changes, adapt and adopt, for a better future.

Updates and Topics of Interest – Post Circuit Breaker 8th June 2020

Writing and producing content for my websites, namely, TGH Commercial Photography, TGH Photography and Travel Portal/Blog and TGH Technology and Business Portal/Blog, have always been a constant challenge and balancing game for years. Each website has its own unique content creation challenges to overcome, for this personal website of mine here, I would like to regularly break away from my usual technology news routine to share personal updates, reflections and upcoming plans. Here’s my updates and topics of interest – Post circuit breaker 8th June 2020.

Topics of Interest

Covid-19 and the search for a vaccine

The start of a new decade, the year 2020 is shaping up with the Covid-19 pandemic would make a significant landmark in the history of Earth and the years beyond that. How this might define this new decade, the upcoming changes to the world, we might usher in a new decade of many changes, personal hygiene, healthcare and living.

On the search for a vaccine, clinical trials are ongoing in different parts of the world. Let’s hope an institution can come up with a vaccine for Covid-19 soon. I am following my alma mater University of Queensland Covid-19 vaccine development and would share updates on my social media platforms when there are updates.

Future of WFH

Working from home (WFH) sounds like the new kid on the block can finally step up and say, “I am cool, this is the way to go for the future”. On one hand, WFH can work, it’s not just because it sounds cool, modern and savvy. However, WFH might not be suitable for all industries and businesses, add in home based learning (HBL) with WFH, this combination makes it even more tricky and challenging. How is WFH going to evolve in the months and years ahead and how it might impact or change the economy remains to be seen.

Technology and Digital Transformation

Technology has been developing and improving over the past decade, coming into our daily life and working life, leading to workplace digital transformation, would it help make WFH easier? In this crisis, how would they adapt and transform technology for the economy and for daily living? Changes are coming, giving a rise to more technology and digital transformation for both work and personal. In my personal opinion, this is a big area of interest to look out for, in the months and years ahead.

World economy

Some have compared this crisis to be potentially much bigger and worst than the Great Depression of the 1920s. A very frightening scenario for the world economy, that would definitely fuel the rich and poor divide even further, financial and economic hardships, further deepening and widening social issues. How would the capitalism model change in this new era?

Post Covid-19 life and how we work will not be the same as before. Be prepared for some tough years ahead as the world navigates through this crisis. How deep and big would this crisis goes?


Improvements to my websites

I am regularly tweaking, fine tuning and improving my three main websites, not to mention my other sites showcasing my photographs, 500px, Flickr, MakersPlace etc, take up a fair amount of time and energy as I am operating solo. Curation of my photographs for both leisure, commercial and portfolio of works would be updated soon.

Training, Skills Upgrading and Development

This Covid-19 pandemic, giving rise to a world economic crisis, bringing about changes (and more to come) to workplaces, jobs, working style etc. Some jobs will be lost, some jobs will change dramatically. This is the time to upgrade my skills, new learn skills, search for suitable training programmes to develop and improve myself, knowledge and skills even further.

No thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, I am looking at safety related training for running a business. I am planning to learn videography, filmmaking and drone flying, to add on to my photography business services.

Cautious spending

From a budgeting perspective in a current Covid-19 pandemic and an ongoing economic crisis, spending for some has come to a halt or we must be very cautious in our spending, whether it’s personal or for business. I am looking at some used photography and technology accessories to add on to my workflow.

In this new era, the phrase “change is the only constant” might be changed into, “Many changes are coming to you”. Be prepared for tough and grim time ahead, a few years maybe. This is also the year, not to forget and reset year 2020, the era where we need to reset and change, for a new hope, a new future, a new era.

Start of Phase 1 Post-Circuit Breaker in Singapore

Today, 2nd June 2020 marks the start of Phase 1 Post-Circuit Breaker in Singapore. The circuit breaker in Singapore started on 7th April 2020, this was initially supposed to end on 4th May 2020, however, it got extended to 1st June 2020. The Singapore Government announced on 19th May 2020 that Singapore will exit the Circuit Breaker when it ends on 1st June 2020 and embark on a three phased approach to resume our normal life and activities in a safe and controlled manner.

Phase 1 Post-Circuit Breaker doesn’t mean that people can go out and break loose, we still have to observe all the measures that were put in place earlier. There would probably be a group of people going out to “anyhow run around” since it’s like “I want to break free”, please refrain from doing it. At the present moment, the fight against Covid-19 is not over, not just in Singapore, for the whole world too.

