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Jabra launched Elite 85t powered by advanced ANC

Jabra recently launched Elite 85t, the latest addition to their family of true wireless earbuds series, in Singapore. The Jabra Elite 85t true wireless earbuds is powered by Jabra’s latest and most advanced Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) chip which silences background noise effectively.

From my coverage and review of Jabra true wireless earbuds series, the Elite Active 65t to Elite 75t, the Elite 85t brings great interest to the true wireless earbuds world with its advanced ANC feature. In my earlier article coverage, Jabra introduced free ANC upgrade for Jabra Elite 75t true wireless earbuds range. With the introduction of Elite 85t, users can feel and hear Jabra’s latest and most advanced ANC in action.

The ANC has a dedicated chip allowing users to control their ANC experience in five different levels to determine the ideal amount of background noise they would like to be blocked. At the same time, users can also control how much background sound they would like to hear while having the earbuds on by adjusting the HearThrough function within five levels.

The combination of Jabra’s ANC and HearThrough, their convenient and comfortable features are going to make it a great combination for users to control the transition between places with different background noises while having the earbuds on. For example, users can turn the HearThrough on when crossing a busy road to be aware of the dangers. They can also turn the ANC on when they want to focus on their work while at a café.

The Elite 85t true wireless earbuds has a new oval ear gels and semi-open design, specifically designed to provide enhanced comfort for users. The oval ear gels and semi-open design improve the seal on the ear when the earbuds are put on and follows the natural shape of the inside of the ear to make the fit comfortable. These new features let users enjoy their music and calls comfortably for extended periods of time.

Xuanling Lu, Jabra’s Regional Product Marketing Manager for Asia Pacific, said: “We are thrilled to introduce the latest addition to our award-winning Elite range of true wireless earbuds – now with Jabra’s most advanced ANC technology. The Elite 85t is a result of our dedication in listening to our customers’ needs for ANC in our earbuds. On top of delivering premium sound and call quality, the Elite 85t lets users determine their ideal ANC experience by letting them control the ANC within five levels.”

Jabra’s advanced ANC technology

The Jabra Elite 85t is powered by a dedicated ANC chip which lets it dedicate more processing power to noise cancellation. With the chip, the strengths of the noise cancellation and Jabra’s HearThrough functions, which lets users determine how much environmental sound they can hear while they have the earbuds on, can be adjusted in five levels. The difference between each level is approximately 3 decibels, which is the minimum sound level change that most users will be able to perceive.

Users can adjust the ANC and HearThrough levels on the Jabra Sound+ app.

The Elite 85t’s 6-mic technology also help to provide improved noise cancellation. The two microphones on the outside, which are called feedforward microphones, detect and cancel noise from outside the ear (e.g. voices, a moving train, rain). The microphone on the inside, which is called a feedback microphone, detect and cancel noise from inside the ear (e.g. excess noise that has made it past the feedforward microphones).

A more comfortable fit

The shape of the Elite 85t is based on Jabra’s fit simulation model made from thousands of ear scans and the vast database of ears from sister company GN Hearing. This allowed Jabra to squeeze in a lot of tech in the earbuds while maintaining its compact size and comfortable fit.

The 12mm speakers in the Elite 85t lets it produce a big sound and powerful bass while still providing comfort and relieving ear pressure with its new semi-open design. Jabra has also adapted the ear gels to an oval shape to provide a better sealing in the ear. This means that the tower of the Elite 85t does not sit as deeply within the ear, giving users a more comfortable earbud, while maintaining a very secure fit.

