While I am waiting eagerly for the Apple Launch Live on 28th Jan 0200 hrs local time, there were many accumulated thoughts inside me that had been bottling up for quite some time already that I wanted to blog and write down here. Given the potential magnitude and wide diverse range of topics, thoughts, ideas and feelings, I decided to write down in point form or short synopsis, reminding myself to write in-depth in the next few days.

~ Goal Settings for Consultancy Business ~

– Still fine tuning my goals, directions and breaking down into smaller bits and pieces that would be more easily “digested” for my goal setting and achievement.

~ New Business Opportunities ~

– Helping a good friend in blogging and online blog shop setup, guiding them through and would be a good reference and testimonial for my future projects in blogging.

– Invited to join my friends in building up their business network and expansion.

– Travel writing for travel websites and tourism bodies, opportunities arising from there.

~ Running ~

– A serious need to start kick off my running for 2010, enhancements needed to my training regime or else my improvements would not be great compared to last year.

~ Mentoring ~

– Got about 5 people of different age groups, coming under me to learn photography, how well I do here would help me to improve my expertise level of photography too. Need to learn how to teach people and transfer my knowledge across to them.

~ Social Media Networking ~

I am a slow and late starter in social media networking, the world today has embarked on revolutionary growth and changes in media and communications. Social Media Networking would be a very powerful channel and I must make sure that I learn as much as possible and apply them to my blogging and bring my blogs to a higher level.

~ Pay It Forward / Giving / Community Work / Charity Work ~

– As our society advances, in terms of prosperity and wealth, not everybody was able to ride on the waves and rise up high to enjoy the growth and prosperity. I do not know whether is it me, there seems to be more old and elderly people selling tissue papers, collecting junk, living off food scraps. How can I help ? How can I make a difference ? For now, I may not have the answer yet. Nevertheless, I would think of ways to give back.

Taking a step forward 🙂

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