Phase 1 is Safe Re-opening for the schools, businesses and workplaces, home and community. Hopefully in 4 weeks/1 month from Phase 1, Singapore can enter into Phase 2 Safe Transition for more activities (both business and leisure) are allowed to resume. As for reaching Phase 3 Safe Nation, I would update in another article down the road when the situation is clearer.

During this circuit breaker period, it had been a huge learning life experience, on both professional and personal basis. My sole proprietorship photography business had been severely impacted along with many other businesses in Singapore and worldwide too. This pandemic is not just a wake up call on how to run a business, whether you are a small, medium or big organisation. Moving forward ahead as we enter into the Phases approach, many businesses have undergone many changes and strategies to navigate through this Covid-19 situation. Owning and running a business can be very harsh and brutal, the statistics of how many businesses have to close down show how damaging this Covid-19 situation has been.

For more in-depth personal thoughts, views, feelings and emotions for my photography and travel segments, they can be found on my TGH Photography and Travel portal/blog.

On a personal basis, during this circuit breaker period in Singapore. It wasn’t an easy time for me, and for many of us in Singapore I reckon. Adjusting to this circuit breaker took a bit of time before our thoughts, emotions and feelings stabilised. Cabin fever is real and it can hit us, by going for runs and walks at the parks and park connector networks, exercising helps to reduce it. Returning back to cooking in the kitchen helps as well, the good thing is I am going back to do cooking on a regular basis again.

How would the future holds? I am taking one step at a time, I will not reveal much for privacy reasons. More changes are going to take place, both big and small, on my personal, professional and business sectors.

When would a vaccine for Covid-19 be available? The million dollar question in many of our minds around the world, while there are ongoing clinical trials, we are still waiting. I would like to share  information and videos produced by my alma mater, University of Queensland, on

Check out this video below: Know the Facts Ep5 with Professor Ian Frazer AC & Dr Kirsty Short

Know the Facts Ep5 with Professor Ian Frazer AC & Dr Kirsty Short from The University of Queensland on Vimeo.

When would a vaccine for Covid-19 be available? Keeping our fingers crossed for now.

The fight against Covid-19 is far from over, we must not let our guard down even when the vaccine is ready and available. A new era of work, living and travel in a post Covid-19 world is currently forming and evolving. How much and big the changes would be, to our working and daily life, remains to be seen.

If you would like to know more information and news about Covid-19, Circuit Breaker and post-Circuit Breaker in Singapore, you can check out the links below:

Singapore’s circuit breaker and beyond: Timeline of the COVID-19 reality


A guide on what you can do from 2nd June 2020


Here are some Singapore Government articles for reading and reference:




Theme and Goals for Year 2020 (Technology and Personal)

At the start of a new year, I would usually set aside time to reflect and review my previous year, followed by planning, strategising and writing down my goals and objectives for the new year. I do write down my goals for the new year, publish the goals that I set in my articles on my photography and travel portal/blog and technology/business/personal portal/blog. For this new year 2020, I decided to try something different, a new approach, with a theme and goals for Year 2020 (Technology and Personal)

Setting a theme for Year 2020 was inspired by Fernando Gros recent article, “Momentum – Yearly Theme For 2020”. Having met Fernando in person, a very talented creative, musician, photographer and writer, I also have his book, “No Missing Tools”, very inspiring, opening a world that I never thought that I ever have inside me, on the subject of creativity. Fernando has been an inspiration for me as a photographer and writer, learning, changing, evolving and adapting in this current modern world filled with so much fast moving information, news, images and videos.

As I decided on a single word to choose my theme for Year 2020, it was a bit of a struggle since this was my maiden attempt. Seeking the advice of my old classmate Michael, from my primary school days (his command of the English language is way better than me), he advised me to find a phrase that would suit me personally, after an interesting discussion and brain storming, this phrase appeared “Striving to Excel”, our primary school motto (and our primary school is no longer around, they have merged with other primary school in my neighourhood).

My theme for Year 2020 is “Striving to Excel”, I focus on two different approaches, for my photography and travel portal/blog, I published a separate article on “Theme and Goals for Year 2020 (Photography and Travel)” and I would publish on my “Theme and Goals for Year 2020 (Technology and Personal)” right here in this article. Another new approach for this year, I am not revealing my other business goals and plans for this year, you can still find some bits and pieces in previous articles, if you have been a regular reader on my two websites.

