For the past two months, May and June 2015, these two months had seen some key and significant milestones in my life till date. The months of May and June 2015 were filled with publicity, public relations, fame, branding, marketing and awareness, followed by personal reflection, gratitude and humility. During these two months, I was able to help my friends, and it’s indeed a blessing to be able to help your friends, in whatever kind of situations they are in.

With half time for year 2015 coming soon, the year 2015 had been a very interesting 6 months, some pretty challenging moments/situations, sometimes very emotionally drained from work and people, there were times I did not know whom I can turn to and talk about, due to some very sensitive and private matters. On the other hand, there were also some key pinnacles that I reached and conquered. Reaching the top of the mountain, I looked back and reflected on the journey climbing up towards the peak. The journey was full of ups and downs, the view at the top is gorgeous and priceless.

Appearing in The Straits Times newspaper, a feature article of me, on my life, on my documentation of Marina Bay and my photography journey. No words can describe my pride, feelings, thoughts and emotions upon the release of the newspaper article. The huge support, well wishes, encouragement and sharing of my newspaper article feature were a huge blessing for me, I really appreciate the support and well wishes. This journey had been simply amazing and mesmerising!

We were also part of Promising SME 500 2015 this year as a Business Luminary, I was tasked to front as the spokesperson for my company, featuring in the Straits Times on 24th June 2015. The company’s history, write up and profile would be featured in the upcoming Promising SME  500 2015 book, coming soon in September 2015.

Many of us set goals and objectives at the start of the year, for their profession/work or personal life. To be honest, I confessed that I set goals and objectives for profession/work and personal life, and I failed many times over many years. On 3rd January 2015, I set out my goals and objectives for my photography (from a personal and professional perspective) with my photography resolutions for Year 2015. For the year 2015, I achieved and completed #4 – Produce my own photography books with the birth of my first personal photography book over a period of 6 months – My 1st Photo Book – Hokkaido Black and White Landscapes! The most humbling moments were my friends support and encouragement, it’s very heartwarming, very touching and I am very blessed.

With the blessings in life from my family, relatives and friends, it motivates and encourages me to continue striving and moving forward, climbing to greater heights and achieving higher pinnacles in life and working profession. These are the hidden powerful positive Force that keeps you going, learning and improving, in our fast and furious, relentless unforgiving capitalist society today.

Blessing by friends and having the capabilities and abilities to bless friends, they are both priceless. When we are able to bless and help friends, we MUST NOT and SHOULD NOT expect something in return. Our human nature, our greed, sometimes override our thoughts and systems, when we help people and expect something in return. I am a human being, I erred too and I am guilty of this too.

This started off as my personal photography projects, with the purpose of continuously improving my photography, helping to write and share about fellow friends who are entrepreneurs who are operating in various industries and businesses. One of them was Keith Crackling Roast, you can read more about the story here when they opened their second branch! When I saw my photographs that I took for Keith Crackling Roast, proudly printed and displayed at their second branch, it was a proud moment, for me and my photography journey. As a photographer, when you see your photography works printed and displayed, it’s definitely a proud and happy moment. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting to see it up like this and I am very happy that photography works was able to create an impact.

There was someone that I helped out recently and it’s a blessing to help someone. For that someone, the beautiful rainbow welcomes you with their own beautiful blessings! Your journey has been very tough and now you are back on track!

Many beautiful things happened in the past two months of May and June 2015, over the past 6 months of 2015, the ups and downs of life and work. This is something like a reflection time for me, counting my blessings, staying humble and down to earth, to keep learning and improving, to continue striving towards my professional and personal goals and objectives.

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