Key features and specifications

  • Compact design and oval silicon EarGels™ for a secure seal and comfortable fit
  • Dedicated ANC chip which is more efficient in removing surrounding noises
  • 6-microphone call technology and wind protection for superior calls wherever you are
  • 4-microphone ANC using mics on the inside and the outside of the earbuds
  • 12mm speakers for big sound and powerful bass
  • Semi-open design with natural hear through
  • Adjustable ANC with dual sliders from full ANC to full HearThrough
  • IPX4-rated durability and 2-year warranty* against dust and water
  • Up to 5.5 hours battery on a single charge and up to 25 with the charging case with ANC on, 7 hours battery on a single charge and 31 hours with ANC off
  • Qi-certified, for wireless charging, and compatible with all Qi-certified chargers
  • Customisable equaliser in the Sound+ App makes your music sound even better
  • Voice assistant enabled. Elite 85t works with Alexa, Siri® and Google Assistant™.
  • ‘MyControls’ to define button settings and Jabra MySound for individualised sound

Pricing and Availability

Priced at $348, the Jabra Elite 85t will be available in Titanium Black from all authorised Jabra resellers from 19 November 2020 onwards. Gold Beige, Grey and Copper Black (Amazon exclusive) will be available in the first quarter of 2021.


From 19 November 2020, customers can redeem a free $30 Capitaland voucher with the purchase of Elite 85t Titanium Black.

  • Promotion is valid only for the first 200 redemptions (while stocks last)
  • Customers must bring NRIC and proof of purchase to redeem the voucher
  • Redemption can only be made at Mojito Redemption Centre (Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Road, #04-60/61)

* Information and pictures courtesy of Jabra Singapore and GLOO PR *

Ruark Audio launched R1 MK4

Ruark Audio launched R1 Mk4, the latest Bluetooth music system into their lineup to the Singapore market. The R1 Mk4 is ideal for discerning music lovers who prefer small and stylish music systems. Weighing at only 1.5kg, the small-sized R1 Mk4 can deliver a dynamic performance akin to the larger speakers.

If you are looking for home speakers with expansive sound but you may not have the space for the larger speakers, the R1 Mk4 music system would be ideal for you. The R1 Mk4 joins Ruark Audio’s trademark luxury sound systems, the R7, R5, R3, MR1 and MRx, which were launched in Singapore earlier this year.

Alan O’Rourke, Founder and Managing Director of Ruark Audio, said: “Many small apartment homeowners face space constraints when organising furniture at home. The R1 Mk4 is ideal for these homeowners. While the music system is small, its performance is impressively detailed, natural and commanding. At the same time, it doubles up as a modern, stylish and timeless piece of furniture for the home.”

Modern, timeless design

Audio lovers, you would be attracted by the R1 Mk4 design and style, it’s modern, timeless and classy yet giving a retro feel. There are two colours to choose from, either Light Cream or Espresso colours. The R1 Mk4 is enclosed in an acoustically inert housing with a hand-crafted slatted wood grille.

There is an OLED display that vividly shows time, alarm and programme information. It can also automatically adjust brightness to suit ambient levels, perfect to be placed at your bedside.

Right on top of the speaker is Ruark’s trademark RotoDial control system which allows users to control the speaker easily in a fashionable manner. There is also a compact remote control available for those who prefer to control the speaker from a distance.

Dynamic audio performance

The R1 MK4 features a class leading sound with adaptive equaliser and a linear amplifier with Ruark’s NaturalSound+ driver. These features work together to closely reproduce songs the way they were recorded, creating a natural and lifelike soundstage.

Pricing and Availability

The Ruark Audio R1 Mk4 is now available in Espresso and Rich Cream colours from end of November at Musica at Ion, Challenger at Bugis and IStudio at Great World City. It will also be available online at Krishop, Lazada and Shopee.

The Ruark Audio R1 Mk4 is priced at SGD$499.

* Information and pictures courtesy of Ruark Audio and GLOO PR *

Sudio Fem True Wireless Earphones Review

Sudio recently launched their newest true wireless earphones in December 2019, the Sudio Fem true wireless earphones. When the opportunity arises to test and review the Sudio Fem earphones, I was pretty excited, looking forward to do the Sudio Fem true wireless earphones review after looking through Sudio website and researching on them.

