End of Q1 & Start of Q2 2017

1st April 2017, most people will associate it with April Fool’s Day, not for me though. This date and day marks the end of Q1 2017 and the start of Q2 2017, a new quarter in 2017 has now started.

Q1 2017 was mixed with working behind the scenes where nobody can see what you are doing to get the website, collaborations and partnerships established. The “blood, sweat and tears”, the stress, pressure and growth of more white hair. Yet, hard work and perseverance pays off, your fruits of labour, very slowly appear and start to grow, while it’s still very very small, this marks a start, new growth and expansion. The journey ahead is still filled with many giant obstacles, winding roads, tall mountains, gusty weather, there are many things to weather and get through them.

Today also marked the return back to my alma mater, Gan Eng Seng School Dragon Scout Group. I had been pretty quiet and away from this family for probably about 1 year since the 94th anniversary campfire in 2016. It felt really great to be back, in the midst of an old old boy among the young boys and girls in secondary school, ventures, rovers and the junior leaders. This was homecoming for me, felt great to return back to this one big Dragon Scout Group family, celebrating her 95th anniversary in 2017.

Sometimes, I write a short personal post, sometimes a very long personal post here on my personal site. Updating status on my personal Facebook wall is going to be a lot lesser or non-existent sometimes, except sharing of my personal and my photography and travel site posts, or interesting news/articles. More action can be seen on my Facebook Page on the topics of photography and travel.

Sometimes, I need to write and share something different, to break away from the technology posts that readers would usually read it here.

Goodbye Q1 2017 and Welcome Q2 2017.

Some updates and announcements

Taking the pen and writing down the points that I wanted to write for this post, I took a back in time and reflected on my journey for the past 1 year. It was coincidental or even an omen that it took a year since I left my previous organisation in 2016. March 2016 was the start of a journey from the bottom of the well, getting myself back on track with the hurt, disappointments, anger and a big blow to my self-belief. The journey in 2016 doesn’t make it easier dealing with the loss of three people that left the world.

All these life lessons taught me and honed me in many different ways, over the course of this 1 year. Yes, it took me a bit longer than some of your “perceived + expected” expectations to reach this juncture today, writing out these updates and announcements article. Remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

In the past few months, the first quarter of 2017, I was very busy preparing and setting up my photography business, when you planned and prepared your things yet you faced even more things popping up here and there. More life lessons learned during the past few months, always be prepared for more of the unexpected even though you had did your planning. Thus, there was a slowdown and backlogged in writing and sharing my technology posts. They would be swinging back to action soon.

Therefore, what are my major updates and announcements?

First and foremost, I took the leap of faith and founded my photography business, Tan Geng Hui Photography. There were some changes, restructuring and realignment of my photography sites, written in an article here for your reading.

Meanwhile, I am still working with Wills & Wills, let me recap on what they do and the importance of will writing and estate planning.

Moreover, I am now added another work to my portfolio, working with ProTradersCode. They specialise in conducting classes on how to invest/trade FOREX and stocks and shares. I would be sharing more about them in an upcoming article soon.

The journey ahead for 2017 and 2018 are very tough and challenging, a time to adapt, adjust, innovate and change. I took the first step on my long journey ahead of me, let it be an amazing adventure of growth, expansion and learning.

Singtel announced 2nd installment of Innov8 Connect

A programme and platform that would definitely interest start-ups in the field Internet of Things (IoT). Singtel’s Innov8 Connect programme is something that start-ups can look into for their consideration to create and test their ideas and solutions in the real world.

Here are more information and details from the Singtel Innov8 press release information below –

Singtel Innov8 announced the second installment of its Innov8 Connect programme that brings start-ups and Singtel Group members together to create innovative solutions for real world business challenges.

On the programme’s importance for innovating with start-ups, Mr Tay Soo Meng, Group Chief Technology Officer at Singtel said, “Innov8 Connect started as a win-win platform to help start-ups develop viable business solutions while allowing the Singtel Group to stay at the cutting-edge of innovation through continuous experimentation. We hope to uncover more innovative answers for real emerging business challenges with start-ups in this latest installment of the programme.”

