The World Greatest Salesperson – Joe Girard

The field of sales and selling is an art by itself, something that people do not really understand thoroughly, they hate salespeople but yet love to buy things ? What is it that makes sales and selling such a unique skill that all human beings posses it in them ?

I never really understand about sales and selling, although I had a bit of retail sales experience before moving into my current entrepreneur career that requires selling many different kind of services, products and myself.

A wise quote from my old mate, Nicholas, a private banker, said something to me, “We are born to sell since we are very young, when as a young child, we would always “sell ourselves” to attract our parents’ attention”……. Simple yet so enlightening.

Therefore, at National Achiever’s Congress 2008, there was this world class speaker, who  was eagerly awaited by many participants there, his name was Joe Girard and the ONE and ONLY Joe Girard. Before coming to National Achiever’s Congress, I had no idea how powerful and charismatic Joe Girard was.

When Joe Girard was announced to the participants, he slowly walked from the back of the hall, and there was a standing ovation, welcoming the master of sales and selling. People all around wanted to shake hands with the ONE and ONLY Joe Girard, till he was mobbed.

Up on the stage, Joe Girard delivered an awesome and mind-opening training on the field of sales and selling, his many different actions were simply amazing, something that makes him special, unique and world class.  There were so many acts that he performed, each special act, depicting a key lesson and learning point that Joe Girard wanted to put across to all of us. One example was, Joe Girard was climbing up a ladder that was about 12 feet high (estimation), he slowly climbed up and sharing his story on how he overcame troubles and failures, climbing 1 step at a time, with a belly full of fire (burning desire).

Joe Girard did not put up many (hardly) power point slides, we listened very hard and attentively to his words, sentences and key phrases, that he was coaching and mentoring us constantly. There were many key quotes of wisdom from Joe Girard –

  1. “I Like You”
  2. The Power of Positive Thinking
  3. Life Is A Game
  4. Climb ONE Step at a Time, With a Belly Full of Fire (Burning Desire)
  5. Focus
  6. “You Will Not Take My Time Away From Me”
  7. The Name of the Game: SERVICE ! SERVICE !
  8. Sell Yourself
  9. People Buy People
  10. Disarm Fear
  11. “There Will Never Be Another Number One Like You”
  12. “You are Number One, and EVER, and EVER”
  13. Never Once Were 2 the SAME
  14. I Feel GOOD
  15. I Fell GREAT
  16. I am Number ONE

Joe Girard gave me an insight into the field of sales and selling, it’s not just about products, it’s about ourselves. That’s why I bought his books

  • How to Sell Yourself
  • How to Sell Anything to Anybody
  • How to Close Every Sale

Selling is universal, even in our daily life, towards our friends, loved ones and strangers. Inside the world of selling, we would also be able to understand ourselves more and be more confident about ourselves and how we conduct and live our daily life, thus making us happier and helping other people too.

A wonderful set of wisdom and knowledge to hone my skills, improve and grow in my career and personal life. Let’s all put our heart and soul into it, with ACTION and RESULTS would show !

T. Harv Eker’s Millionaire Mindset

There was a saying that, what you are today, was determined 5 years ago. Looking back 5 years ago in 2003, my career was stagnant, attempting to enter the workforce in the midst of SARS and Gulf War 2, finally getting myself into a job that I somehow grew jaded and tired from it, no progress over the next 2 years, emotional wrenching breaking experience that spiraled me to the bottom and stuck in the ground for a pretty long period of time before deciding to take a new challenge and career and enter the entrepreneur route.

During the early days as an entrepreneur, I was never into such things such as personal development, growth and change, I was very stubborn and resistant to changes. However , as time progresses, it was through many more different life experiences, work, growth and changing experiences that I gained, my closed up mind started opening up and embracing changes, personal development and growth importance.

Over half a year ago, Jack Lan introduced me this book called, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mindset”, being the stubborn me and “I KNOW THAT” attitude, I wasn’t convinced initially. Somehow or another, I chanced upon this book at a clearance sale at Borders Wheelock Place and bought this book after consulting Jack again.

When I started reading this book, I was immediately blown away! It was something that strikes me so deeply, touching many chords in my mind, what I had been aspiring, doing and not doing, it was all inside. I read it over, slowly, chapter by chapter, even though I had completed reading the book, I promised myself to go through it again and reinforce my learnings with a chapter summary post on my blog, sharing with my readers who would impact and learn from it too.

T. Harv Eker was one of the speakers on Day 2 of National Achiever’s Congress 2008 and I was eagerly waiting for the person that I admired and looked upon, Jack said to me, “Your Idol ! “. Harv’s style, charisma, mindset and how he carry himself, is priceless…..