Design and aesthetics

Upon receiving the Sudio Fem package, unboxing, touching, feeling, pairing and testing the audio quality. I was impressed by both the aesthetics, design and audio quality. It’s not just another technology audio device or wireless earphones, they are stylish lifestyle accessories that you would love to have it in your chosen lifestyle, leisure, work, travel, sporting etc.

I like the minimalist design on the earphones, sleek and gorgeous. The earphones are really lightweight, comfortable and easy to carry around with its round shaped carrying case, like a compass or like a jewellery case in your hands!

Before I start sharing on my Sudio Fem true wireless earphones review, let me share below, a short summary on the Sudio Fem true wireless earphones

  • 20 hours of battery life, 6 hours in a single charge
  • Real Clear Voice: 4-microphones system
  • IPX5 – Splash, rain, sweat proof
  • Touch control
  • Individual automatic pairing (both earbuds connect directly to the phone)
  • Graphene driver for a great music experience
  • Siri & Google assistant compatible
  • Free worldwide shipping
  • 18-month international warranty

Customers have four colours to choose from, Black, White, Pink and Classic Blue.


The Sudio Fem true wireless earphones are easy to pair and connect via Bluetooth, on your smartphone or laptop, the connection is fast and seamless. The buttons on each side of the earphones are sensitive, just light finger taps on them to carry out the specific actions e.g. next song, previous song, lower volume, increase volume.

Audio review


The bass is pretty good, clear, you can feel the beats and booms, without being overpowering to your ears and music.


Clear, distinct and smooth on the mid-range.


Clear, distinct, smooth and sharp, not overwhelming on the high segments, making it ideal for listening pleasure.

My personal opinion, for music lovers who are into classical or pop music, the Sudio Fem wireless earphones would be ideal for you!

Thoughts and Views

Sudio Fem is an ideal combination of beautiful aesthetics and quality audio technology, a minimalistic Scandinavian design coupled with the audio hardware built inside them. They are also lightweight, trendy, sleek and delivers pretty good audio quality, ideal for daily leisure users, the busy professional and even for the audiophiles.   

True to their roots, Sudio comes from the combination of two words, “Swedish” and “Audio”, a reflection of both of their design vision and excellent sound quality delivery. Listening to the iconic ABBA songs, with the Sudio Fem wireless earphones, a fitting tribute worthy of Swedish minimalist elegant design with retro pop music that rocked the world, immersed in the world of music in my ears, heart, mind and soul.

Where can I buy Sudio Fem true wireless earphones?

You can purchase the Sudio Fem true wireless earphones from Sudio website! Visit Studio website and happy shopping! – https://www.sudio.com/sg/

15% discount code: tangenghui

Special Chinese New Year Promotion

Free special edition CNY gift packaging + crossbody pouch + buy any 2 earphones and get 25% off  (15% from code + additional 10%)

* I would like to thank Sudio for the opportunity to review the Sudio Fem true wireless earphones *

Jabra Elite Active 65t Review

The Jabra Elite Active 65t is one of the products in the wide and diverse range of Jabra’s lineup of headsets for both office and leisure. I reviewed the Jabra Elite 85h previously, continuing on to take on Jabra earbuds review and I got the opportunity to do the Jabra Elite Active 65t review.  



This pair of true wireless earbuds are lightweight, with a good secure fit that makes it snug and secure into your ears with its in-ear form factor, that allows you to enjoy active daily lifestyle whether at work, commuting or doing sports. It is sweat and dust resistant with its IP56 rating and comes with a two year warranty against damage from sweat and dust.

They are available in Copper Blue, Titanium Black and Copper Red colours, a good mix to choose from for the lifestyle/sporty folks and working professionals.


The Jabra Elite Active 65t audio quality is good, it’s clear and crisp, making it good for taking calls on your earbuds. On the bass, it’s decent, not strong/powerful in my personal view. As for the mid range, it’s clear, detailed and natural, without being too overwhelming bright or underwhelming dull. On the treble, it’s a bit lacking in this area, I would need to push the volume up to get the loudness/highs.

However, you are able to customise and personalise the sound on the Jabra Elite Active 65t to meet your needs and expectations.