Theme for Year 2020 – Striving to Excel

Personal Goals for 2020

  • Spend quality time with family and selected group of friends
  • Less confrontation and friction with people
  • Stop chasing trends, styles and likes
  • Avoid trolls and nasty people (including relatives and friends)
  • Always be mindful of the pitfalls of using social media
  • Spending more time on reading
  • Spending more time on journaling, writing and sketching
  • Constant self improvement and learning new knowledge, skills
  • For those people and organisations that don’t appreciate the hard work + free coverage that I put in over the years, I might probably slowly move away into other coverage areas
  • Be happy with I am doing and not be affected by people telling me what I should do
  • Stay healthy, eat more healthy
  • Lose weight, be more disciplined in exercises and fitness workouts

Technology Goals for 2020

  • Expand my coverage on B2B / Enterprise technology areas
  • Develop niche technology coverage areas
  • Get my customised in-ear monitors
  • Maintain my B2C technology coverage areas

Striving to Excel, in both personal and professional capacity, for my Year 2020. Come on board, follow me on my B2C + B2B technology coverage and personal writing adventures!

12 Chinese Zodiac Animals Outlook for 2020 by Joey Yap

Chinese Lunar New Year 2020 is arriving soon! In a few days time, starting on 25th January 2020, we would be ushering the Year of the Metal Rat! While we are preparing to usher in and celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year 2020, what is your Chinese zodiac animal sign? How’s your outlook for Year 2020 in the Year of the Metal Rat? Let me share something interesting and informative with you – 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals Outlook for 2020 by Joey Yap.

Joey Yap, World No. 1 Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics expert

Photo courtesy of Brand Cellar

Joey Yap, World No. 1 Feng Shui and Chinese Metaphysics expert, has prepared this 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals 2020 general outlook video. He has grouped the 12 animals into 3 awesome groups to guide you on your 2020 action plan and you can make 2020 an awesome and rocking year ahead!

Personally, I know a tiny little bit about Feng Shui, I had always been keen! Every Chinese Lunar Year, I would look into my outlook for the new Chinese Zodiac Year ahead, since I am running my own sole proprietorship photography business for the past three years. Therefore, I continued watching Joey Yap’s video on the forecast for the Year of the Dragon in 2020.

For those born in the Year of the Dragon, the forecast is 2020 can be an awesome and rocking year! However, there is a point brought up by Joey Yap, it depends on what I decide to do, as well as, I also have to work for it, in my business, in my personal life. I believe in hard work, determination, perseverance, humility, self-improvement and honing business strategies, not waiting for things to fall from the sky.

If you are keen to know about the outlook for the Year 2020, why not visit Joey Yap website, take a look the Astrological charts (also known as 12 animal signs) for guidance and advice here:  https://joeyyaponline.com/2020sg35382861

Wishing everyone a Happy Chinese Lunar New Year in advance! Good luck and all the best in the Year of the Metal Rat in 2020!

For more information on Joey Yap, visit

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/datojoeyyap/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/djoeyyap/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/joeyyap

* Information courtesy of Brand Cellar *

Final Month of Year 2019 – Technology / Business / Personal Updates

Entering into the final month of Year 2019, it’s now December 2019 and in about a month’s time, we would be welcoming the new Year 2020. Time flies, looking back at the past eleven months of 2019, taking on the final month of December 2019 and preparing ahead for Year 2020, sharing some quick updates, thoughts, feelings and tentative plans.

Some might be slowing down their work for the upcoming Christmas festive season, I would also be slowing down, clearing up my backlog of articles on both my photography and travel portal/blog as well as my technology/business/personal portal/blog.

Anything and Everything Photography and Travel

Anything and Everything on my photography, commercial/business, leisure/personal and my travel segments, can be found here in this dedicated article that I published earlier on my photography and travel portal/blog.

Consumer / B2C Technology

For this segment, there have been new engagements with technology brands thanks to new networks being built up between a few PR agencies and dealing with brands themselves. Would there be more consumer technology accounts being added to my coverage in the Year 2020 remains to be seen.

Enterprise / B2B Technology

This started off on a very small segment, there were only one to two technology companies that started to have interactions and engagements around two to three years back. Over time, there had been a gradual and small increase in B2B technology coverage, interactions and engagements. Moving forward, I hope to increase my coverage in the following areas that I had been covering for a period of time, 5G, Internet of Things (IoT), Cybersecurity, AI etc.