What I learned from Harv Eker book on the “Secrets of the Millionaire Mindset”, were transformed LIVE in front of me, he was a world class and worthy mentor to coach people  on the Financial Blueprint Mindset. The following keynotes were words of wisdom from T. Harv Eker:

  1. I Create My Life !
  2. Do NOT Lay BLAME
  3. Do NOT Justify
  4. Do NOT Complain (worst possible thing we can ever do to ourselves)
  5. What I FOCUS on Expand
  6. Bless That Which You Want
  7. Thoughts -> Feelings -> Actions = Results
  8. Act in Spite of Fear

What is your own financial/money blueprint ?

Internet Marketing by Joel Christopher at National Achiever’s Congress 2008

During National Achiever’s Congress 2008, there were 2 speakers whose expertise were in the fields of utilising the Internet. One of them was Joel Christopher, known as “The Master List Builder”, and he was the first person to open the session on Day 2 of National Achiever’s Congress 2008.

I had started Internet Marketing under the guidance of Jack Lan and Joel Christopher’s internet marketing was a good revision for me and learned good points as well from the session. Joel Christopher Internet Marketing Success Trio are the following 3 points in a triangle format:

  1. Traffic <Connect>  – Target Market/Visitors
  2. List <Leads> – Collect
  3. Customer <Convert> – Buyers

In order to get traffic, The following steps are:


The world of Internet Marketing is very dynamic and challenging, with room for growth. Do explore the world of blogging like what I had embarked on in April 2006 with my photojournalism blog and my personal blog in January 2008, an great fun and adventure over the years, getting to know more people around the world, who shared your interests and aspirations.

Welcome to the world of blogging and internet marketing !

Marathon Training Updates & Progress

In about 3 weeks time, I would be embarking on my 1st Marathon for 2008, the Sundown Marathon, eagerly waiting for another inspiring, enduring, demanding and healthy 42.195km of night running.

Progress till date had been a bit slow on the running segment, as for training in the gym, it is going fine, although, I would need to maintain 2 visits a week to the gym, currently only 1 visit to the gym recently.

Went for a 10km training run along Changi Coastal Road, part of the Sundown Marathon route, with Jack Lan and Charles, had lots of fun running 10km, enjoying the peace and tranquility, watching the beauty of world class Changi Airport runways along the road.

Keeping a fit and healthy lifestyle is a must for me now. Healthy lifestyle, healthy mindset, better control of your body, leading to better motions creating better emotions, thus stronger and bigger growth.

Steve Linder at National Achiever Congress 2008

Steve Linder at the National Achiver Congress 2008, talks about his key specialty in the area of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), 7 Keys to Achieving Performance.

NLP is something that I am looking to explore further into, learning and understanding how NLP would be able to help me grow further in the areas of more wealth, love and happiness in my life. Steve Linder’s session was a more thorough start into this intriguing field of personal development and growth.

During his session, I copied down many short point sentences on his various teachings, now reflecting on my notes, therefore, I would summarise them and elaborate on it, to the best of my learning and knowledge learned during the short session conducted by Steve Linder –

  • It is so easy to be successful if you are fulfilled, success = fulfillment
  • There is a key difference between a coach and a mentor, a coach (e.g. Mission Control, Houston) is somebody who has the skills, knowledge and training to teach while a mentor (e.g. Neil Armstrong) is a coach who has already been there and done it before. Therefore, in life, a mentor is crucial in the growth and development of a person’s career and personal growth.
  • Motions create Emotions
    – Unconscious Mind Control Body
    – Once the Body is Locked, Mind is Locked, Future is Locked
  • How you use your body, is how you use your Life.
  • Watching out for a dangerous  “cancer”  to our personal development and growth – “I KNOW THAT”, a stage whereby we think we know everything but in actual fact, we know nothing or even lesser than before.
  • Flexibility in Vision = Flexibility in Reality
  • More Rules = Less Flexibility = Poor Results = Poor Life
  • The person with the Most Flexibility wins.
  • Our biggest challenge is Mental Inflation and Emotional Inflation
  • What makes us successful today would not make us successful in the future, it will tear us down and wear us down.
  • If we don’t learn from our mistakes, we will definitely repeat it.
  • 4 Steps to Neuro Strategy
  1. What does this MEAN ?
  2. What can I LEARN from this ?
  3. How can I INTEGRATE this ?
  4. How can you SHARE the learning with others to keep them from making the same mistakes ?

I can’t say I have all the 7 Keys to Achieving Performance written down, since my notes were pretty much all over the pages ! Nevertheless, the pointers that I written down would definitely help me in understanding NLP further and how it can be applied here. NLP is more complex and it is something new and an area that I would plan to learn more about NLP further the road.

Please do visit Steve Linder’s website if you would be keen to learn further from my short and summarised posting here from my session with Steve Linder at National Achiever’s Congress 2008.