The Jabra Elite Active 65t has some nice technology built inside them. When you take the earbuds out from the charging case, it automatically turns on and when one of the earbuds is taken out from the ear, it automatically pause.

They can connect to 2 devices at a time, bluetooth pairing up to 8 devices, running on Bluetooth 5.0 and up to 10 metres operating wireless range. There is also the accelerometer that can track your fitness and performance with an integrated motion sensor.

Jabra Sound+ App

The Jabra Sound+ App is available for you to customise and personalise your sound to meet your audio expectations. Personally, I like earbuds and headphones that allows me to personalise and customise my sound through an app. This is also the place whereby you can control the other technological functions and capabilities of the Jabra Elite Active 65t, the Voice Assistant whereby you can have instant access to your voice assistant (from Amazon Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant) direct to your earbuds.


HearThrough is one of the technological capabilities built inside the Jabra Elite Active 65t. On the Jabra Sounds+ App, you can control and filter the level of sounds that surrounds you. There are times whereby we would love listening to music without any external sound distraction, there also times whereby we would also need to be aware of our surroundings e.g. listening to music on the move and we need to be aware of our surroundings. The HearThrough is the function that does this for you.

Thoughts and views

The Jabra Elite Active 65t is true wireless earbuds, ideal for people with an active and sporting lifestyle, for both daily work and leisure, taking calls, doing sports or listening to music while on the move.

Battery life is up to 5 hours from a single charge, with another 10 hours extra from the charging case. Depending on your usage, it might be enough battery juice for you or might not be enough for your usage.

As for the sound quality, while it would suit most people in the market. The Jabra Elite Active 65t would be suitable for those busy working professionals that needs to communicate while on the move with their clear voice quality and connectivity, they are also ideal for those who have an active sports lifestyle and the everyday user on the move or at home.

I would like to thank Jabra (Singapore) and GLOO PR for the opportunity to review the Jabra Elite Active 65t

LG 2019 Soundbars

LG Electronics recently announced their new and latest soundbars for the year 2019. The soundbar is a good addition to your home entertainment system partnering your OLED or UHD TV, giving you a more surround, stereo and better sound effects and experiences for your home entertainment system.

The latest LG soundbars are modern, stylish, sophisticated and delivers superior sound quality through a collaboration with Meridian Audio. For audiophiles, the soundbars would definitely be of interest to you! Having a soundbar at home enhances your home entertainment experience and enjoyment.

Let me share more information on the LG 2019 Soundbars –

“LG’s 2019 range of soundbars offer great sounds to enjoy, with multiple connectivity options to suit any kind of home setup,” says Hosik Kim, Product Director, LG Home Entertainment. “From AI connectivity to DTS Virtual:X and Chromecast features, the soundbars offer a superb, convenient user experience, all while being stylish statements for the modern space.”

A Transcendent Partnership with Meridian Audio

Working closely with Meridian, LG continues to improve sound quality across its product portfolio, extending its refined technology to three soundbar models (SL10YG, SL9YG and SL8YG) this year. The collaboration goes far beyond basic fine-tuning or the adoption of feature-sets, with both brands joining forces to engineer sound delivery for a truly unrivalled listening experience.Drawing on 25 years of experience as the masters of Digital Signal Processing, Meridian’s Bass & Space technology improves the soundstage with coherent image and strong bass. Together with its Image Elevation technology designed to lift the soundstage in a more lifelike way to boost listeners’ sense of immersion, Meridian creates a true cinematic space, delivering powerful surround sound like no other.

Able to up-mix two-channel audio to multiple, distinct channels without generating any distortion while maintaining tonal balance, the Meridian Upmix technology increases sound immersion, improving the sound field and upgrades the clarity of vocals and lead instruments.