Blockchain / Cryptocurrency

Two key technology sectors on the upward growth, with huge potential yet concerns especially for cryptocurrency. On a personal basis, I am interested to learn, understand and know more about blockchain and cryptocurrency. In the Year 2020, I am planning to share more about them, my thoughts, views and applications to other technology sectors and society living.

Blockchain and cryptocurrency have now been used in the creative industry, for us photographers, artists, illustrators. This particular platform makersplace is adopting both modern technology blockchain and cryptocurrency, I am on board too! Please do support, visit my store on makersplace TGH Photography and if you like my photography works, do get it!


In my updates articles over this whole year, backlog is a regular and constant sharing (ranting) on my articles. Juggling content writing and content creation on two portals/blogs can be very challenging and demanding. I promise to clear them as soon as possible before the end of Year 2019, so that I don’t carry over too many stuff to Year 2020! I would also like to thank the various PR agencies that I have been working with all this time, for your support, trust and belief in me and my writing/coverage.

Other Business

In some of my updates, I have shared that I am working on a hybrid digital agency + photography/videography business model. This is still a lot of work in progress, nothing is guaranteed and I will not elaborate further or share more. I reckon there might be some eyes and chatter on this and on me too.

Social Media and Trolls

By having a social media presence, both personal and business, I can’t run away from criticism, judgements and trolls, a continuation of human actions and reactions on another medium. There had been a few trolls, I just have to continue avoiding and ignoring the trolls, I am not going to be drawn into your trolling, you can troll yourself.

I need a holiday break

Yes, yes, I really need a holiday break! I was planning to go for a travel holiday in November or December 2019, due to the changes in photography business schedule, I have to put it aside and looks like 2019 won’t have any travel holidays for me. Maybe January 2020 or April 2020 would be my next travel adventure.

Last but not least

This is the final month of year 2019, the final final sprint to the end of Year 2019. As you strive for your final goals and objectives, take the time to rest, relax and spend the festive December season with your family and loved ones.

Two more months to end of Year 2019

Today is 1st November 2019, two more months to end of Year 2019. Time flies and they do not wait for anybody. In the space of ten months, we felt the volatility, the ups and downs with greater uncertainty especially in the second quarter of 2019. While it has picked up slowly in the third quarter leading into the final quarter, there had been huge challenges at times.

From the third quarter moving into fourth quarter, this was an interesting period for me. I had been building up and expanding more networks, I also mentioned on a commissioned shoot enquiry that took place, while things are still in discussion stage, I am not too sure if it would be a green light to go ahead. Nevertheless, for this big international organisation to approach me directly based on my travel and landscape photography works, I feel great, my photography works are gaining more recognition.

There would be more opportunities for commissioned photography shoots with OCUS and I am now part of MakersPlace platform and community, that would allow me to showcase and share my digital creations in photography, backed by blockchain technology. I am still exploring and knowing more creative folks from different genres right here on the MakersPlace community, viewing their creative works, be mesmerised, inspired and encouraged by creatives from other industries and genres. For MakersPlace, I am curating it to be my creative platform for my photography genres. This is my MakersPlace store front – https://makersplace.com/store/tghphotography/ , please help to pay it forward and pass it on!

I recently helped out with fellow photographers from Canon Singapore EOS World Community for MakeOver Magic Singapore 2019 by Shunji Matsuo, part of the videography team that shot the videos of the interviews being conducted and behind the scenes of the makeover magic photography shoot. For this segment, I would publish in another article on my photography and travel portal/blog soon! Check out MakeOver Magic Singapore 2019 video!

On the photography business segment, always a work in progress, change, adapt and add on. I am always on the lookout for business partnership and collaboration opportunities with agencies, working on to grow and expand it further.

As for publishing articles for both portals/websites, there is a queue for both websites. Priority have to be for commissioned articles posts, followed by media events coverage and review articles and lastly, press releases. The backlog can be pretty exhausting and I hope to have your understanding.

My Decibullz true wireless custom moulded earphones have arrived, fits right into my plan, to isolate those trolls and nasty people, who are taking a toll on me, shutting their chatter off and away from me. A measure that I took recently was to block such people away from my life and social media, for my mental health sake and personal well being.

I have been publishing pretty heavy technology articles in recent months, that’s why I thought and feel that I need to have more personalised stories besides my core technology and business topics/content articles.

The past ten months were nothing short of a smooth journey, the turbulence, the highs and lows, emotional and physical drain. However, I must still persevering on, moving forward, picking up myself up whenever I tumbled down.

It’s close to the end of the Year 2019. Bring it on, let’s finish 2019 on a high note.