I had learned a number of new knowledge and skills from the 3 speakers of National Achiever’s Congress Day 1, hopefully, through my sharing and writing, this would also help you in someway or another.

Let’s all seek to learn, change, improve, ourselves, constantly and all the time. 

Roger Hamilton’s “Your Life, Your Legacy” – National Achiever’s Congress 2008

Love and Happiness are some of the themes of National Achiever’s Congress 2008 and when the 2nd speaker on Day 1 came up and spoke, he left a very deep impression inside me, stirring the sleeping Dragon Fire inside me. That person is Roger Hamilton.

His topic was “Your Life, Your Legacy”, an entrepreneur guide to finding the flow in human beings, for us to expand and grow in our wealth, financially, spiritually and emotionally.

There were a few key pointers Roger Hamilton brought up during his session, Wealth = Value X Leverage, Wealth Dynamics and the giant and abundant opportunities in the Asia-Pacific region.

With Roger’s success, we were given a video display on how the organisation XL Group founded Roger Hamilton and Dave Rogers, had went on to impact and change people’s life around the world, social entrepreneurship, social enterprise and network, encouraging entrepreneurs around the world to come foward and help fellow their fellow global citizens that might be less fortunate, spreading LOVE to people all around.

Reflecting deep inside me, it struck a chord in me, the idealism and direction moving towards helping people who are less fortunate, counting our blessings in where we are living in, spreading LOVE, warmth and knowledge to people around the world.

What is My Life, My Legacy that I want to leave behind ? To be an entrepreneur with great wealth to help less fortunate people, using my photojournalism to advocate a worthy cause/project.

It’s going to be lots of hard work and a long journey ahead.

Blair Sinclair at National Achievers Congress 2008

The National Achievers Congress 2008, with the theme, “THE EVOLUTION OF SUCCESS – How to Create More Money, Love & Happiness in Your Life”, many great speakers lined this event.

Blair Sinclair was the first speaker that opened on the first day of National Achiever Congress 2008 with his topic – “Identifying Where You Are on the Five Power Levels of Business, Income and Self and How to Get to the Top Fast!”

Blair’s teachings were on the aspects of selling and sales, something that I could relate to, because of the nature of the industry that I am operating in, somehow or another, the art of sales is really universal and applicable across any types of industry.

There were a few key wise teachings that were sent across to us, firstly, “Learning or Selling Requires Energy and the Person with the Highest Energy Wins“. Further analysing this key sentence, we must apply energy in whatever we do in our life and we can definitely achieve a lot more and win in many different small or big ways. Reflecting on myself, I am guilty of having energy but keeping it away, had to change and improve, unleashing and spreading my energy to everything I do in my life, from work to my daily life routine.

In life, do we all face an inner voice inside all the time, telling us to do whatever opposite when our brain was sending the signals to our mind and body to execute it ? E.g. “Go out and enjoy, leave the work till tomorrow, don’t worry and bother about it“….. Does this sound common ? This little voice is controlling our subconscious mind if we do not master it and tune it to our advantage and use. However, when we are able to control the little voice inside our head, either shut it out or put it to positive mode and encourage our intended actions, thus bringing positive rewards and outcomes to our life and work.

I was affected by my little voice inside me many times especially it would get even worse when people started commenting and judging me. Managing and controlling the little voice inside my head wasn’t easy, it took me a fair bit of time to be more in control of my emotions and ensuring positive thoughts to fill my subconscious mind, thus making work and life easier. It had already been about 2 years plus since I learned something about this simple yet so complex component called the Little Voice (in our brain), and this was how long it took for me to change (slowly over time). Nowadays, still guilty of the little voice controlling me, situation had changed today but still a lot to improve and able to improve on and change for the better.

Blair’s techniques on selling were awesome and at the end of his session, I went to buy his 2 books, SalesDogs and The ABCs of How to build a Business Team That Wins, a CD on Little Voice Management System, also shared with Jack Lan on his other CDs, workbooks and training kit.

Had bought a number of books to read, learn, improve and ready to share with my readers. It’s time to kick start and accelerate my exponential growth in my entrepreneur, businesses, life and income !

“Play to your strength, Be the Person You Are Supposed to Be”

National Achiever Congress 2008 – Day 2

Day 2 of National Achiever Congress 2008, was excited with the speakers lined up for today. The list of speakers were:

  1. Joel Christopher
  2. T. Harv Eker
  3. Joe Girard
  4. Adam Ginsberg

Similar to Day 1, the speakers were excellent experts in their respective fields of mentoring and personal development and another great day of awesome training, experience, sharing and learning today at the Singapore Expo Hall.