Dolby Atmos®Soundbars for Immersive Sounds

LG’s high-end soundbars (models SL10YG, SL9YG and SL8YG) support both Dolby Atmos®and DTS:X. With these two acclaimed technologies on board, users can enjoy breathtakingly realistic surround sound that seems to come from multiple directions and depths. Moreover, some of LG’s new premium soundbar products support high-resolution audio and have an advanced processing algorithm that can upscale conventional file formats, bringing them closer to studio-quality. To bolster the already solid output and detailed soundscape of LG’s latest soundbars, users can add the Wireless Rear Speaker Kit*

In Tune with Smart Living

In addition to superior sound combining power with clarity and richness, the new Dolby Atmos®soundbars offer the convenience of AI smart connectivity and voice recognition with the Google Assistant built-in. Users can control their LG soundbars and get information, simply by saying, “Hey Google, increase the volume,” or, “Hey Google, which artist is playing this song?” Furthermore, compatibility with Google Assistant-enabled smart products make it possible to control connected devices throughout the home via voice command. Simply say, “Hey Google, ask LG to turn on the air purifier,” to the soundbar to make adjustments without leaving the couch.

Sophisticated Design for Stylish Homes

The 2019 LG Dolby Atmos® soundbars have a sleek, understated design that perfectly matches the chic style of LG’s exceptional OLED TVs, creating a seamless union when placed beneath one of the company’s next-generation TVs. At only 57mm deep, the LG SL9YG can also be installed flush to the wall for a clean, streamlined appearance that saves space and makes a sophisticated statement. An integrated gyroscope sensor gauges the position of the product (fixed to a wall or on a flat surface), adjusting sound directionality to guarantee the optimal listening experience. With its distinctive form, LG’s game-changing SL9YG picked up a Best of Innovation honor at the 2019 CES Innovation Awards.

Different Solutions to Suit Different Needs

Besides the Dolby Atmos®Soundbars,other models include a Wi-Fi Soundbar (SL7Y), and Bluetooth Soundbars (SL6YF, SL5Y and SL4). The SL7Y, SL6YF and SL5Y come with DTS Virtual:X. Utilizing three front speakers and a subwoofer, DTS technology creates an immersive sound that surrounds the user. Thanks to the SL7Y’s built-in Chromecast feature, users can stream all the music they love. Simply open a cast-enabled app, tap the cast button and the soundbar will stream the tracks.

For more information, please visit:https://www.lg.com/sg/home-audio

* Information courtesy of LG Electronics Singapore and Brand Cellar *

New LG XBOOM Go Portable Speakers

LG Electronics recently announced a new lineup of portable audio products, the new LG XBOOM Go portable speakers. Being the 60th anniversary of LG, they are driving their audio strategy by focusing on sound quality first, investing in a wide range of R&D activities. LG has a partnership with Meridian Audio, whose technology is implemented inside the LG XBOOM Go products.

Meridian Audio, is the company behind the world’s first digital active loudspeaker and industry’s first audiophile-quality compact disc player. They also played a fundamental role in the development and implementation of revolutionary audio technologies such as Master Quality Authenticated (MQA), and also served as the exclusive audio brand for premium carmakers such as Land Rover, McLaren and Jaguar.

There are three LG XBOOM Go portable speakers, they are the




Let me share more information and details on the three new portable speakers by LG:

“Buoyed by the addition of Meridian as our audio technology partner, LG is poised to open up new possibilities in the entire home audio business,” said Hosik Kim, Product Director, LG Home Entertainment. “The new XBOOM Go products set a new standard in the portable-speaker range, and will reshape the on-the-go audio experience for many users.”

Dual Action Bass for a Richer, More Harmonious Audio Experience

With Meridian’s advanced audio technology, XBOOM Go speakers deliver clear treble and strong bass as well as exceptionally powerful, accurate sound despite their compact sizes. The outstanding sound quality of the portable speakers is enhanced by their dual passive radiators. These act like mini bass drivers; with the Enhanced Bass technology, these speakers sound much larger and more substantial. Play music with a strong bass line on the speakers, use Enhanced Bass, turn up the volume and be moved by the clear and sonorous sound.

