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Blue Prism World 2022 APAC in Singapore

SS&C Blue Prism, a global leader in intelligent automation, held its first APAC conference, Blue Prism World 2022 APAC in Singapore on 6th July 2022. An informative, enriching, networking and eye opener conference held in Singapore, sharing knowledge, tips and business operations experiences, to empower and reimagine the future with Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Intelligent Automation (IA) in Asia Pacific.

Blue Prism World 2022 APAC in Singapore conference was held in a hybrid format, with 130 in-person attendance and over 300 virtual attendees across Asia Pacific (APAC) in senior leadership roles from critical industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, and financial services. The conference gave rise to panel discussions and sharing sessions on the opportunities, latest trends and innovative use cases of RPA and IA. The conference welcomed speakers from major corporations such as Schroders, Advantest, National Australia Bank, and Air New Zealand, that shared how RPA and IA solutions are transforming their business operations.

“It is heartening to witness technology leaders in automation, innovation, and digital transformation share their perspectives and innovative ways of unlocking the potential of automation technologies. To construct agile enterprises of the future, we need to harness the collaborative power of people and intelligent automation. At SS&C Blue Prism, we are committed to offering best-in-class services for our customers to increase their capabilities and competitiveness,” said Sunny Saha, Chief Operating Officer, APAC, SS&C Blue Prism.

Future of Work and Digital Transformation via RPA and IA

In a post-pandemic world, a new future of work is upon us. How does the future of work and digital transformation via RPA and IA, help APAC businesses? At the Blue Prism World APAC 2022  in Singapore conference, there are a number of experiences, examples and sharing rom this conference, one noteworthy takeaway is that automation is the one of the biggest drivers of overall organisational productivity and also plays a strategic role in digital and business transformations.

Winners of Customers Excellence Awards

The winners of the annual Blue Prism Customer Excellence Awards were also announced at the conference, for outstanding innovation and transformational use of Blue Prism RPA and IA solutions.

Award winners from APAC include:

  • Head of Intelligent Automation of the Year: Steve Blunt, The University of Sydney
  • Total Transformation APAC: Westpac Banking Corporation
  • Innovation Excellence APAC: Midland Credit Management
  • ROM Excellence APAC: Shell PLC
  • Pinnacle Award: Exec’s Choice APAC: Westpac Banking Corporation

What exactly does SS&C Blue Prism do?

SS&C Blue Prism provides leading enterprise intelligent automation technology worldwide. They empower customers to reimagine how work gets done with a secure and scalable intelligent digital workforce. In a modern era and a new future of work, the world is moving towards a digital workforce, that would increase efficiency, reduces operating costs and returns millions of hours to the employees to focus on the things that matter most to them.

Beyond enterprise business technology solutions provision, they are into Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities too. As part of its ongoing CSR commitments, SS&C Blue Prism had pledged to donate £25 (S$36) for each in-person attendee and £5 (S$7) for each virtual attendee to the International Rescue Committee.

Personal key takeaways, thoughts and views from Blue Prism World APAC 2022 in Singapore

Attending Blue Prism World APAC 2022 was a good experience for me, learning more about RPA and IA, in a modern era of work, digital transformation and a new future of work dawning upon us.  This was also one of my first few B2B / Enterprise technology events that I attended in-person  as safe management measures were gradually eased since the global pandemic situation that disrupted our work and living over the past two and a half years.

The sharing sessions from the panel discussions by various business organisations across different industries gave insights into how things had transformed for their organisation with RPA and IA.

Beyond the business and technology sharing sessions, there was a particular session by a speaker, Ms. Wong Su-Yen on “Transforming to Win in Future of Work”, that left a deep impression on me. The Future is Now – 4 things to do:

  • Challenge assumptions
  • Learn, Unlearn, Relearn
  • Stay the Course
  • Dare to Try

Her amazing sharing and experiences would definitely left some lasting impacts and impressions to the attendees in both physical and virtual attendance, as SS&C Blue Prism 2022 APAC in Singapore navigates and leads the digital transformation journey through RPA and IA for businesses.

