A Wedding Dinner + Quotes of Appreciation & Friendship

Recently, I attended my old UQ friend/housemate, Matthew’s solemnisation and wedding dinner on 26th January 2008, with his lovely partner, Chen Mei.

It was a great honour and I was happy to be his wedding photographer when he asked me to help him during this special day. An account of me being the photojournalist at his wedding day can be read at my photojournalism blog.

We can see his pride and happiness with his new married life and he was a great mate that had believed, supported and helped me in many ways these few years. Reflecting, I would like to share a few wonderful key words/verses/phrases that form/constitute a great and lasting friendship for life:

Appreciation by Doc Childre and Sara Paddision, HeartMath Discovery Program:

“What you put out comes back. The more you sincerely appreciate life from the heart, the more the magnetic energy of appreciation attracts fulfilling life experiences to you, both personally and professionally. Learning how to appreciate more consistently offers many benefits and applications. Appreciation is an easy heart frequency to activate and it can help shift your perspectives quickly. Learning how to appreciate both pleasant and even seemingly unpleasant experiences is a key to increased fulfillment.”

Friendship by Kayla:

“A true friend sticks with you through thick and thin no matter what.”

Also something for the newly wedded couple,

Love by Sir Hugh Walpoe:

“The most wonderful of all things in life, I believe, is the discovery of another human being with whom one’s relationship has a glowing depth, beauty, and joy as the years increase. This inner progressiveness of love between two human beings is a most marvelous thing, it cannot be found by looking for it or by passionately wishing for it. It is a sort of Divine accident.”

Congrats to a new and exciting life ahead, my old mate Matthew and his lovely wife Chen Mei !

“The Biggest Failure is the Failure to Take Action”

Today, I went for another seminar, on a new product launch and marketing campaign for the Year 2008. Another significant event at this seminar was a session given by Adam Khoo, a dynamic and powerful motivational speaker, kindly organised by the organiser to give us an advantage and head start for the Year 2008.

At the start of 2008, 2 sessions of personal development and motivational events were really awesome. Today’s session by Adam struck a chord in me too, there were many thoughts and teachings put across to us today, all valuable insights and changes to how we behave and live our life and do our business.

One significant topic was on the issue of FAILURE, due to our FEAR of FAILURE, we human beings sometimes give up easily. Being an entrepreneur, I had my critics and non-believers, who do not believe I would succeed in the career I chose. The doors I opened were many times slammed in my face straight, it was painful and hurting. Licking my wounds, there were times when our evil other self would tell us to throw in the towel and leave. In many times of crisis, I learned to be resilient and learned from my many different humbling yet enriching experiences, in life and career.

Do you feel sometimes we have blinkers fixed to our eyes and we can only see the road in front ? Have we opened up our eyes and turn 360 degrees and looked around what is actually around us ? Do we give up when events and things keep on get hitting on us down ? Have we stand up when we are down and fight again ?

Helen Keller (1880 – 1968) wrote this piece of wisdom:

“When one door of happiness closes, another opens; but often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one which has been opened for us.”
Do not shortchange yourself in life and in your career. The only time you fail is when you decide to throw in the towel and declare “I have failed” to the rest of the world.

“The Biggest Failure is the FAILURE TO TAKE ACTION”

After the wonderful session today, had a good chat + sharing session with Jack Lan on topics of Personal Development and Training. I learned a new phrase from Jack today, “Master Quotient“, something very interesting, meaningful and essential to learn and bring myself to the next level of my life, career, leadership training and mentoring.

On my way home on the bus, realigned my goals and objectives for 2008, it was done a few days earlier and I broke it down into smaller and distinct segments for my planning and execution to achieve my Goals 2008.

There were many more important issues, topics and insights brought up during Adam Khoo session today, I would be writing up and sharing with my readers here and let’s all CHANGE for the better and work for our Goals 2008 !

Put it all into ACTION with STRATEGIES ! Strive for your DREAMS !

Thank You For Being My Friend !

Thank you for believing in me when I found it difficult to believe in myself…

for saying what I’ve needed to hear sometimes, instead of what I’ve wanted to hear….

for siding with me….

and for giving me another side to consider.

Thank you for opening yourself up to me….

for trusting me with your thoughts and disappointments and dreams….

for knowing you can depend on me and for asking my help when you’ve needed it.

Thank you for putting so much thought and care and imagination into our friendship…

for sharing so many nice times and making so many special memories with me.

Thank you for always being honest with me…

being kind to me…

being there for me.

Thank you for being a friend to me in so many meaningful ways.



Fresh Start, New Beginning ! Act Now !

Whenever at the start of a new year, how many of us would sit down alone, or with people, and write down their resolutions for the year ahead ?

Or do you write down your goals and objectives for the year instead ?