The second installment rides on the success and momentum of the initial Innov8 Connect programme launched in January 2016, which attracted over 120 submissions from start-ups across 22 countries. Singtel shortlisted 14 start-ups for detailed discussions for potential proof-of-concepts (POCs) – some of which include: Xjera Labs for smart and safe city and Moogsoft, Opmantek and Zinier for enterprise operations.

Mr Edgar Hardless, CEO of Singtel Innov8 said, “We have been very encouraged with the results of the first installment of Innov8 Connect, which has clearly demonstrated the value that start-ups can bring to Singtel. We hope to repeat the success again in this second installment.”

In this new round of Innov8 Connect, 14 new business challenges have been identified by Singtel and its Australian arm, Optus, in areas such as the Internet of Things (IoT), augmented reality solutions and artificial intelligence. Please see Annex A.

Relating to this round’s challenges, Mr Hardless added, “We look forward to working together with more start-ups on the new set of business challenges from this second installment of Innov8 Connect. Through these real challenges that businesses face, we hope to spur greater innovation while identifying and supporting viable solutions that meet the Group’s needs.”

Selected start-ups will be provided with up to S$75,000 to test and validate the solutions with Singtel and Optus as proof-of-concepts. Successful solutions from promising start-ups may lead to further commercialisation with the Singtel Group, as they will gain access to an extensive customer base that includes both enterprises and over 600 million mobile subscribers across Asia, Australia and Africa. These start-ups will also have the opportunity to seek funding from Singtel Innov8 and tap on its network of co-investors and partners across the globe.

Interested start-ups can submit their proposals to Innov8 Connect from today (13th September) onwards. The closing date for submission of proposals is 31 October 2016.

Innov8 Connect Application and Selection Process

For more information on Innov8 Connect, please visit the Innov8 Connect portal www.innov8connect.com where briefs detailing the 14 new business challenges will be published. Start-ups with relevant solutions are invited to submit their applications through the portal from today. Selected start-ups will then be invited to pitch to a panel of management representatives from the Singtel Group.

* Information courtesy of Singtel Corporate Communications *

The Performance Series Race 3

The 3rd race from the five races planned for The Performance Series runs 2016. The 3rd race was held on Sunday 7th August at Gardens By The Bay and I am happy to complete my 10km distance race although my race timing didn’t improve from my Race 2 at Jurong Lake. While I am a bit disappointed, this was also a time for me to reflect on my running, training preparation and life too.

The 10km route of The Performance Series Race 3 was familiar to me, having run a 10km distance before in another run some years back, starting from Gardens By The Bay East, towards Marina Barrage, Gardens By The Bay, Marina Bay Sands and towards the Promontory at Marina Bay before turning back in the reverse route. This route has some gorgeous landscape scenes of Gardens By The Bay and Marina Bay area. On a beautiful sunny Sunday morning, the views were magnificent! The run up the ramp at the Marina Barrage can be quite a bit of a strain for some runners if they are too used to running on level ground. It was taxing for me partially due to my insufficient training preparation!

Some parts of the racing route can be a bit tight in space and I can totally understand since I frequently walk up and down the Marina Bay and Gardens By The Bay for my photography walks, therefore, I know the area, terrain and landscape quite well. It was great to see that organisers try to give more space for the runners as long as they were able to do so when they plan their running route e.g. at the Marina Bay Sands area, they separate the runners between the upper deck and lower promenade deck, ensuring that runners running back don’t squeeze into one sector only. I personally feel that the number of water points for The Performance Race 3 were insufficient for the 10km race route, hopefully the organisers can look into this for future races.

My timing was 1hr25min based on my RunKeeper app, although I didn’t improve from my Race 2 timing, I was happy to complete my goal of finishing my 10km distance. Reflecting again on my third race, my training and preparation were not ideal and insufficient. First and foremost, above other factors, I have to buck up in this area first! Choosing the 8am wave 3 flag off timing doesn’t seem like an ideal timing, the heat and humidity builds up pretty fast from that time.