Coming from a small business owner perspective (as a sole-proprietorship business owner in photography services), being tech savvy and understanding technology are not enough, how would RPA and IA help me in my particular business sector? As well as a digital marketer and content creator role in a digital agency setup?

Coming from a technology writer/editor (in both consumer and enterprise sectors) and content creator/digital marketer perspective, with working experiences from various industries, from hospitality operations to financial advisory services, to a few years of experiences working in small and medium business (SMB) sector. Digital transformation had been on my radar in recent years as I started to cover on enterprise/business sectors, not just from Singapore’s economic push and quest in digital transformation, also from my own personal business operations experience in an SMB that continues my coverage of enterprise/B2B technology developments and macro level economic and business news in Singapore and around the world.

My personal opinions are that the SMB sectors in Singapore are still not fully onboard the digital transformation journey, not only are they underserved by technology providers, they also don’t have the necessary and adequate trained technology people to lead the digital transformation change.

Digital transformation via RPA and IA is an area that I feel would greatly help SMB sectors in their digital transformation journey. This would be an area that I hope to explore and share further down the road.

If you are a business owner, or the CTO or IT lead in charge of the IT and digital transformation for your company, and would like to know more about SS&C Blue Prism, please visit their website and find out more about them.

If you like to know more about the full list of speakers at Blue Prism World 2022 APAC in Singapore, please visit this link and find out more about them.

* Information courtesy of SS&C Blue Prism and WE Communications *

Starting FY2022 on a right note

Monday 3rd January, first Monday of the first week of Year 2022. Some of us would be starting work today, some might be having their public holiday off-in-lieu since New Year Day 2022 was on a Saturday. As for me, while my FY2022 starts on 1st January 2022, I am back in action today, starting FY2022 on a right note with a few updates.

Media Relations

Since this is the start of a new year, I would like to reach out to the various pr agencies, organisations and brands that I worked/engaged with over the years. Thank you for the trust, good working relationships and engagements.

There would be some discussions and matters that we need to follow-up, please drop me an email if I missed out or those that you like to work together on for this Year 2022.

CES 2022 Coverage

CES 2022 is taking place in January 2022, I would be starting coverage on them with the media news updates that I received from the brands/organisations that have sent me media news in December 2021.

I would share more CES 2022 news over this week and maybe the following week, depending on my articles publishing schedule and more CES 2022 media news come in over the next few days.

Yearly Theme and goals for Year 2022

During the last week of Year 2021, I spent some time reflecting as well as planning and strategising for Year 2022. I have tentatively selected my yearly theme for my photography and travel and technology, business and personal in this Year 2022, along with goals that I am setting for myself in the Year 2022. I would be publishing them soon, keep a lookout for them!

Photography (Business and Leisure) Quick Updates

Some quick updates here as I usually post my photography business/leisure updates on my TGH Photography and Travel Portal/Blog.

  • Time to update my photography business portfolio website
  • Finishing up my second photography zine, tentatively announcing and launching it at the end of January 2022
  • Back up my Q4 2021 photographs
  • More updates would be announced along the way

Administrative Work and Back Up Time

A new FY2022, administrative work needs to be done, backing up and keeping FY2021 records and documentations, whether it’s hard copies or files stored inside my computer. Next would be setting up FY2022 folders.

Spring cleaning in preparation for CNY 2022

Chinese New Year (CNY) 2022 is just 4 weeks away, CNY 2022 falls on 1st February and 2nd February 2022. Spring cleaning in preparation for CNY 2022 starts this week, I would clear, pack up, rearrange and replace my things in stages, every small step/spring cleaning leads to a bigger picture of a lesser packed/messy WFH.

A New Journey has Begun

A new journey has begun, what lies ahead is still unknown due to the ongoing global pandemic situation. I would share more of my thoughts and views in my 2022 yearly theme and goals. Personally, I am cautious for Year 2022, I don’t wish to get myself into another false sense of optimism when Year 2021 started.