On the 18th of January 2008, I had the opportunity to hear Rebecca L. Morgan, spoke for about 1 hour on Workplace Effectiveness. It was a powerful presentation and there were key notes and quotes that were put across to us. One of it was :

 “Fresh Start, New Beginning ! Act Now !”

Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery,  Today is a Gift. That’s why it’s called the Present.

Strategic Planning for 2008

In life, we have always been taught to plan for almost everything, either in schools or by our parents. Over the years, as I gained in years of experience of life and work, strategic planning is of greater and utmost significance and importance.

Although I didn’t fulfill all of my goals and plans, when I reflected back again over the past 3 years, I had my disappointments definitely and 1 significant event was very hurting emotionally.

In the aspect of my career goals, I had grown and learned so much during my past 2.5 years working as a financial consultant entrepreneur. There were many changes:

  • Handling negative emotions and thoughts (still can improve)
  • Improved soft skills and EQ (still a lot to improve on)
  • Learning to accept criticisms and comments (still a lot to improve on)
  • Appreciating the people and things around me
  • Entering into fields that I dream of but never dare to venture
  • Leadership, mentoring, sharing and training people, friends and my juniors
  • Better networking
  • Changing my lifestyle to be more fit and healthy (there will be a segment on marathon running)
  • Self-improvement and thirst to gain knowledge
  • Paying It Foward and returning to give back what I have learned (in work and my alumni, Gan Eng Seng Dragon Scout Group)
  • Expanding my business horizon to international markets (if not, I am still a frog stuck at the bottom of the well)
  • Improving my hobbies (especially photography)
  • Making more new friends

There were many strong and excellent growth points, however, in terms of renumeration, this area is very disappointing and I am making it a top priority to improve it by leaps and bounds.

Strategic Planning for Year 2008


  • $150,000 for Year 2008 – Financial Consultancy Services
  • $1,000 per month (from July 2008) – Internet Marketing

Personal Development:

  • Mentor and train young leaders of Dragon Scout Group
  • Self-improvement via books reading and courses (do keep a lookout for recommended books to read and courses to attend)

Travel Destinations (revised 2008 schedule)

  • March – Hong Kong & Guangzhou
  • July – Angkor Wat, Cambodia
  • October – South Korea

42.195km Marathon Runs

  • Sundown Marathon – 31/05/2008
  • Lion City Marathon – 29/06/2008
  • Standard Chartered Marathon – 07/12/2008

We can set many many goals BUT without ACTION , we will not achieve it. In order to achieve these goals, it has to be break down into smaller segments or checkpoints for us to reach the specific goals that we set today, right here, right now.

Whatever goals and plans you have for Year 2008, Good Luck to all of you !

Hold on true to your dreams in your heart, don’t let anybody destroy your dreams ! Plan your strategic and tactical approaches to your Goals 2008 !!! Let’s ALL work hard for our goals, dreams and aspirations !

A Thanks to All + Motivational Quote

First & foremost, I would like to thank all readers who have dropped by my blog and especially those who left a “mark” here on my blog with their kind comments and encouragement !!

I have set my bearings and route of advancement for the development of my personal blog, while I think and plan very deeply on the next few steps to kick it off. However, before everything, I would like to share with you folks, a collection of different quotes joined together:

“We seldom think of what we have but always think of what we miss. Whatever happens, it happens for a reason. The greatest events aren’t the loudest but the most quiet hours. The most difficult lesson to learn is: Which bridge in life to use or or which one to break off. Plan for tomorrow but LIVE for today.”

Have a nice week ahead !



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Officially Launched on 10th January 2008 !

Dear Folks,

I would like to announce the official launch of my personal blog on 10th January 2008 !

Thank you all who have supported me along the way and especially my readers from my Photojournalism, Travel and Nature Photography Blog.

Please do check out my site often and I look foward to bring my personal blog to greater heights. I am still in the process of building up my site, however, I would start planning to share and post on my blog.

Good luck and all the best in 2008 !



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Counting down to 10th January, my scheduled launch of my new blog here, I have posted information and details about my blog, giving my new homepage a new direction and goals on what I want to achieve in this blog and how I want to expand my business network and empire.

Still have the widgets to be added into my blog and it would be ready for launch. There was a soft launch for my blog, showed a few special people about my upcoming project and readers on mybloglog community. For those who have a sneak preview of my personal blog, hope you all like it.

In the process of learning & building up my personal blog


Dear readers,


Thank you for dropping by into my personal blog. Blogging is not new to me, however, using the WordPress platform is totally new and this is 3rd day of using WordPress.


I am in the process of learning & building up my personal blog, under the guidance of Jack the Internet Marketing Guru, all learning materials came from MoneyFromBlog, a great site for you to start and learn blogging using WordPress.


Please bear with the plain and boring pages while I am building up my personal blog, it is scheduled to go LIVE officially on 10th January 2008.

Currently, I am doing a number of site tests, changes, pings and developments. Please bear with me while I am also changing and testing out different templates.






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