I would always use runs to let go of my stress and frustration (on top of keeping fit and healthy), I should be doing more and I want to do more. Running is like my current journey towards what I am going to setup, there are ups and downs, at times, good and bad. Some key similarities are to keep training, improving, disciplined and not giving up during the journey/run.

3 out of 5 completed, now for my next run, The Performance Series Race 4.

Learning From the Great Man – Steve Jobs

There was once upon a time, I looked at this brand called Apple and wasn’t too interested nor too fascinated by what they designed and why was it so special and unique. Things took a 360 degrees change when I finally bought my Macbook, a trusty and very popular laptop series by Apple and my world changed. The ease of use on the Mac OS X and interface is beyond words, easy to adapt and use, after the initial hurdles of learning a brand new OS and conquering a fear (that actually isn’t a fear at all).

From the iPods, starting from the iPod classic, redesigning, re-innovating and re-generating itself, the growth is phenomenal and huge. Although I didn’t own an iPod and thought of owning one, the arrival of the iPhone 3G revolutionise and expedite my entry into the other side, some calling it a cult, it’s the Apple revolution, culture and belonging.

When Steve Jobs announced his decision to step down and hand over the reins to Tim Cook, it was like the end of an era, yet it also signify the start of another era in Apple technology and innovation. Looking back at Steve’s timeline, from the pioneer days to the remarkable growth days, he’s a great man beyond his peers, ranked among the great entrepreneurs and a master of leadership, innovation, vision and change. While I am taking the step to learn more about his entrepreneurship and vision, how he dealt with competition and leveraging. Steve Jobs will always stand high and above the rest, with the few elites of great innovative visionary leaders.

Here are some personal thoughts

– the iPhone revolutionsing the growth and expansion of social media networking on the move

– the iPad bringing the world of work & leisure into a portable handy powerful tablet with the best of both worlds along with social media connectivity

– iPods ~ brining songs to your daily life in different shapes, sizes and storage spaces, something for everybody from young to old, in different striking attractive colours too!

– MacBook Air ~ a beautiful marriage of a powerful laptop with portability, for work and leisure, all day round.

– Innovating, improving and getting ahead of their competitors

How did the world pay tribute to this great man Steve Jobs ?

Infographic Source : OnlineSchools.org

Take a look at London Creative Digital Steve Jobs Infographic !

Source : London Creative Digital 


Newsweek’s The Daily Beast shared Steve Jobs 10 Commandments – The Genius and his creative process

Infographic Source: OnlineSchools.org

Source : Newsweek The Daily Beast

Paying tribute to a genius and his creativity, a role model to learn from, not so much of designing a technology gadget, it’s about bringing it up and high above, a brand that goes beyond the stars, a following that just gets bigger, a vision that not many can dare or for-see into the future, this is Steve Jobs.

Learning From A Successful Internet Entrepreneur

Reflecting on my journey into blogging adventure, how did I get started on blogging, internet marketing and eventually into social media networking, blogging and social media consultancy. I begin to dig through my history records and found my historical records starting on 10th April 2006 with my photoblog on blogspot before moving to my own domain name and hosting on 7th October 2008 to my current photoblog. My personal blog was also established and officially launched on 10th January 2008 too!

Today, over 4 years of blogging adventure, it’s been an awesome and very enriching adventure for me, the opportunities were enormous and fantastic, beyond my initial imagination on how blogging and internet marketing can take me to the new heights, publicity and recognition, an achievement that I am proud and happy, and constantly striving to newer heights and wider networks! Invitations to official media events, engagements with PR companies, selected for technology products testing and reviews, getting to know more new friends in the blogsphere and social media channels. This growth has been phenomenal and exponential, beyond what I initially expected when I started blogging.

