Nightmare Installing Dual Boot

After getting hold of my long awaited Apple Macbook last friday on the 13th June 2008, I was very happy with my new white high tech toy gadget. There were so much fun and playing for me when I was using Mac OS X Leopard, however, due to the nature of my business requirements, I had to install Windows XP Pro on the Macbook running Boot Camp.

I got the Windows XP Pro SP2c from my highly recommended store, Make Fine in Funan Digital Mall, big thanks to Cousin Brandon for referring the wonderful retail outlet, great bosses and staff there !

Well, even though, I got it on monday, it wasn’t installed until tuesday night, it was really a nightmare for me installing Windows XP Pro on my Macbook, the installation got stuck half way for 20 minutes and I had to shut down and restart, before it continued installing. Initially, everything looked alright, however, some or another, it got stuck again ! I had to resort using pulling out the battery and pulling the power plug and starting all over again ! However, finally, the 3nd time round, it managed to install properly, after I decided to do a fresh install, over riding the initial partial installation.

I am not too sure where I had got it wrong, followed the instructions given by Apple, anyway, a big relief for me………. and ……… it’s not the end, still had many programs and files to transfer from my old to new laptop. A very different experience, lost + inexperienced = SOTONG a.k.a as Blur As Squid, called by my good old friend Junjie, who had helped me a lot in the Apple programs.

Thank You for your help, Junjie !

It’s time to go back and continue installing programs on my Macbook, while I am typing finish this post on my old laptop………………..

Obstacle 1 to Financial Freedom

Are you a person who attended many courses on personal development and changes courses ? Or investing, financial literacy courses ? However, you still haven’t achieved your financial freedom yet ?

There are 5 reasons to us not achieving our route to financial freedom and financial success. Our first obstacle/reason is – FEAR

Ask yourself, do you like to lose money ? NO ! Nobody likes to lose money, in some stage in your life, you would go through a stage whereby one would lose money and it is applicable to all kinds of people from all walks of life. Nobody likes losing, the fear is actually and always there, however, the key point to note is – How do you handle losing ? The primary difference between a rich and poor person is how they handle  that fear.

If we hate risk and worry, we need to start early. Therefore, a basic principe such as regular savings as a habit is very good especially indoctrinating into the younger generation. It’s easy to grow rich if you start young. The power of compounding interest by Albert Einstein is one of the greatest wonders of the world.

However, how many of you have actually started to plan for your future ? How many of you parents have started disciplined saving habits teachings for your children ?

The reason why people are not financially rich is due to that fact that the pain of losing money is bigger than the joy of being rich. By understanding how to handle risks, losing and failure, you need to learn overcoming failures and turning them into rallying and inspiring calls for you to be more determined to succeed. 

Failure inspires Winners and Failure Defeats Losers, Winners BIGGEST Secret. It takes guts, patience and a great attitude towards failures to overcoming them and becoming successful.

If you have the desire to achieve financial freedom, followed by richness, you have to be focused and not balanced, by being unbalanced, you would make progress. Put a lot of your eggs into a few baskets and do not put your eggs into many different baskets.

Do you want to be a Winner or Loser ? Come join me in the quest to be a Winner in whatever I embarked on especially in my journey to financial freedom and success. 

(Adapted from Chapter Eight – Overcoming Obstacles, Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki)

A New White Toy & Reserving Another Toy

On Friday 13th 2008, I finally landed myself with a new white toy. After 6 months of deliberation, finding cheaper prices, discounts, connections to get lower prices and a botched deal, I bought my Apple Macbook 2.1 GHz 13.3 inch 120GB HD laptop. In getting this macbook, I went through some periods of long wait just to find that discount, my friends gave me a hard time that I thoroughly deserved for waiting that long for the macbook instead of getting it earlier. 

It was something that I bought and I was very happy with my new laptop, replacing my previous laptop that served me very well for the past 3 years, and it would be converted into a desktop connecting with my home printers. 

I am very new in Mac OS and I am still learning from the various functions and keyboard shortcuts, currently in the midst of transferring my business, work, personal, photos, programs and other stuff into my macbook. Still a bit lost and trying to get the hang of it. Therefore, some of the functions, workflow and blogging might be a bit slower this week. Would be arranging to learn from Junjie and Zhigang, who are seasoned Apple users.

Moreover, I am going to reserve another new toy, it’s not an orange by the way, it’s coming to a store near me, tentatively and hopefully in October 2008. Keep a lookout for the new toy !


With the completion of my two runs, it seemed that time had flashed passed me very fast, there were businesses, work, administrative and personal matters that had been running in and out of me really quickly and some still not settled.