Crisp and Clear Vocals at Any Volume

Working with Meridian, LG has designed the sounds of the XBOOM Go speakers to be exceptionally balanced so that the treble and bass do not overwhelm each other. Furthermore, the Clear Vocal mode in the PK5 and PK7 models enables the mid or vocal range to be clear and crisp at any volume. Additionally, the PK7 feature dual tweeters, which make the singing parts sound more natural as well as add enhanced clarity to the instrumentals.

High-definition Bluetooth Streaming for Lossless Music

The XBOOM Go series features the first wireless speakers to support aptX™ HD from Qualcomm for superb lossless 24bit/576kbps hi-res streaming audio. This will satisfy the needs of highly demanding audiophiles who are sensitive to loss of fidelity during Bluetooth streaming. Also, these Bluetooth streaming methods allow better audio transmission with less noise in the signal. LG has incorporated the aptX™into the PK3 and aptX™ HD into the PK5 and PK7.

Voice Commands to Play Your Favorite Tunes

The XBOOM Go speakers feature a microphone that functions as a speakerphone. Not only that, users can activate Google Assistant or Siri directly from the speaker using voice command. To activate it, simply connect a smartphone to the speaker, press the voice button on the speaker and command it to play a track or even ask a question.

Turn Any Place into a Party Location with the Speakers’ Built-in Lighting

The PK5 and PK7 both have built-in lighting that can pulse in multiple colors to the beat, and hence turn any space into a dancefloor. The Bluetooth Application allows users to set the lights any way they want. Tap the screen to the beat and the lights will flash in tandem with the rhythmic taps. In addition, the PK7 features dual sparkle stripsabove and below the drivers. These multi-colored sparkle strips emit captivating illumination. From parks to beaches, function rooms to living halls, any space can now become a party location.

Take the Speakers Anywhere Without Worry

An ideal choice for pool parties, the XBOOM Go speakers are splash proof. The PK5 and PK7 come with IPX5 protection rating, which makes them safe from sprays and splashing of water in all directions.The PK3 has an IPX7 rating, functioning even if submerged to a depth of one meter for up to 30 minutes.

Grab and Go Ergonomics for a Comfortable Grip

The X-Grip design in the PK5 and PK7 makes them easy to carry, and is built for long-usage purposes for those all-night celebrations. The design also angles the front-facing speakers towards a listener’s ears, resulting in a more heightened and impactful audio experience.

Price and Availability




Availability: Available Now

* Information and pictures courtesy of LG Electronics Singapore and Brand Cellar *

Hwee Seng Electronics Warehouse Sale – 26th to 28th Oct 2018

Techies, Audiophiles, Gadgets and Home owners alert! You have to take a look at the upcoming Hwee Seng Electronics Warehouse Sale 2018!

Save the dates, 26th to 28th October 2018! 

Be prepared to save up to 90% on top brand audio equipments, speakers, receivers, headphones, earphones, air purifiers, kettles, coffee machines and many more, from brands such as AKG Headphones, Anthem, Airfree Air Purifier, Beats by Dre, Bodum, Go Gear, Jamo, Onkyo and Paradigm.

Bodum, is one of the brands that Hwee Seng Electronics carry in Singapore, they would also be on sale during this upcoming Hwee Seng Electronics Warehouse Sale.

Have you heard of the Bodum ePEBO vacuum coffee maker? Check out my review article that I did published recently!

Wishing all a happy shopping at Hwee Seng Electronics Warehouse Sale 2018! Share this great news, pass it on and pay it forward!

* Information and picture courtesy of Hwee Seng Electronics and Brand Cellar *

Details on Hwee Seng Electronics Warehouse Sale 2018

Dates:  26 to 28 October 2018, Friday to Sunday

Time:  11am to 7pm

Venue:  Hwee Seng Office (81 Genting Lane #02-02, Everich Industrial Building, Singapore 349566)

Website: https://www.hweeseng.com

Facebook Page: Hwee Seng Electronics 

Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Freestyle Review

The Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Freestyle series belong to a family of Ultimate Ears portable music players, trendy, colourful, portable, pretty good sound quality packed inside them. Over the years, I had seen, tried, tested and reviewed a few of the Ultimate Ears portable music players such as the Ultimate Ears Roll, Megaboom and Mini Boom.