Stay safe and take good care of health, mental and emotional well-being as we continue to battle and find a way out from this global pandemic situation.

Merry Christmas 2021 and Happy New Year!

Today is Saturday 25th December 2021, it’s Christmas Day! Wishing all a Merry Christmas 2021 and Happy Holidays! Year 2021 had been a very tough year for us, taking a huge toll on our mental and emotional health/well-being, some of us are also affected financially too.

Using an old photo of Christmas Wonderland at GBTB

This is time for family gatherings especially for those whose home country is elsewhere, those that are able to make the trip back home and be reunited with family, relatives and friends after close to a 2 years hiatus whereby international travel was curtailed. This ongoing COVID19 pandemic has been very disruptive, not just in economic impacts, the social, emotional and mental impacts are just as huge and disruptive.

While I am not going into reflection mode yet, I am grateful and thankful for the small opportunities gifted to my technology writing/media coverage, content creation as well digital marketing/social media marketing segments. Running a small sole proprietorship photography business, coupled with covering and writing on technology sectors, content creation and social media during this ongoing global pandemic is nothing short of many mountains to climb and conquer, falling down and climbing up, repeating the viscous cycle again and again.

Photography by Ryan Cheng

I would also like to take this time to thank various technology brands, organisations, pr agencies from back home in Singapore to countries around the world such as Hong Kong, England, Australia and Malaysia, fellow technology media/writers friends and supporters for this great working relationships, friendships and support for my technology and business portal/blog during this very difficult and turbulent year for all of us.

Last but not least, a very big thank you from the bottom of my heart to those few friends that helped me and pulled me out during a very dark period that I went through during May and June 2021.

Wishing all a Merry Christmas 2021 and Happy New Year! Enjoy and have fun, feasting and spending time with your family and loved ones!

A Milestone reached, Updates and Upcoming News

It had been a bit of a hectic week leading up to 10th April 2021 – A milestone reached for my photography and travel portal/blog! I was busy preparing, writing down my thoughts, feelings and emotions into my article to commemorate this milestone event. On top of that, I also have some updates and upcoming news to share too.


Do not worry if you are seeing and reading less articles on this website! As I mentioned a number of times over the years, balancing content creation and consistent coverage for two portals/blogs are very demanding and can be very challenging.

Through my newly established TGH Digital Studio, I am working on bringing my technology writing and coverage to combine more closely with my photography and videography works. Bringing them together with my visual storytelling, creating a new form of technology stories telling in both consumer and enterprise technology.

Attained a 15 years milestone for my photography and travel portal/blog

On 10th April 2021, my TGH Photography and Travel Portal/Blog reached a 15 years milestone. Looking back from my first post on my humble photography blog on 10th April 2006, I had an amazing journey and adventure with my photoblog, there were many ups and downs, growing old along with me, transforming into the a holistic photography and travel portal/blog today.


Inside my milestone article, I shared my inner most thoughts, feelings and emotions, as well as making more announcements on what’s coming up next for my photography and travel portal/blog.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have supported and encouraged me over the past 15 years (and still ongoing) in my visual storyteller and content creation journey!

Upcoming News

In the areas of technology news coverage, from technology gadget reviews, news announcements and launch of new gadgets/appliances etc, you would be seeing and reading more of those news soon.

For those brands and agencies that I have been working closely with in the technology field, I hope to work together more closely together with my visual storytelling and content creation, creating something to tell about technology products and services.

Stay tuned for my upcoming announcements on my latest partnership and collaboration, Meow Mixed Media Production – A mixed media photography and digital artwork collaboration.

The economy is still on the road to recovery, we are still not out of the woods yet in our fight against the global pandemic COVID-19. It’s still not an easy time for my photography business, diversifying and changing strategic business directions, planning to ride on the economy  recovery wave.

Let’s continue to keep vigilant and safe during this difficult recovery period!