The success today is not without sweat and long hours, plus lots of hard work too. However, this would not be successful without my friend and mentor, Jack Lan, Founder of Intrillion Pte Ltd, who taught and mentored me everything from ground zero, including troubleshooting. Without his guidance and mentoring when I started blogging and internet marketing under him, I will not be what I am today in my blogging, internet marketing and social media networking.

Today, Jack is still coaching many bloggers and internet marketers, impacting their lives using the Accelerated Internet Entrepreneur (AIE) System Workshop (where my knowledge on blogging and internet marketing was mastered and learned), for more information on his course, check out his website here for more information and details! Jack is a successful Internet Entrepreneur and you too, can learn from him too and be a successful internet entrepreneur, just like him!

Do you want to be a successful internet entrepreneur ?

Of Entrepreneurship & Mentoring

Entrepreneurship – An entrepreneur is a person who has possession of a new enterpriseventure or idea and assumes significant accountability for the inherent risks and the outcome (via Wikipedia)

Over the past 4 years, it had been a very exciting, challenging, physically, mentally and emotionally demanding journey that I embarked on, kind of marathon after marathon. What started off from a small step, turned into bigger steps and wider steps, entering into different fields of businesses, to the extent whereby some friends said I wasn’t focused enough.

Looking back, reflecting and taking stock of my journey and achievements, hits, misses, mistakes and failures today, I had grown so much and still growing everyday. I always learned something, from my different experiences and “there’s is always a 1st time”, incidents and mistakes happening, asking peers for their advice, it dawned upon me that, those experienced friends also went through some of the same mistakes too.

Moving ahead in the year 2010, time to take charge of the opportunities arising

– Growing and maintaining my client relationship management

– Embarking on business projects/assignments/portfolio

With entrepreneurship spirit, there is a quote that had been indoctrinated inside me over the past 4 years,

~ Service ~

“Whoever renders service to many puts himself in line for greatness – great wealth, great return, great satisfaction, great reputation and great joy.”

Remembering Jim Rohn and his legacy of teachings and mentoring.

Service, or servanthood, to me, it encompasses Mentoring and the signs were directing me towards Mentoring friends 2010 in the fields of

– Photography

– Leadership

– Blog setup, internet marketing, SEO 2.0 and a bit of social media

The year 2010 is going to be a very exciting and challenging year for me, rising every step I take, every fall I rise again and again. Learning, improving and mentoring, will 2010 be better than the years before !

Part of History – Southern Ridges Canopy Walk 2009

I was happy that I am able to be part of history, by participating in the Southern Ridges Canopy Walk 2009, on the 11th July, starting from Mount Faber Park to Hort Park, a short leisure community walk in the morning organised by Australian Alumni Singapore, coming forward to plan this event and uniting different alumni together, walking, interacting and networking together. For a photojournalistic perspective of the walk, do drop by my photo blog and for photos of the event itself, drop by my Flickr !

This event was a major event that was completed within 2 months, I had the opportunity to step forward to help and volunteer my time and services, representing UQAAS, the University of Queensland Alumni Association Singapore. This 2 months of meetings and planning was a great learning experience for me, by interacting with different people of different backgrounds, ages, experiences, coming together for a common purpose – To create history, unite the various universities alumni from Australia for a walk at the Southern Ridges.

In these 2 months, I learned many things, invaluable experiences, new friendships, new networks and relationships. Some of the macro experiences were :

– Organising event on the community level, what are the constraints, events and legal requirements for running public events

– How to work with total strangers on the first meeting to become good friends at the end of everything

– Tapping on different people experiences and networks

– How to raise sponsorship for community events

– Planning and execution

– Leadership and Decision-Making

– Managing expectations and differences in opinions

– Being Focus

That was ONE key lesson that I would bring back  – How to believe in yourself and everybody and the objectives that were being planned in the midst of others believing that you will fail. Not giving up, continuing and working smart and hard, ultimately enjoying the fruits of our labour and event success.

These learning experiences were so priceless, not something that working in the corporate environment might or would give to you, it’s something that is invaluable to learning entrepreneurship and mentoring.