What are some of my views and thoughts on the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Freestyle when I was reviewing it? Today, I am going to share my experiences and review on the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Freestyle. Let me share with you the notes/points that I wrote during the review:

  • Trendy, colourful, artistic designs
  • Small, lightweight, portable, easy to carry around
  • Ideal if u want to bring it for travel overseas
  • Good for long driving road trips
  • There is a tough nylon string on the WONDERBOOM Freestyle that you can hook on to your backpack with a carabiner
  • Excellent and ideal for gatherings
  • Easy to pair via Bluetooth, seamless and smooth
  • Solid bass, not too heavy and strong
  • Treble, sharp and clear
  • Although it is a small package, possess good quality sound
  • 360 degrees of sound
  • Battery life is good, close to 10 hours of battery life
  • Waterproof – IPX7 rated

An ideal and fun travel accessory

When the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Freestyle was available for review, it coincides with my travel holiday to Hoi An and Da Nang, Vietnam. I brought it along for my holiday trip with my friends, providing us with music from our Spotify accounts played with the WONDERBOOM Freestyle bluetooth wireless speaker when we were traveling to Hoi An from Da Nang International Airport.

During our holiday stay,  we played music with the WONDERBOOM Freestyle in our hotel room while we enjoyed our supper, drinks and playing cards. I also brought it out to the Hoi An Old Town, when we sat down at a café by the river, playing music, enjoying the coffee and watching locals and tourists in action!

This particular series of Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Freestyle collection has a few different designs and I chose the Patches design for my review. What does Patches represent, it’s about, “You wear your heart on your sleeve and plaster your personality through patches and pins. Patches is a punch of personality to denim.”

Maybe it’s an omen, maybe it’s fated, there was a big Dragon lantern along the river of Hoi An Old Town when we were there and the ABC design has a dragon on it too! Therefore, on one of the nights in Hoi An, I brought the WONDERBOOM Freestyle to pay pilgrimage to the big Dragon!

My Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Freestyle review has been an interesting and fun time with my travel holiday overseas. If you are keen to own a portable and lightweight wireless music player, that has pretty good sound quality, as well as trendy and colourful, do check out the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Freestyle.

I would like to thank Logitech for the opportunity to review the Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM Freestyle bluetooth wireless music speaker.

Paradigm Persona Series

For those music lovers, I would like to share with you a series of elegant, beautiful and powerful speakers suitable for your own home entertainment system. This post is a bit late since I attended the event during last week of April, to view and listen to this amazing series of music speakers, the Persona series by Paradigm Electronics. Having a Persona series setup can transform your home into a mini theatre, without having to visit the cinema to catch your movies.

The Persona series is the flagship lineup of Paradigm Electronics, entirely developed, designed, engineered and crafted in Canada, over a period of five years. At the Paradigm Persona series event organised by Hwee Seng Electronics, there were demonstrations and testing of the Persona series, it’s simply amazing, the excellent and sharp sound quality, the feel of the solid bass from the Persona series speakers.

The Persona series are currently priced out of my reach and I don’t have my own home at this time too. I do not mind going for their Paradigm Wireless Series with DTS Play-Fi, a lot more affordable for me! However, if you have the capital, home space and you are an avid music/movies lover, do check out the Paradigm Persona series!

Let me share some key information and details on the Paradigm Persona series from the press release information:

“We were able to transform what began as a bold concept speaker into a renaissance for the brand,” said Paul Grove, SVP Global Sales and Marketing for Paradigm. “After receiving rave reviews about our Concept 4F, which debuted at Munich High End 2015, we knew we had something special, and the foundation to create the best sounding speakers we’ve ever produced.”