Theme and Goals for Year 2021 (Technology and Personal)

It’s the start of a brand new fresh year 2021, looking back at year 2020, it had been a mountainous roller coaster turbulent journey that we managed to survive but we are still reeling from the impacts and it’s going to continue for an extended period of time. A new year, a new hope, a new start, the time is now to set my theme and goals for Year 2021 (Technology and Personal)

Ever since I was inspired by Fernando Gros article on having a yearly theme (his yearly theme for 2021 is Imagination) instead of our usual goals settings and objectives, I wrote and published two articles, Theme and Goals for Year 2020 (Photography and Travel) and  Theme and Goals for Year 2020 (Technology and Personal). I can’t imagine how much it would have changed just two months after that when the global pandemic COVID-19 started to hit the whole world.

If you are interested to learn and know more about setting a yearly theme, you have to check out “How to Choose a Yearly Theme” by Fernando Gros.

My approach to the yearly theme is slightly different, I have two themes for Year 2021 and they are Recovery and Rejuvenation. How would these two themes come into my technology and personal segments?


Social Media/Digital Marketing/Content Creation/Writer

My technology coverage has slowly increased in the past few years, in both consumer and enterprise technology sectors. I hope to build more working relationships with some of those brands and expand from there.

In the fields of content creation/writer segments, they would complement my photography and travel segments as I work on cross business opportunities and networks.


I am avoiding dramas, no thanks to how social media is evolving and transforming in recent years. This would also be the time to isolate some people away from my life.

Why these two themes “Recovery” and “Rejuvenation”?


Year 2021 to me would be the year of recovery from the impacts and damages by the global pandemic COVID-19 to the world. This is not going to be straight forward or linear, it’s likely to be turbulent, roller coaster ups and downs. With the vaccines in place, the world has started its recovery mode, this is going to take time, it’s not going to recover immediately with the snap of a finger.


There are many a times whereby I had been emotionally and mentally drained last year 2020 during the global pandemic situation. Going hand-in-hand with recovery is rejuvenation, putting new energy to what I am doing in this year 2021.

As we start the slow journey in recovery in the year 2021, rejuvenation is also crucial, we need  to inject new energy into our heart, mind and soul as we start our recovery journey.

Please also visit my Theme and Goals for Year 2021 (Photography and Travel) article!

Happy Boxing Day 2019 and Happy New Year!

Today is Thursday 26th December 2019, it’s Boxing Day! Wishing everybody a Happy Boxing Day, a post Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

As we take the time to celebrate the Christmas festive period, I am also taking this time to rest, recharge and reflect. For my photography and travel portal/blog, I shared some of my plans for that website on my Merry Christmas article post!

Annular Solar Eclipse Singapore 2019 on Boxing Day

Taking the last week of year 2019 to give myself a break, plan, reflect, review and strategise for the upcoming new year 2020. A new year, a new hope, a new beginning, a new race. Some things I won’t share too much in detail, in this current world of social media obsession, instant gratification and judging people (a.k.a. trolling), some matters, thoughts, views, plans, cannot be shared too much nowadays.

I read Fernando Gros recent blog post on Christmas, he shared something that strikes a chord with me, change for the better to build peace, goodwill, friendship. For 2020, I am and I need to get myself away from all the messy and unhealthy things related to social media. In a nutshell, social media has helped me a lot in growing my photography, writing and networks. However, the dire consequences of embracing social media, the bad points, I need to let it go (sing to the tune of Frozen 2)

In 2020, I want to invest my time in more creative works, starting from small projects like a photo zine (it’s like, finally, I am going to start) journaling to publishing my next photo book or a book on my travel adventure stories?

Sometimes, there are a lot of thoughts, views and feelings, sometimes I share, sometimes I don’t as it might be too lengthy or it might be privacy concerns.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the folks have always supported and encouraged me in my photography business journey, as well as my content creation/writer/blogging journey. This journey had never been easy since day 1 and there will be more challenging and uncertain times ahead in the year 2020. Let’s all get ready to welcome and take on year 2020!