I was blown away by T. Harv Eker, since reading his “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” book and I swore by it ! His speaking and actions liven up the entire hall of participants and everybody was actively involved and participating ! It was not a surprise how this wonderful man had many followers, believers and disciples around the world, mentoring, impacting and changing every aspect of their life. I was motivated and changed by his book and the short session that he delivered across today, the book was transformed and delivered LIVE in front of me.

For the first time, I was dumb struck by a world class personal development speaker who came up to the stage and delivered a world class performance and training to all of us there in Singapore Expo Hall. He was non-other than Joe Girard. He was there not just to teach people how to sell anything to everybody, as well as, motivating all the participants there to be the “ONE and ONLY YOU”……

Joel Christopher and Adam Ginsberg gave a good insight into the different worlds of Internet Marketing, a good learning experience on top of the learning that I went through under Jack Lan Internet Marketing School. Nevertheless, they would definitely add on to my current Internet Marketing Knowledge and gave me the tips and directions to improve and expand my current blogs and their internet marketing.

Although in the late afternoon, I was a bit worn out from a heavy lunch and insufficient rest the night before, it was a bit difficult to concentrate and got distracted by other matters outside. Must remember my lesson to manage the little voice inside my brain that was turning me into a bad person.

2 days of great lessons and learning, in the subsequent posts on my blogs ……  From my notes, diagrams and thoughts written down ……. I would share more in details with each respective speaker’s topic and how I could learn, change and improve on it, as well as, sharing and motivating my fellow readers interested in personal development and changes to their life.

Taking the next step upwards to change and improve from my current level and previous levels. Thereafter, to share and help other people, and always changing and improving to the next level.

National Achiever Congress 2008 – Day 1

On 29th April 2008, this day marks a significant day in my life, my first external personal development, coaching and learning seminar –

National Achiever Congress 2008 – The Evolution of Success

This was organised by Success Resources and I was brought to this event by Jack Lan, a great friend whose personal development coaching and experience level, is much higher than peers of his age group and even people who is older than him !

Even though this wasn’t my first personal development program, I attended my in-house personal development conducted by our Executive Mentor of our organisation, and I was grateful and appreciative for the directions that the in-house program had aligned me towards changing, learning and improvement via personal development courses, that would help me in my career, businesses, relationships and life.

This congress is a 2 days event and there are great speakers being invited for the event. The speakers for the 1st day event were:

  1. Blair Singer
  2. Roger Hamilton
  3. Steve Linder

They were great speakers, great mentors and experts in their respective fields. I had an awesome training, experience, sharing and learning today at the Singapore Expo Hall, the speakers were sharing with all the participants there. Many thoughts, many reflections and soul searching, with the help and sharing with Jack Lan too !

Took down notes, diagrams and thoughts ……. I would share more in details with each respective speaker’s topic and how I could learn, change and improve on it, as well as, sharing and motivating my fellow readers interested in personal development and changes to their life.

Bought a few books on Day 1, looking foward to Day 2 of National Achiever Congress 2008.

MAYDAY – Down to Earth 2008

Wu Yue Tian a.k.a MAYDAY, is one of Asia’s best rock band (if not the best). I have been a great admirer of their powerful and meaningful songs they write and sing, especially their hokkien songs and love songs, love singing them even though my voice cannot make it.


I had never been to a concert before and this was my first concert and it was my favourite Chinese rock band !!!! Initially, my friend Jack Lan was busy with his events preparation and wasn’t able to come with me to this concert, I asked around and managed to invite my friend Yellow Pretty Truth to attend the concert with me, who is also a first timer !

Wu Yue Tian is an awesome band, unique and powerful, always engaging their crowds with their high energy and interaction. When Wu Yue Tian started performing, they lived up to their reputation, belting out their older songs in the first half before their hit songs in the second half. During the performance, Ashin, Monster, Stone, Masa and Guan You were moving up and down the sidewalk platforms, mingling with the fans and sining along with them !!! There was also a mini stage in the middle of the concert hall whereby Wu Yue Tian gathered around the area, as they wanted to be closer to the fans behind !!!

The songs Wu Yue Tian wrote and sung, a lot of them, strikes a chord inside me, and I feel all the Wu Yue Tian supporters would also feel the same way too….. Their love songs, encouragement songs, great songs such as

  1. Wen Rou
  2. Tian Shi
  3. Jian Chiang
  4. Sheng Ming You Yi Zhong Jue Dui

Wu Yue Tian were so hyped up and the whole fans were singing LOVE ing …. with everybody standing up, singing and forming the letters L , O, V & E …… The beauty of their songs, the energy and friendship of Wu Yue Tian with the fans …… they really rock and my maiden concert will always be a wonderful memory for me.

Recently, things wasn’t easy for me, however, the songs by Wu Yue Tian, had spurred me on to believe in myself and continue fighting on !

Special thanks to Yellow Pretty Truth for attending the concert with me !