  • The World’s 1st speakers to use 99% pure Beryllium for its tweeters and midrange drivers
  • Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA ) Driver Lenses ­ A patent pending technology for Beryllium tweeter and mid-range drivers, this exclusive design actively blocks out-of-phase frequencies to smooth output without coloring the sound.
  • Ultra-High-Excursion X-PAL Woofer Drivers ­ Mounted in a dual-directional array within isolated chambers, efficiently damped to eliminate internal standing waves.
  • Paradigm’s patented  Active Ridge Technology (ART ) Surrounds ­With ART Surrounds, Persona drivers generate a 3dB gain in distortion-free output (50 per cent greater output).
  • Elegantly Curved Waveguide Cabinet ­ Designed, engineered and Crafted in Canada, this heavy duty, non-resonant cabinet is an intricate system of rigid enclosures, braced and damped to defeat vibrations and internal standing waves.

Persona is comprised of 7 models:

Persona 9H Flagship – S$25,000/each

Hybrid Floorstanding Loudspeaker, with Four 8.5” Active Bass Drivers & Anthem Room Correction (ARC™).

Persona 7F – S$18,000/each

Passive Floorstanding Loudspeaker, with Two 8.5” Bass Drivers.

Persona 5F – S$12,500/each

Passive Floorstanding Loudspeaker, with Three 7” Bass Drivers.

Persona 3F – S$7,250/each

Passive Floorstanding Loudspeaker, with Two 7” Bass Drivers.

Persona B – S$5,100/each

Passive Bookshelf / Stand-Mount Loudspeaker.

Persona C – S$10,800/each

Passive Center Channel Loudspeaker.

Persona SUB – S$10,000/each

Six 8” Driver Subwoofer with 1700W Continuous / 3400W Peak Power.

Personal Thoughts and Views

Such elegance, beauty and excellent music and sound quality produced by the Persona series, if you have the capital (due to its expensive pricing) and your home space allows, you can consider the Persona series by Paradigm Electronics and transform your home into a mini theatre.

* I would like to thank Hwee Seng (Electronics) Pte Ltd and Brand Cellar for the invitation to the Paradigm Persona series launch *


Ultimate Ears Brings Music to Life

Ultimate Ears recently launched “Bring Music To Life”, a new global brand campaign celebrating the power of music and how they transform things/people.

For fans of Ultimate Ears, an award winning wireless Bluetooth speakers, there are three bold and creative original illustrations coming to life on the Ultimate Ears by internationally renowned graffiti duo Bicicleta Sam Freio. This campaign brings together music and art to the Ultimate Ears wireless Bluetooth speakers.

Keep a lookout for this global campaign!

“Music has the power to enhance, energize and connect people, and you feel this whenever you turn the speaker on,” said Moninder Jain, Managing Director, ASEAN & India Region and Vice President at Logitech. “The belief that you can spontaneously transform any moment with music – anytime, anywhere – is at the heart of every experience from Ultimate Ears. We don’t just make speakers, we bring music to life.”

New limited edition Second Street Collection

Fans of Ultimate Ears, take note! The newest limited edition Second Street Collection is here!

The Second Street Collection will launch globally with eight new patterns and colours for Ultimate Ears BOOM 2 and Ultimate Ears MEGABOOM.

  • Cityscape and Urban Zebra showcase bold geometrics and stark, graphic patterns in neutral tones inspired by the monolithic structures in the urban landscape.
  • After Hours and Marina embody a classic palette of red and blue turned up to an electrifying intensity.
  • Midnight Garden, Stone, Cashmere and Lilac feature soft, warm and vaguely luminous tones inspired by the hazy light of spring.

    Pricing and Availability

    The Second Street Collection from Ultimate Ears is expected to be available in select countries globally beginning in June 2017 for suggested retail prices of SGD $249.00 for BOOM 2 and SGD $399.00 for MEGABOOM. Pattern and colour availability will vary by country.

    For more information, please visit www.ultimateears.com or connect with us on Facebook and Instagram.

    * Information and pictures courtesy of Ultimate Ears and SPRG *