Once again, Happy Boxing Day 2019, Merry Christmas 2019 and Happy New Year!

“When We Are Old” wins Singapore leg of Singtel Group’s “The 5-Min Video Challenge”

In August 2016, I shared an article earlier on my site that Singtel Group launched a competition to drive content innovation in all its markets that they operates in. The name of the competition organised by Singtel Group is “The 5-Min Video Challenge”.

For the Singapore leg of Singtel Group’s “The 5-Min Video Challenge”, a winner has emerged! The title of the video is “When We Are Old” directed by Mr Koh Chong Wu. The runner up is “Calling Home” directed by Mr Tang Kang Sheng. They will be competing with entries from other countries for the grand prize at the regional finals to be held in Singapore on 21st November.

Let me share more information on this news below –

Singtel has announced that “When We are Old”, directed by Mr Koh Chong Wu, has won the Singapore leg of Singtel Group’s inaugural video competition, “The 5-Min Video Challenge.” The runner-up spot went to Mr Tang Kang Sheng’s entry, “Calling Home”. Both videos will compete with 10 other entries from Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Tanzania and Thailand, for the grand prize at the Regional Finals to be held in Singapore on 21 November.

Supported by Singtel to nurture and provide talent with a platform to showcase their creativity, the Singapore leg of the Challenge attracted more than 55 submissions from film professionals, as well as students. The theme, “Connecting Lives”, was narrated in 5-minute videos that grappled with topics ranging from the light-hearted such as travel and youth romance, to more serious societal concerns such as aging.

A stellar cast of judges including Mr Eric Khoo, Mr K. Rajagopal and Mr Brian Gothong Tan considered criteria such as relevance to theme, storytelling, originality, cinematography and quality of production, in choosing the winning entries.

Mr Brian Gothong Tan said, “The films that we have selected reflect our human need to connect. We gravitated towards films that portrayed the complexity of communication in a simple, clear yet profound manner. We were moved and touched by their honest storytelling that expressed the human condition with all its ups and downs, and showed us how all our lives are inextricably linked.”

Inspired by a true story, “When We Are Old” offers a glimpse into the life of a son living with his dementia-suffering mother.

Mr Koh said, “I am very happy and excited about winning. Making films is my passion and I have made it my lifelong pursuit. To be able to help others share their stories and create films that touches the heart of others means a lot to me. Winning this competition will spur me to continue to make more films and reach out to more people.”

The runner-up, “Calling Home” depicts how a migrant worker’s call home connects two strangers at a bus stop.

“It is such an honour to have our short film chosen as the first runner up and we are absolutely psyched about the win! The film was made based on our own experiences on connecting with strangers. What came through to us most in this production was how both the actors had channelled their own personal experiences into their performances.” said Mr Tang.

Mr Koh will be awarded S$15,000 in prize money for winning the local challenge and runner-up, Mr Tang will receive S$10,000. Their videos, along with two other top local submissions can be viewed on Singtel TV, the official 5-Min Video Challenge website and Singtel’s YouTube Channel.

Mr Koh and Mr Tang will also join finalists from Singtel Group’s regional associates to vie for the Grand Winner spot and cash prize of US$30,000 at the Regional Finals later this month.

The 5-Min Video Challenge – Audience voting

Conceptualised to drive content innovation and engage audiences in all of Singtel’s markets, “The 5- Min Video Challenge” is a joint initiative by associates within the Group, comprising Singtel, Optus, AIS, Airtel, Globe and Telkomsel.

The Challenge garnered close to 600 entries from Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Tanzania and Thailand. The videos, submitted by a demographic of students, aspiring filmmakers and award-winning directors, featured various languages and a gamut of genres, ranging from comedy, romance to drama and slice of life.

Local judges were tasked to choose a winner and runner-up from the submissions. Twelve finalists – two from each of the six countries will be competing in the Regional Finals.