Well, some recent past news and updates –

  • Attended Queensland Alumni Networking Reception by Queensland Education and Training International at Marina Mandarin on 11th June 2008
  • Attended University of Queensland Alumni networking at Equinox, Swissotel The Stamford on 12th June 2008
  • Won a lucky draw at the University of Queensland Alumni Networking, 2 bottles of wine by The Wine Symphony !
  • Joined University of Queensland Alumni Committee

Future updates and objectives to be completed –

  • Concluding my final two book chapter reviews of Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Choosing from my range of books for my new book chapter review
  • Writing down my goals and objectives for 2nd half 2008, planning and steps to execute, breakthrough and completion with success and flying colours
  • Training regime for my various medium and long distance runs in 2nd half 2008
  • Personal Financial Review
  • Building, Establishing and Expanding Personal and Corporate Business Accounts
  • How, What and Where to Invest in a Turbulent Market
  • Special Theme Personal Photography Projects
  • Building My Photography Portfolio

The above points would serve as a BIG and CONSTANT reminder that I need to address, planning, execution, progression and completion.


Are You Part of a Big Race Trend ?

During the recent completion of the Sundown Marathon and the PA Passion Run, I could see that more people in Singapore are joining long distance running, that is a good signal, more people are taking exercise, health and fitness training more seriously than before.

On 11th June 2008, The Straits Times segment, “Mind Your Body”, wrote on “The BIG RACE – The Enduring Appeal of Long-Distance Running”. Immediately, it caught my attention and reinforced my view that more people are willing to be more sporty and long distance running is getting more popular. The editor of Mind Your Body, Gloria Chandy, summarised it very well on the key points about long distance running –

  • Attitude – Having the will to succeed (even if is just for personal satisfaction)
  • Not letting laziness get the better of us
  • Exercise grows on us, feeling good about yourself
  • Maintaining good health and keeping in shape

I totally agree with Gloria Chandy key points, it also helps me a lot in managing my thoughts and emotions better with a fit and healthy body and mindset, thus giving me calm and tranquility when I need it most and last but not least, running a marathon is just like my businesses, career and life, completing it and getting breakthroughs constantly. Well, I would need to bring my level higher and achieve better and improved results in my marathon completion and that applies to my personal and business life too.

In the middle segment of Mind Your Body, there was the Cover Story – Running for life, by June Cheong. For readers who never ever or wish to think nor consider embarking on a long distance run, do read this article and have a better understanding on important learning points. The key points contributed by various doctors specialising in the sports field are –

  • Preparation is key before an endurance event
  • Carbohydrates are main source of fuel for a marathon
  • Good hydration strategy – reducing heat injuries, improving performance
  • Refrain from having meals 3 hrs before an endurance race
  • 50g to 60g of carbohydrate every hour of the race
  • A progressive and consistent training regimen – 6 months window
  • When preparing for an endurance race, increase training load by only 10% every week
  • For full marathon, exercise at least 4 days a week, building up a weekly mileage of minimum 60km

Besides the training points in the paper, by running a big race, it would help you with benefits such as cardiovascular fitness, musculoskeletal strength, endurance, optimal body mass index, mental fitness and increased immunity from common aliments.

Folks, don’t be afraid to take up a big race. If you are keen to start training and begin to start running your own big race, this is the calender of local runs for 2008, found in Mind Your Body page 14 & 15 –

  • Mizuno Wave Run 2008 – 10km run on July 27
  • Touch Run – 5km, 10km & 21km on August 3
  • SAFRA Singapore Bay Run & Army Half Marathon – 6km, 10km & 21km on August 24
  • AVIVA Ironman 70.3 Singapore – September 7
  • Great Eastern Women 10k 2008 – October 26
  • Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon – December 7

All it takes is your willingness and desire to take the 1st step to decide and sign up for your running a big race, thereafter, start your consistent training program.

I can share with you people that, I once “chickened out” from running a marathon in 2005, however, after completing my 1st marathon in 2006, I never looked back.

Believe in yourself and you will complete your big race !

What do you work ? For Learning ? For Money ?

Everyday, it is common for many of us to work and work. However, do we ever ask ourselves, what do we work for ? For Learning ? For Money ?

Are we being renumerated accordingly for our profession, talents, knowledge and skills ? Or are you struggling financially even though you are a highly respected professional in your respective fields ? Do you realise that, you are only a step (skill) away from great wealth besides just working hard only ?

In my previous book chapter reviews of Rich Dad Poor Dad, I highlighted that, to learn financial intelligence, you would require the synergy of the following segments –

  • Accounting
  • Investing
  • Marketing
  • Understanding the Law

Another source of great debate would be, do you choose to specialise a field that you are in ? Or do you do a bit of everything and learn from there ? By knowing a little bit about a lot, we could start to learn many different skills that would not only help us in our career, it would also change us and become better leaders and communicators in our career and our personal life too. Therefore, we should seek work for what we will learn, more than what we will earn. A key factor in becoming specialised is, the more specialised one becomes, the more trapped one becomes and dependent on that specialty.