These finalists, as well as regional judges, Mr Eric Khoo (Singapore), Mr Monty Tiwa (Indonesia), Mr Simon Joyce (Australia), Mr Philbert Ortiz Dy (the Philippines), Mr Pratthana Leelapanang (Thailand), and Mr Hanscana (Tanzania) will convene at the Grand Hyatt Singapore on 21 November for the final judging session and awards event.

Besides the regional judges, audiences will also have a say in choosing the Grand Winner – public votes will count for 30 percent of overall scores at the finals. The public can view and then cast their votes for their favourite videos at www.the5minvideo.com/finalists. Voting is open until 18 November 2016, 2359hrs, SGT.

* Information courtesy of Singtel Corporate Communications *

Singtel Group launched The 5-Min Video Challenge

The Singtel Group recently launched a competition to drive content innovation in all its markets that they operates in. Content nowadays in today’s climate and connectivity, on the internet, social media channels along with mobile data usage, it is getting more important and significance as we users are consuming a lot more digital content and diversified digital content (from news, articles, stories to entertainment) as well.

Nowadays, video is getting a lot more attention, usage and consumption. They are going to play a bigger role in the years to come and with 5G coming into the market, mobile data consumption of video content is going to increase.

Let me share with you the information and details of The 5-Min Video Challenge by Singtel Group from the press release information below –

The Singtel Group has launched ‘The 5-Min Video Challenge’ as part of efforts to drive content innovation in all its markets. The competition is a joint initiative by associates within the Group, comprising Singtel, Optus, AIS, Airtel, Globe and Telkomsel. Winning content will be distributed and made accessible to over 600 million customers across the Group.

Content is a big part of the Group’s strategy to connect with customers as the proliferation of mobile devices has fuelled demand for online video entertainment. The short five-minute format is ideal for audiences accustomed to viewing content on mobile devices.

Mr Mark Chong, CEO, International, Singtel, said, “We are making a big push in digital content as consumers have radically changed the way they consume entertainment. For many of Singtel’s more than 600 million customers, the mobile phone is also the only way for them to access the internet. A pan-regional competition makes a lot of sense as the power of content is its ability to transcend geographical and language barriers. Our customers will be able to enjoy access to a rich variety of original content created by the most talented content-makers from the region.”

The competition will be conducted at two levels – local and regional. Each associate will first invite aspiring or experienced local filmmakers to submit five-minute entries based on the theme “Connecting Lives”. The entries will be judged on criteria such as originality of content, storytelling and cinematography. Winning entries from the respective associates’ markets will then be judged at a regional level.

Mr Chong added, “The theme “Connecting Lives” resonates with Singtel’s business of keeping people connected and how human connections can drive positive change in our everyday lives. We hope to discover new talent and concepts that we can work with on future projects for the Group’s mobile and video platforms such as Globe Studios and AIS Play.”

Mr Somchai Lertsutiwong, CEO of Advanced Info Service Plc., said: “Thailand has seen exponential growth in video content consumption. This is because it thoroughly responds to the needs of modern consumers. Another important contributor to growth is the strong digital infrastructure of AIS together with its mobile technologies including 4G, 4.5G, Super WiFi and the AIS Fibre fixed broadband network. As well, rapid growth in access to affordable smartphones at the mass-market level is another significant factor sparking the video content boom.”

“Therefore, we’re proud to play a part in organising this video content competition. We wish to work with new faces, as our content partners, in the video content creation business. From this competition, we expect to find the best video content to present even more variety to AIS customers via the AIS Play video platform,” Mr Lertsutiwong said.

Two videos will be shortlisted from each associate’s market and a total of 14 videos will enter the regional level of the competition.

The grand winner and runner-up will be announced at the grand finals, which will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on 21 November 2016. Cash prizes of US$30,000 and US$15,000 will be awarded to the grand winner and runner-up respectively. The regional winners will also get the opportunity to promote their videos on each associate’s mobile and video platforms to customers in the Group’s markets across Asia, Africa and Australia.

To find out more about The 5-min Video Challenge, visit www.the5minvideo.com.

* Information courtesy of Singtel Corporate Communications *