In order to learn different skills and knowledge, the management skills needed for success are-

  • The Management of Cash Flow
  • The Management of Systems
  • The Management of People

For specialised skills, they are sales and understanding marketing. It is the ability to sell, the key tool to communicate in life, with another human being, the key to personal success. Communication skills such as writing, speaking and negotiating that are crucial to a life of success.

In life, to be truly rich and successful, we are not only a good learner, seller and marketer, we need to be good teachers and students, and we must be able to give as well as to receive.

Do you want to work just for money and forever be trapped in a rat race ? What do you work for ?

Adapted from Rich Dad Poor Dad, “Chapter Seven – Lesson Six : Work to Learn – Don’t Work For Money”, by Robert Kiyosaki.

Finishing My Passion Run

It was a lovely morning, good weather and the sun not shining too brightly on us. The PA Passion Run was a carnival with many participants, from different age groups. This year, it added a 15km segment into their running distance categories.

Starting off late, I kicked off another new leg of running, although not as long as a full marathon, it serves as a good training for my half marathon in August 2008, and tone down run from my full marathon on last Sunday. Overall, it felt good, I had a good time running my own race, timing wasn’t that ideal that I wanted to achieve, nevertheless, I set my goal to complete the run and I achieved it.

Got another medal (like a key chain) to my collection, smaller than the marathon and half-marathon medals that I had currently, nevertheless, a new addition to my medals and when I completed more runs, I would take a new photo of them !

Looking foward, more runs to come, maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle, what might I do next ? Triathlon or Biathlon ? Or Desert Run ? …… Pondering the future challenges to push myself further in personal growth and development, achieving bigger breakthroughs in my life.

Reflecting again on myself, it’s not an issue to finish what I started, however, it’s time to bring and raise my performances and results better and higher, now just in my running, but also in my career and other aspects of my life too.

A Passion Run on 8th June

In a few hours time, I would be embarking on another run, however, this run is only middle distance and it is just 15km.

It might sound physically demanding for my body and legs after a marathon last Sunday, however, I am feeling great and physically good, looking foward and excited for my morning run tomorrow. The run is known as the PA Passion Run and do pop by their website and take a look !

Stay fit and healthy folks, it is one of human being’s most precious gift and blessing ! If you are running tomorrow in the Passion Run too, see you all there at East Coast Park and have a good time !

Essential Planning – A Must Have For Travelers


Down the road, in conjunction with the growth and development of this site, I would be adding 2 new categories here, namely Essential Planning and Financial Advisory, the areas that I would be able to write and share with my readers here.

A hobby that I always have a strong passion for, travel and photojournalism, takes me to many different places in different parts of the world. There is always planning and an essential must have for me traveling overseas is Travel Insurance.

There are 2 travel insurance sites that I found really useful, do consider them when you planning your next travel trip.

Looking for travel insurance? Apply online and receive a free no obligation quotation today!

Looking foward to share more interesting and meaningful knowledge with my readers in the future. Do bookmark my site here and visit here often !

A New Beginning Ahead

It’s been an exciting and awesome week since returning from the Millionaire Mindset Intensive in Kuala Lumpur from 23rd to 25th May, visiting Dragon Scout Group Camp on 31st May and running Singapore’s first Night Marathon, the Sundown Marathon on 1st June and last but not least, my business and work to follow up, catch up and continue fighting…..

There were many reflections in my previous few posts, on the Millionaire Mindset Intensive Seminar and the Sundown Marathon. Business and work wasn’t smooth, many different challenges ahead, the economy and outlook sure gets us understanding and analysing the markets and providing solutions and professional advice.

With strong and powerful emotions and thoughts still inside me arising from the Millionaire Mindset Intensive and Sundown Marathon, I had faced great difficulties and I need to focus on rising up to the challenges and overcoming them. If I focus on the difficulties, more difficulties will come towards me ! Therefore, it is essential and crucial to possess the correct mindset, with the strategies and execution of plans and actions towards my financial freedom, goals and objectives.

Some important tasks on hand –

  • Realign my goals and objectives for 2nd half 2008
  • Network and keep in touch with my new friends from Millionaire Mindset Intensive
  • Kick start my passive business income programs
  • Investing for my financial freedom
  • Finishing my current book review – Rich Dad Poor Dad
  • Starting my new book reviews
  • Keeping fit and healthy
  • Improving the quality of my blogs
  • Building my photography portfolio (online & album)

Some personal tasks on hand –

  • Buying my macbook
  • A bit of shopping because of Great Singapore Sale
  • Go on an overseas photography trip (any takers ?)

It was also a mixed week for me –

  • A blogger whom shared something personal with me via email and I truly appreciate the trust shown in me
  • Encouraging friends to go ahead with their new dreams and aspirations, believing in them. Yet, also a fair share of disappointments too …………..

For all those who read my lengthy posts, I sincerely THANK YOU ! Your constant support is greatly appreciated !

Let’s all strive together for our dreams, goals, objectives and financial freedom !